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pyeverythingHi is there a way to fix CTRL+SHIFT+v to CTRL+v for terminal in Ubuntu 20.04?00:28
specterMaybe. What wm are you using?00:30
pyeverythingspecter: what do you mean by "what are you using?"00:36
pyeverythingwhat is wm?00:36
pyeverythingspecter: lrwxrwxrwx 1 mona mona 0 Dec 28 18:22 /proc/19449/exe -> /usr/bin/bash00:36
pyeverything/usr/libexec/gnome-terminal-server specter00:38
oerheksgnome-terminal > preferences > shortcuts00:39
oerhekseasy to find00:39
MIFI am looking to remove rsync but when I type apt remove rsync it will also remove ubuntu-standerd00:39
MIFis that ok?00:39
oerheks!info rsync00:40
ubottursync (source: rsync): fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool. In component main, is standard. Version 3.1.3-8 (focal), package size 314 kB, installed size 680 kB00:40
oerheksyes, it is a core application00:40
MIFso I cannot remove it00:40
oerheksnope, and it is just a few hundred kb00:40
MIFthen can i disable it?00:41
pyeverythingoerheks: thanks a lot it worked00:57
pyeverythingdo you know besides #python where would be best to ask a SymPy question?00:58
pillager86Unicode 🥸 is missing in Firefox is that a known bug?01:21
MIFit is not for me01:21
MIFI can see that01:21
pillager86Should I change my default font then?01:22
pillager86I'm on 20.0401:22
MIFI am not on ubuntu right now01:22
MIFjust so you know01:22
Maikpillager86: sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:23
pillager86Maik, ok cool I will try that01:24
Maikthis will install missing codecs and fonts01:24
theborgerwhat is the highest you can set "mii-monitor-interval" to?  if I leave it at stock witch is 100.  i get disconnects from ssh,vnc,samba etc.  so just done know if making that number higher will help anympred right now its set at 1000.02:21
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rcm888does ubuntu 1604 have dns protection software?02:41
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Blade-Runnercan someone tell me how to edit grub 2.04 to return win 10 to the grub menu?03:03
Blade-Runneri'm i nano with grub config loaded03:03
oerheksfind the UUID with sudo blkid , and voila https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-add-windows-10-to-grub-os-list/03:05
Blade-Runneri cant make heads or tails out of blkid, i'll try reading the website you posted03:09
oerheksyour windows should have ntfs/exfat, easy to spot03:13
Blade-Runnerthat website reads like greek03:14
oerheksthen edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom,03:14
Blade-Runneryour still speaking over my head03:16
Blade-Runnerthere is nothing in "custom"03:17
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ExcessiveAggroEvening all07:36
ExcessiveAggroSo my sound just stopped working.  I've followed lots of guides on reinstalling pulse, reinstalling alsamixer, and others.  Any suggestions?07:37
ducasseExcessiveAggro: first thing i'd do is check with alsamixer or pavucontrol of anything is muted07:45
oerheksalsamixer > f6 > choose proper device07:46
ducasseMIF: you *can* remove ubuntu-standard, but you must reinstall it before you try to upgrade in the future07:47
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thunderhurstHi everyone! I ran into a weird issue with an old server for my homelab. I've got the PERC set up with a virtual disk for my boot drive, and played around with Proxmox for a bit, but when I went to install Ubuntu, no disk was detected during the install! Any suggestions would be most welcome, it really stumped me!08:27
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Speirosthunderhurst Is the DVD drive mounted?08:51
AnimalFarmPigI'm having a weird problem with Firefox 82 one of my systems running Ubuntu 20.04. I'm trying to visit a specific website, and the site doesn't load at all. When I look in network console of developer tools, under "transferred" it says "blocked". It works in private window, and it works on other machines. Here's a screenshot of network console: https://backdatassup.com/img/aer2vmkns6n2b43sjrb2tc1o1s6fzx0.png  Anyone have any ideas?09:16
oerhekscurrent version is FF 84?09:25
oerheks!info firefox09:25
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 84.0+build3-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 54785 kB, installed size 214167 kB09:25
oerhekstime to do a proper update, AnimalFarmPig09:25
oerheksapt update && apt dist-upgrade09:25
AnimalFarmPigoh, good idea09:28
AnimalFarmPighmm... still having the same problem on FF8409:37
AnimalFarmPigno extensions enabled, btw09:39
lotuspsychjeAnimalFarmPig: what that magic site that doesnt load?09:48
AnimalFarmPiglotuspsychje: www.presstv.com -- again, it loads on other machines, and in private window, but in normal FF the network console shows it as "blocked"09:59
AnimalFarmPigsee screenshot above ^09:59
lotuspsychjeworks here09:59
