jayjoI did just comment it out - not sure why it was still enabled00:02
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flank hey all...  I have an old backup in an ISO format, and it is huge. I am unable to mount it, as it says that it is possibly corrupt. Running file on it shows that it is possibly an NTFS partition. I can't remember how to mount this, and I am wondering if it is possible at all. You can see the output of file here : https://hastebin.com/vamohupefo.apache00:16
flankparted shows this: https://hastebin.com/kuxebujazi.apache and fdisk -l shows this: https://hastebin.com/ejoxegimej.apache00:17
guivercflank, I'd ask whoever created it for clues..  maybe https://askubuntu.com/questions/155748/how-do-i-mount-a-disksecure-multiboot-partition is helpful..  (upvoted answers)00:50
LinkandzeldaCould someone assist with mounting 2 exfat volumes via fstab?01:39
butccherhey i need help01:42
butccherwhen i search wifi in settings it says no wifi moudle found. I was using wifi orignailly when i was using Windows??01:43
guivercbutccher, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide is where I'd start.. section 3 and the "Device Recognition and Operation" section will tell you your hardware (ie. chipset used) which is key to solution..01:45
oerheksLinkandzelda, make a proper folder, sudo mkdir /mnt/<name> and add UUID="xxxx" /mnt/<name> exfat defaults,auto,umask=000,users,rw 0 001:48
oerheksthis UUID pops up with 'sudo blkid'01:49
Linkandzeldaoerheks: im doing this command and it fails: sudo mount -t exfat -o umask=0,uid=nobody,gid=nobody /dev/sda1 /media/ext01:49
oerhekskeep /media/  for automounting, use /mnt/ for fstab01:51
Linkandzeldaoerheks: using those mount options works, thanks, and i didnt think of that01:52
oerhekshave fun!01:52
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MIFhow can I force a change of password for all users without having to go through everyone02:01
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jayjo-using the installer shell, or other tools available at that stage, what's the best way to mount a partition (labeled CIDATA) in order to start auto-installations?03:20
jayjo-looks like lsblk -o name,mountpoint,label,size,uuid shows the label, so should cloud-init just detect the partition is there with userdat and begin the install? I feel like I'm just one step away03:25
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pillager86For some reason on 20.04 it switched me from proprietary Nvidia drivers to Nouveau. How do I prevent this from happening again?04:54
pillager86Actually nevermind, the last time I blacklisted Nouveau I got kernel panic on upgrade.04:58
LouisinaUnfortunately, I have to temporarely install Windows on a laptop. (Nvidia Optimus technology, tried one week to make it work on Linux, without success). But I have some trouble to create a bootable usb stick from a ISO. I tried few solutions (dd, gnome disk restauration), but the laptop doesn't boot on it. (bios already checked, "insert proper boot11:03
Louisinadevice"). Can I have some advice please ?11:03
SpeirosLouisina For me, I had to open in Gparted and ensure the boot flag was selected.11:04
LouisinaSpeiros, Ok, I'll check this.11:04
antagomirDear all - I tried to make a full disk encryption on my laptop with LUKS following the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201911:05
LouisinaBoot flag wasn't checked. I check it and try.11:05
jeremy31Speiros: https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/easily-create-windows-10-bootable-usb-ubuntu11:06
SpeirosHi jeremy31 :)11:07
LouisinaSpeiros, doesn't work.11:08
antagomirDear all - I tried to make a full disk encryption on my laptop with LUKS following the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 - Everything was successful and after restart I get the command line prompt that is shown at the bottom of this instruction page. I cannot write the master password there, and regardless of what I write + press enter, it takes me to grub11:08
Louisinajeremy31, Thx for the link, I'll look at it.11:08
antagomircommand line prompt. As far as I see, the encryption was successful but the system does not start properly after restart and I end up in grub. Any advice?11:08
SpeirosLouisina If it doesn't work again, it might be the UEFI thingy...from that you can tell I'm not too savvy with it. It worked for me on one lappy a long time ago, but I don't remember it.11:09
LouisinaSpeiros, Tried in both modes, UEFI and BIOS.11:10
SpeirosLouisina Okay. Sounds above my knowledge level. Someone else might know though.11:10
