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jphilipsJackFrost: as its possible to install 4.16 on 20.04 and 20.10, could you make it possible to install nocsd on those as well through the experimental ppa08:06
JackFrostI already backported 4.16 to those, and I will make nocsd available again in experimental on next release (I moved it to staging, which is fine, but as linked on GitHub it should be in experimental too.)08:07
jphilipssorry my bad, didn't see it in staging, as it wasn't linked there from the github page :D08:09
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin 1.2.0 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-xfce4-cpugraph-plugin-1-2-0-released-tp59746.html (by Jan Ziak)08:10
JackFrostLike I said, it'll be back in there soon™08:14
jphilipshappy holidays08:15
jphilipsbluesabre: any idea how we can push neofetch 7.1.0 into focal backports, so the next 20.04 point release has the fix of showing the xubuntu logo15:43
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-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: xfce4-mount-plugin 1.1.5 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-xfce4-mount-plugin-1-1-5-released-tp59753.html (by Fabian Nowak)15:59
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-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: xfce4-taskmanager 1.4.0 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-xfce4-taskmanager-1-4-0-released-tp59758.html (by Simon Steinbeiss)22:07
JackFrostWhy do I feel like Sisyphus?22:08
JackFrostjphilips: Also, whoops.  I seem to have misunderstood your first question, or read it wrong.  So while I did answer, that's why it was worded oddly. :P  I blame it being 3am and not getting much sleep, but still my fault.  I had read that as asking for Xfce 4.16 backported. :P22:09
JackFrost...I never uploaded xubuntu-docs, did I?22:12
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