AnimalFarmPigyeah, not a problem with the site, definitely a browser problem09:59
lotuspsychjeAnimalFarmPig: can you open FF from a terminal, see if you get any errors there?09:59
AnimalFarmPiglotuspsychje: nothing10:01
lotuspsychjeAnimalFarmPig: how about in journalctl -f ?10:01
AnimalFarmPiglotuspsychje: aha! That's interesting "Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP."10:04
lotuspsychjethats an error that shows frequently in the logs10:04
lotuspsychjedont think its related to your FF issue10:05
lotuspsychjeAnimalFarmPig: how about you create a testuser on your system and visit your problem site with a vanilla FF10:05
AnimalFarmPighmm... it did show up immediately after trying to hit the site though. I'll give it a try with a test user10:06
lotuspsychjeAnimalFarmPig: maybe its related to your FF profile10:07
AnimalFarmPigyep, site loads fine for test user. Looks like this is down to something in my user profile. That the site also works in private mode also hints towards that problem.10:10
AnimalFarmPigmaybe this is a FF specific problem and there are better places to discuss? I popped into #firefox, but not sure if that's a support channel or a dev channel10:11
oerheksremove the ~/.mozilla folder in your home and restart FF?10:14
AnimalFarmPigoerheks: this is going to blow away the profile, losing bookmarks, saved passwords, etc., no?10:16
oerheksbut it is the only way to clear all possible hooks10:17
AnimalFarmPigmeh, I would rather live with it and just use private session to watch news, but that gave me the idea to `grep -R` for the domain name in ~/.mozilla maybe I can find some place it's stored that is preventing the site from loading10:18
oerheksone could mv it to an other name ..10:19
AnimalFarmPigright, move then reimport, meh. I'm going to muck around with files / sqlite databases in the profile instead10:20
EriC^^AnimalFarmPig: maybe from the browser settings you can delete individual cache/stored cookies etc10:20
EriC^^i think there's a feature to remove individual cookies10:21
AnimalFarmPiggood idea. I'll check10:21
AnimalFarmPigcookie search tool is pretty slick, but no relevant cookies stored10:23
EriC^^AnimalFarmPig: could it be some add-on is blocking it?10:25
AnimalFarmPigno add-ons running10:25
EriC^^AnimalFarmPig: what does "ls -l /etc/resolv.conf" give you?10:28
AnimalFarmPigEriC^^:  lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 Mar 15  2020 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf10:29
EriC^^AnimalFarmPig: i think it's supposed to point to "/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf" that's what i got when i searched for the DNS error above, but i guess it doesnt explain why the site works for a different user, worth a shot though10:32
EriC^^if you want to fix it do "sudo ln -sf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf"10:33
AnimalFarmPigI can check that out. I'm a bit suspicious though, because I've got my systems set up to use an http/https proxy server, so name resolution should be happening downstream on another box. The problem seems to be local to my firefox profile itself, especially considering that in the network console of ff developer tools, it shows as "blocked"10:35
EriC^^AnimalFarmPig: seems that the site is a bit 'sketchy' google has tried banning it etc10:38
AnimalFarmPigyeah, news from Iran not that popular10:40
AnimalFarmPigalright, I seem to have resolved the problem!10:40
AnimalFarmPigin ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile id> there were files sessionstore.jsonlz4 and sessionstore-backups/previous.jsonlz4 which showed up when I grepped for the site domain name. I catted the files, not much interesting there, so I deleted them, and now it works10:42
AnimalFarmPigthanks for troubleshooting help!10:42
deki_01is there a repository for ubuntu 20.04 for mssql-server-201911:51
gonzodeki 01: according to https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-ms-sql-on-ubuntu/ -- deb [arch=amd64,arm64,armhf] https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/18.04/mssql-server-2019 bionic main11:58
deki_01ok I tried similar, will try now this one11:59
gonzodeki 01: seems there's a 20.04 version also might be better for 20.04 : https://packages.microsoft.com/config/ubuntu/20.04/ -- deb [arch=amd64,armhf,arm64] https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/20.04/prod focal main12:02
gonzodeki 01: forget my last comment - it's not mssql I think12:04
deki_01I try to implement it to ansible with the last link I can update the pepository but if I use the 18.04 or 19.04 I can't12:07
deki_01and in the last there is no mssql-server but I can update the repository12:08
deki_01qonzo: it worked now with the 18.04 thanks12:11
BluesKajHi folks14:08
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* Deano59 waits16:05