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Speirosantagomir Sorry, but I haven't had success with LUKS either.11:10
antagomirSpeiros ok hmm - ecryptfs then I guess11:18
SpeirosI hope it works for you. What OS are you loading?11:20
EriC^^Louisina: unfortunately you cant dd a windows iso and have it boot, but if you're going to boot it in uefi mode it's very easy to create the bootable usb11:23
EriC^^do you know if you will be using uefi or legacy bios?11:23
bubblerjoin #gentoo-haskell11:50
SpeirosHi bubbler11:52
markithi, trying to install ubuntu 20.10, mouse and keyboard work if I enter bios, keyboar work when I select from USB ISO menu to install Ubuntu, at the first screen instead none works (can't select language).12:04
markitif I unplug and plug mouose I see the mouse led flash for 1 second, then turns off...12:05
markittried different ports...12:05
markiton another computer everything worked smoothly... Logitech mouse and keyboard12:05
markitany idea?12:05
lotuspsychjemarkit: could try noacpi at boot perhaps12:07
lotuspsychjemarkit: whats the brand of that mouse/keyboard? regular usb or BT? most ubuntu installs mouse and KB should just work12:08
lotuspsychjeoh logitech12:09
markitUSB keyboard and mouse, now trying USB3 connectors WORKS!!!12:09
markitsorry for the noise, just found the solution online after 20 mins of struggling...12:09
lotuspsychje!yay | markit12:09
ubottumarkit: Glad you made it! :-)12:09
markitfunny, like the poster I thought USB 2.0 was the safer choice...12:09
locsmif_workIs there something the matter with Firefox's certificate store on 20.04.1 LTS? I get a validation error when visiting a site with a CA R3 from Let's Encrypt, and Thunderbird started carping as well, but Chrome works fine, seeing as (iirc) it uses Ubuntu's certificate store, whereas FF uses its own13:17
BluesKajHi folks14:07
antagomirhas anyone succeeded with LUKS14:25
locsmif_workantagomir: surely *someone* has14:27
antagomirok great14:29
antagomirwhat is the best alternative to LUKS atm14:29
locsmif_workUse plain dm-crypt?14:32
Deano59BluesKaj: do you join, say hello... and that's it? that's *ALL* I see you do. :D14:33
specterThank god Deano is here to keep track of what people do.14:34
flying_sausagesAnyone know how to get rar to install on Ubuntu for arm?14:35
Deano59flying_sausages: /join #ubuntu-arm - though the channel is dead. :D14:36
BluesKajDeano59, I wait for a question I can help with...14:36
flying_sausageshmm... cheers!14:36
locsmif_workflying_sausages: is there even an arm arch version in the package?14:37
flying_sausagesthere are _some_ IIRC14:38
flying_sausagesraspbian have them in multiverse14:38
Deano59flying_sausages: unrar/groovy 1:5.6.6-2build1 arm6414:38
wolframHello, I am on Ubuntu 18.04. I am use "tc" to force TCP packets to be dropped between a program on my desktop and a server to which I am connecting via WiFi. This works nicely but when I tell tc to drop 95% of packets, it literally includes everything that goes out through that WiFi's interface, which includes my web browsing and an SSH session to that server.14:52
wolframI wonder what kind of a tool I can use to make another, kind of a virtual interface for packets to that server to go through and which I will then use tc with to drop packets at will without interfering with the other connections.14:53
wolframI am just asking for some general, high-level directions and keywords to look up, I can work out the details myself. Thanks a lot.14:54
jpdswolfram: Do the testing in a live CD VM15:00
wolframjpds: Oh, no, there is too much setup involved.15:01
wolframjpds: In the sense that the program here needs it, not the Live CD.15:02
adfenoHi there, is there a replacement for mate-screensaver or a tool to be used with it that correctly authenticates with libpam-oath?17:31
adfenoTried using set-user-ID with both mate-screensaver and mate-screensaver-command but one didn't work and other raised GTK warnings about it, complaining that MATE's lacks a “helper” program to aid in this case.17:34
tomreynit#s good that you asked this in #ubuntu-mate, that's probably the right place.17:38
adfenotomreyn: Indeed.17:39
adfenomate-screensaver, libpam-oath and absense of helper program to unlock session: https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-screensaver/issues/162; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mate-screensaver/+bug/1784255; https://trisquel.info/en/issues/2466718:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1784255 in mate-screensaver (Ubuntu) "MATE Screensave Doesn't Support One-Time Passwords" [Undecided,New]18:16
