SmallPPpersonhello all07:11
SmallPPpersonChanServ can you give documentation for 18.0407:12
SmallPPpersonANYONE PLS HELP07:12
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paradisI'm looking for an OS for my 2GB 1GHz 2012 laptop12:49
paradissomething that I can boot up from my harddisk. not pendrive12:50
dre_mertparadis as you ask this question in this channel, I assume you preclude Lubuntu?? Because Lubuntu 18.04 should be able to manage your system....13:19
dre_mertLubuntu 18.04 32bit will be supported until April 202313:43
kc2bezdre_mert: Lubuntu 18.04 is only supported until April 202113:47
dre_mert32bit gets updates til '2313:53
kc2bezThe base will get updates until 2023 but support for the desktop will end.13:54
kc2bezOnly main Ubuntu has support until 202313:54
kc2bezThe flavors are only for 3 years.13:55
dre_mertok that wasnt clear thx13:55
Eickmeyer[m]dre_mert: It's 100% clear per the release notes: https://lubuntu.me/bionic-5-released/16:49
dre_mertEickmeyer[m] if you type 'sudo do-release-upgrade' and geht s.th. like 'Updates for Ubuntu 18.04 will continue until April 2023.' ... ...17:03
Eickmeyer[m]dre_mert: The official documentation is the official documentation.17:03
Eickmeyer[m]Notice it doesn't say "Updates for Lubuntu 18.04".17:06
dre_mert...thats the point I think - yes17:07
Eickmeyer[m]The release notes are always the single source of truth.17:07
moveslowHello everyone! I have a question, I need to setup a supervisor password in BIOS to be able to boot from a CD/USB stick, but do I need to type this password everytime when I boot my laptop or it's only for BIOS?19:55
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KGIII@moveslow, you shouldn't. You shouldn't even need to use a password to select the boot device - unless you set it up that way. There are so many BIOS options these days that I can't possibly know them all, but you should be able to just select the USB as a single-time boot device (often with F12) and then install the OS. After that, the boot manager should take care of it for you.22:06
moveslowKGIII: Thank you! :)22:41
KGIIISorry for not answering sooner. We're all on different time schedules around here. Good luck with your installation. Lubuntu is a pretty great distro.23:06

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