ExcessiveAggromorning all - Anyone here know how to troubleshoot a sound problem?  I dual boot in windows and the sound works.  I boot in linux and no go.  It was working and just stopped.  I've tried reinstalling pulse and alsa - no go. Something has to be conflicting but not sure how to look16:20
ExcessiveAggronevermind I think I found the issue.  Looks like a kernel problem16:32
Deano59ExcessiveAggro: what version you using? 20.10?16:34
ExcessiveAggro20.04 - i found an obscure arch linux post talking about this exact problem with the Gigabyte X570 Aorus integrated audio16:35
ExcessiveAggroAlso this interesting little guy about cold booting fixing the issue. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1210690/no-sound-from-line-out-in-ubuntu-19-10-on-alc1220/1232053#123205316:36
ExcessiveAggroIt's like the motherboard has some memory unless you hard power it16:37
coconutExcessiveAggro, have you tried updating your uefi?16:44
geosmilewhen i ssh to my machine, I get this error: unix_listener: cannont bind to path /home/.../sockets/uname@192.168.1.x.ke...: No such file or directory16:48
geosmileany ideas how to fix this?16:49
geosmileI tried removing ~/.ssh/sockets directory, does not work16:49
compdocI dont have a ~/.ssh/sockets directory. are the permissions correct for .ssh? sometimes things can get owned by root16:51
geosmilecompdoc, I think sockets are created when sshd_config and ~/.ssh/config are configured in a certain way16:52
geosmiledrwx------ - for ssh16:52
geosmileowned by user16:52
geosmilefound the problem16:53
geosmilemkdir ~/.ssh/sockets - solves it16:53
blb4393can sound be directed both to tthe speakers andn to the ble headset? pulseaudio16:56
ExcessiveAggrococonut, No I havent.  I can look in to how that is done, not sure how to do that16:58
coconutExcessiveAggro, depends on the hardware manufacturer, some delivery there own live iso, which i find the most pleasing way.16:59
basenodeguys my night light has stopped working, how can i restart it?16:59
ExcessiveAggroWow that is so weird... cold booting the system makes the sound work again.  If you dual boot in to windows the driver does something to the hardware that prevents it from working once you boot back to linux.17:01
blb4393basenode: there's no lights at night. You have to wait until dawn17:03
basenodegot ourselves a comedian here17:03
coconutExcessiveAggro, i had an non-cold boot issue with my wifi getting detected last month, after updating my uefi it started to work eventually...17:04
ExcessiveAggro@coconut sorry for the newb question here... When you say UEFI are you talking about updating my bios?17:05
ExcessiveAggroi will take a look and see if there is a new one out17:06
thalladaI have a external usb drive that is mounted but I can't figure out how (it's not in /etc/fstab or in `mount -l`). I see the device in `lsblk` and `fdisk -l`. Where else should I look for how this is mounted?17:43
thallada`findmnt` didn't return anything either17:43
ExcessiveAggro@coconut - my UEFI was quite outdated so good housekeeping to get it updated.  However the cold boot problem still persists.  Not a big deal since I know how to fix it, but odd nonetheless18:02
coconutBummer, though good to have tried imo18:06
prionis there a way to make trackpad pinch behave the same as touch screen pinch?18:09
ExcessiveAggroAgreed coconut18:12
nelginHi all. I can't seem to find a ufw command to add ipset rules. Anyone know if this is possible or do I need to do some manual manipulation?18:22
tomreynnelgin: bug 157157918:31
ubottubug 1571579 in ufw "Support for ipset" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157157918:31
nelginAh thank you. The more I use ufw, the more I think I might just go back to straight iptables.18:36
tomreyni think that's the standard process people go through :)18:37
MIFis there a way to install the ubuntu server installer on a nuked server?18:38
tomreynsome also consider other tools and try firewalld, wasting yet more time18:38
nelginIt means I have to feck around with the fail2ban rules too.18:39
tomreynMIF: what is a 'nuked server'?18:40
MIFsudo rm -rf --no-reserve-root /18:41
MIFI can boot into grub18:42
MIFand that is it18:42
MIFI also have a flash drive18:43
MIFand on that flash drive is the ISO file18:45
MIFjust downloaded to it18:45
codecutterhow do you read a dump file?18:45
MIFnever mind about my question18:47
stefandxmSince upgrading to 20.10 i got some issues with the nvidia drivers/x11. i got two monitors connected (both same model). however of them keeps getting disabled and each time this happen (after reboot, restart of x11 / relogin, or even after standby / relogin after that) i have to first "enable" it in display configuration, and then "rebake" it in nvidia settings to get it acceled and happy. running nvidias official drivers. ive removed all the ubuntu19:20
stefandxmos drivers. its like the configuration from nvidia settings does not blend with display configuration and i am not really sure about how to proceed19:20
