MIFis there a way to install the ubuntu server installer on a flash drive with out installing software or having admin on a macbook?03:12
mybalzitchI'm not sure diskutil will let you make changes / write to a raw device file without admin03:13
MIFbecause I am going to have to reinstall03:14
mybalzitchwell you can try launching diskutil / writing out the image to the raw usb device03:23
mybalzitchwith dd03:23
MIFI first have to nuke my server03:23
mybalzitchwhy not write out the installer on your server03:25
quadrathoch2mybalzitch because it was compromized03:26
MIFbecause I left a user with out a password03:26
MIFI thought I got all of the virus off but after I rebooted, there it was03:28
daxdid i miss you giving us information about this virus in scrollback03:34
MIFno I said talked about it03:34
daxwhat did "there it was" involve?03:35
daxsome specific process (which one?) in the output of `ps`, or...?03:35
MIFno it reinstalled its self03:36
daxyes, what did you see that leads you to believe that, is what i'm asking03:36
MIFdir.dir is the tell tale sign of this virus03:37
daxglad you're going the reinstallation route now03:38
MIFnow I need to know how to install the installtion on a flash drive on a mac with out admin03:39
daxi forget whether Disk Utility requires admin to write to USB. if not, https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-macos#3-prepare-the-usb-stick . if it does, i think those constraints don't work03:40
daxsince dd requires sudo and i think everything else that touches disks on the CLI does03:40
daxthe macos channel on here (i think it's #macos? not sure) might know better03:40
daxoh, those instructions need Etcher, ugh03:41
MIFIt is on my school computer03:41
MIFso I cannot install apps03:41
daxno other computers in the house apart from your server and a locked-down mac?03:41
MIFnot that I can access03:42
MIFright now I am kinda in quarantine because I was exposed and my mom is high risk03:42
quadrathoch2MIF, afaik, disk util needs admin rights, as the underlying tool _is_ dd03:49
tomreynMIF: got an android phone?03:50
tomreynhmm ask a neighbour to place a stick on their doormat for you to fetch03:51
tomreynor on yours if you're quarantined03:51
tomreynor maybe your mom can do one for you, or you can swap spots with her for a while, using her computer to do the stick03:53
mybalzitcheven if the server was compromised, it'd have to be some pretty advanced malware to modify the install image they copy over and write to the flash drive03:56
daxim looking forward to the upcoming #ubuntu-server discussion on fomites03:56
daxmybalzitch: yeah, you're angling down the route i'd take too, though it goes against "best practices"03:56
JanCask a friend to make the USB stick and get it to you somehow...04:09
MIFI will find a way04:09
JanCalso, if you have a router or NAS that you can log into which also has USB, that's an option too...04:09
MIFyes I do but I don't want to do anything to that04:09
JanCI mean, you could write the stick from that  :)04:10
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jancoowwhen c onnecting through ssh for the first time in x hours it takes very long to connect10:13
jancoowwhy is this?10:13
tewardjancoow: could be any number of reasons.  network lag, network access rules, Fail2ban, UseDNS is trying to rDNS your system and failing repeatedly, etc.16:40
tewardbut "very long" is subjective so you'll need to be more specific16:40
kinghatdoes the server installer have zfs support now?18:33
jayjo-how do curtin and cloud-init relate in terms of autoinstallations for servers?19:39
jayjo-I'm trying to mount a partition at the install stage so cloudinit can use it as a "file" debian repository (with offline packages)19:39
jayjo-it looks like cloudinit and curtin have different storage formats for this.19:39
MIFwould curl still work20:41
MIFwhat that firewall config?20:42
MIFand I know nothing can get in20:42
tomreyn"Pastebin deleted"20:59
MIFtry that20:59
MIFis that link working tomreyn?21:00
tomreynMIF: yes, this link is working as says:    sudo ufw enable; sudo ufw default deny incoming; sudo ufw reload21:04
tomreynwhat is your question?21:04
tomreyn*AND says21:04
MIFWill I beable to use curl and wget?21:04
tomreynoutbound, yes, inbound no21:04
MIFso I cannot download files?21:04
tomreyndepends on where you loading from and to, i guess21:05
MIFand to install things21:05
tomreynso - i'm guessing, for llack of details - you want to download something from github to this server, after running these commands on the server, which has a default ufw configuration. is this correct?21:06
MIFI am working on a script to help me get my server reinstalled and that would be the first thing ran21:06
tomreynso that should be working. does it not?21:06
MIFI have not tried it yet21:07
tomreynwell, you shoudl try.21:07
MIFif you want to see that script https://github.com/Sturtz-Network/server-setup/blob/master/install.sh21:07
tomreyni think denying inbound traffic is the default policy21:08
tomreynthis is unsafe: curl -O http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh; sudo chmod +x install.sh; sudo ./install.sh21:09
MIFit is?21:09
MIFhow is it unsafe?21:10
tomreyndownload from http, not https, code not verified, run21:10
MIFoh ok21:10
MIFhow would I verify it?21:10
tomreynagainst a cryptographic signature if one is provided. or a checksum21:11
tomreynthe latter is just a rough check21:11
MIFand how would I do that?21:11
tomreynthe easiest option is robably to just use the HTTPS url, if you trust their webserver not to get compromised. it's not really enough, though.21:12
tomreynyou'll need to ask virtualmin folks how to verify the authenticity of their software downloads21:13
MIFok, what else can I do?21:13
tomreynhmm, their installation guide is really bad https://www.virtualmin.com/download.html21:13
tomreynsuggests doing exactly what you do21:13
tomreynapparently they provide gpg signed apt repositories http://software.virtualmin.com/vm/6/gpl/apt21:15
MIFthey have apt?21:15
tomreynwhy, did i write so?21:16
tomreynoh yes, i did. then it could be so.21:17
tomreynyou could inspect the link and maybe find out for yourself.21:17
MIFI am21:17
* MIF has to do it though way back because his school blocked https://virtualmin.com/ because of the forum 21:18
MIFso how would I do that with apt then?21:20
MIFI will just have to go the https route21:22
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soulseekercan this do a filrsystem backup at install like linuxmint21:30
soulseekerthinking of using the same  version mint based on21:31
soulseekerchoosing carefully21:33
soulseekerMIF are you interested?21:45

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