cpareHaving USB problems - some devices (mouse, usb audio) are turning off for periods of time18:18
cpareI can create the issue on demand by attempting to play a video18:19
lotuspsychjecpare: can you share your logs with the volunteers, so they can think along with you to help?18:19
cpare@lotuspsychje  - sure, which logs to begin with?18:20
lotuspsychjecpare: dmesg and journal logs are usualy a good start18:20
MikeRLI am having issues with Source 1 games on Steam on Ubuntu 20.10. Specifically, they launch in a non-resizable window and the controls for the mouse don't work. This happens every time. No idea if this is the place to put this.18:28
MikeRLHowever, I tried uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers and using the open source community nvidia ones. I tried ppa purge for the obilaf ppa. Rebooted between steps. No dice.18:29
adfenoMikeRL: Perhaps ask the makers of the game?18:29
MikeRLGroovy didn't have this issue till recent months.18:29
MikeRLadfeno, Steam doesn't offer game specific support.18:29
cpareLogs - https://anotepad.com/notes/acrywa8j18:29
adfenoMikeRL: Source 118:30
MikeRLI'm wondering if anyone here is on 20.10, has Steam with HL2, Episode 1, or Episode 2, and has the same issue.18:30
MikeRLI can also try Steam Linux forums.18:30
adfenoMikeRL: same goes for HL2, ep 2 and ep 3, ask those.18:31
lotuspsychjecpare: IO errors are usually not great news, hd might go flaky, you might wanna take backups and test your HD18:31
adfenoMikeRL: I'm not a fosterer of Steam, but any senile repository/store surely Steam has detailed information on who is responsible for providing that game18:32
adfenos/surely Steam has/surely has/18:32
cpareI will go back and check sr018:33
cpareI guess that could be the cause, but my mouse just dies for a few seconds at a time each time it happens18:33
cparebut I can still alt/tab and do keyboard commands without issue18:34
MikeRLI found something on the forums from a month ago.18:34
MikeRLBug in Mutter causes it.18:34
cpareso it's not a system lock - it "feels like" the old IRQ/DMA issues from the 90's18:34
BlueEaglelotuspsychje: I just missed cpare, but could it be that he was playing the video off a USB drive and was simply running out of power on the USB bus?18:56
PetruchioHi.  I'm trying to get a USB printer working on 20.04.1.  Printing a test page stalls; syslog says, "io/hpmud/musb.c 515: invalid claim_interface 7/1/2: Device or resource busy"18:59
ExcessiveAggroHello all - I'm having an odd issue where I click and icon on the desktop to drag it and it won't release back to the desktop once I click it.  Anyone seen that?19:00
badbodhpress escape19:00
ExcessiveAggroyeah escape releases it19:01
ExcessiveAggrobut I cant move the icon to another location19:01
ExcessiveAggroits just stuck in that place on the desktop19:01
badbodhthe desktop-icon shell extension is iffy at best, it doesnt behave like nautilus19:01
badbodhyou can't change position, it auto-arranges every time19:01
kk4ewtPetruchio, on some usb printers i have had to restart the printer then it works19:01
ExcessiveAggroWhat's odd is I can move the Trashcan and the folder referencing my home directory19:02
ExcessiveAggrobut any files I've placed on the desktop are stuck in one spot19:02
badbodhyes it's a bit inconsistent. so i disabled it19:02
ExcessiveAggroI see19:02
ExcessiveAggroI will look in to disabling it also19:02
badbodhall applications > extensions > desktop icons > disable. alternatively you can install "places" extension. it will give you shortcut to desktop folder among others19:03
Petruchiokk4ewt: Thanks.19:04
cpareBack again with my odd keyboard/mouse issue....19:04
cpareThis is 100% related to my new keyboard19:04
pillager86how do you tell the VSCode linter to ignore certain files until I'm ready?19:04
pillager86it won't check the file i'm working on because another file is messed up.19:04
cparewhen my mouse hangs I just realized I can unplug the keyboard and get the mouse to immediately respond.19:04
pillager86wrong chat19:05
ExcessiveAggro@badbodh Where do I find "all Applications" ?19:06
badbodhExcessiveAggro: erm.... you're on ubuntu default (gnome) right? so all applications are in "All" section of application shell dash thingy stuff what-you-call-it19:07
badbodhor just type "extension" from activity view and it will search for you19:08
ExcessiveAggroyeah 20.04 - I click the application (9 dot) thing and I'm in the ALL APPLICATIONS but it doesnt show any extensions icon19:08
badbodhmaybe it's under some folder. just search for it19:08
ExcessiveAggroi searched and nothing comes up for extensions19:09
ExcessiveAggronot installed19:09
ExcessiveAggrojuust found it in the app store19:09
badbodhit comes pre-installed, maybe you removed it at some point without knowing. install it then19:09
ExcessiveAggroInteresting... is it possible they've deprecated this?  I just installed it and it says desktop icons is not compatible with this version of cinnamon19:11
ExcessiveAggroI will keep searching a bit19:13
badbodhoh you're on cinnamon. then right click and see if it's auto-arranging by name or something19:15
ExcessiveAggroI'm not sure honestly... I did a standard Ubuntu install so it's using whatever desktop environment comes with that.  I'm googling to see how i determine which desktop I'm using19:17
badbodhtype "echo $DESKTOP_SESSION" in terminal, or install "inxi" package and run "inxi -S" command in terminal19:19
badbodhubuntu standard install uses gnome-shell. it doesn't have typical windows like UI19:19
ExcessiveAggrognome 3.36.419:19
ExcessiveAggroany suggestions for other desktops that are better with icons on the desktop?19:20
ExcessiveAggroOr just better in general?19:20
tieinvlsb_release -a19:20
badbodhevery desktop has their own set of problems and advantages19:20
ExcessiveAggroI see19:20
ExcessiveAggroI will read up a bit to see what I might like.  Appreciate th ehelp badbodh19:21
badbodhExcessiveAggro: do you have "gnome-shell-extension-prefs" package?19:21
ExcessiveAggroi just did a sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-prefs ... and its asking me if i want to install... so I'm assuming no19:22
badbodhtieinv: that command doesn't show desktop environment. only the distribution version19:23
badbodhExcessiveAggro: aha, that's the one you use to manage extensions. for some reason gnome-tweaks is broken19:24
ExcessiveAggrohey I have it now and i can turn off the icons19:24
ExcessiveAggroSo in windows I often placed icons on my desktop for things I click most often.  maybe a link to a website, a link to a SSH session i want to initiate.  What do people in linux do for that type of workflow?19:24
ExcessiveAggroIf you dont have desktop icons19:25
tieinvecho $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP19:25
badbodhgo to /usr/share/applications and copy-paste the launchger19:25
ExcessiveAggrogot it19:25
tieinvdid that work badbodh19:26
badbodhtieinv: yes, thank you19:26
mortWhat do I do when a package is "kept back"? apt-get upgrade just says "The following packages have been kept back: libc++1". It says this even when I do apt-get dist-upgrade or apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade.20:02
mortWell, aptitude figured it out. It needed to install libc++1-11{a} libc++abi1-11{a}  and remove libc++1-10{u} libc++abi1-10{u} before it could install libc++1. I wish apt was good enough to figure that out on its own.20:05
jayjo-I've got a VM of the most recent ubuntu server running with from a USB drive (passthrough) and I've got a partition on the drive labeled "CIDATA" with /user-data and /meta-data files.20:21
jayjo-Should adding 'autoinstall ds=nocloud' to the GRUB menu be enough to autoinstall? It's not working for me20:21
jayjo-I can enter the shell in the installer and see the partition with fdisk --list, of type "Microsoft basic data"20:28
jayjo-and by inspecting dmesg I can confirm `Command line: initrd=/casper/initrd autoinstall ds=nocloud; --- priority=low`20:31
lepricatedafter following the openrazer installation guide. shouldnt I see an app or some kind of configuration tool?21:23
matsamanlepricated: maybe it's folded into the general OS settings GUI21:27
matsamanyou should be able to find the individual executables, though21:28
matsamandpkg -L packagename | egrep -i 'bin|exec', etc.21:28
lepricatedlooks like it olny does the driver and I need to install an app to interact with the drivers21:35
josspykerI have been using ubuntu since 6.04, but it is time so say good bye to the desktop version. Too many problems22:44
MIFget the server22:44
josspykerthe server are not the problem. Debian based, but my main issue is the wifi22:47
tomreynthat's most of the time, a chipset manufacturer problem, not an ubuntu one.22:51
tomreynuse more wired networking. less packet loss, higher stability, less power consumption22:52
CharlesICim trying to pair a bluetooth speaker with blueman-assistant23:54
CharlesICblueman-assistant 17.53.55 ERROR    blueman-assistant:198 err       :  Authentication Failed23:54
CharlesICit's never prompting me for the pin, what to do?23:54

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