etronikHi all, running Ubuntu 20.04 with KDE - I'm missing the printers from System settings... how do I get it back? or alternatively setup a network printer ?19:46
MIFhow do I make a user that can access his/her home files only and nothing else?19:52
nelginThat wouldn't make much sense. What would they do with those files?19:54
MIFI am going to add a user for a service, but I don't want them to have access to any other files but the home directory19:54
nelginIf a restricted bash shell isn't enough then consider a chroot jail.19:56
MIFwhat is a restricted bash shel19:57
MIFI think i found it19:58
MIFthank you nelgin19:58
MIFI had no clue that even existed19:58
nelginAfter being a unix admin for 30 years you pick up a tip or two.20:01
etronikit's amazing how setting up printing and printers is still so hit & miss after decades of development - have a basic colour laser printer that's doesn't print on KDE 20.04 - printers icons is not shown on the KDE settings screen,  I have to run it from the Software center, and it hangs while fetching printer drivers....20:25
etronikI mean... arrrrrgh !20:25
TJ-etronik: printers are managed using CUPS; that by default provides a web admin on localhost:63120:25
etronikit should , souldn't it ? but it doesn't20:26
TJ-etronik: printer drivers are 'deprecated' in CUPS -- everything is expected to provide an IPP service; but we still need PPDs for many and other tools for customised media management20:26
TJ-etronik: you're saying no cupsd is running? check for a listening socket with "sudo ss -tnlp sport = 631"20:28
etronikTJ-, thanks for your tips (though you do prove my point :-) - anyway... what does this output even mean ?20:29
etronikState      Recv-Q     Send-Q         Local Address:Port         Peer Address:Port    Process20:29
etronikLISTEN     0          5             *        users:(("cupsd",pid=1026790,fd=7))20:29
etronikLISTEN     0          5                      [::1]:631                  [::]:*        users:(("cupsd",pid=1026790,fd=6))20:29
TJ-etronik: it means the cups admin web interface is listening. Use the local browser and go to http://localhost:63120:30
TJ-etronik: under Admin there is an option add and discovery printers20:30
etronikTJ-, but like I said...20:31
etronikThe following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: http://localhost:631/20:31
etronik    Connection to ::1 failed.20:31
etronikThe system returned: (111) Connection refused20:31
etronikThe remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.20:31
TJ-etronik: your user will need lpadmin and/or sudo group membership20:31
TJ-etronik: that suggests you've got firewall rules blocking it, since we know the process is bound to port 63120:31
etronikTJ-, firewall running in "Home" profile, and none rules mentioning port 631...though I have on the "report" tab somrthing mentioning said port20:33
etronikTJ-, says... UDP, port 631, address:* appl: cups-browsed20:34
TJ-etronik: it needs to ACCEPT TCP port 63120:34
TJ-etronik: my guess would be it is configured to default DENY anything not explicitly allowed20:34
etronikI even turned off the firewall and still no go20:34
etronikTJ-, though I can try that...20:35
TJ-etronik: can you show us "pastebinit <( sudo iptables-save; ip6tables-save )"20:35
TJ-oops, slight missing sudo typo there20:35
TJ-etronik: can you show us "pastebinit <( sudo iptables-save; sudo ip6tables-save )"20:35
etronikTJ-, sure one sec20:35
TJ-etronik: and to ensure it isn't caused by some weird browser issue, try this too: "curl http://localhost:631 | grep h1" and the last line should be HTML with <h1>CUPS vX.Y.Z<h1>20:37
etronikTJ-, who cool script... :-) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YzbFHP88B5/20:37
TJ-etronik: if curl gets an error, then it is definitely a firewall issue20:38
TJ-etronik: looking at the host's firewall rules, this one should allow ALL connections to the localhost: "-A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEP"20:39
MIFwould I still be able to download stuff with curl with20:39
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TJ-etronik: you've also got specific ACCEPT rules, e.g. " -A ufw-user-input -p tcp -m tcp --dport 631 -j ACCEPT "20:40
etronikTJ-, I just added then removed them from firewall20:40
etronikso my guess, they're there by default or something ?20:40
etronikthey're still there20:41
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TJ-etronik: it seems very strange; in 16 years managing Debian/Ubuntu I've not seen CUPS on localhost blocked. Let's ensure some basic sanity exists. Maybe "localhost" isn't resolving correctly. Try direct IP address from the browser:
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etronikTJ-, same result with though localhost does resolve to
etronikTJ-, does cups rely of apache for it's functionality ?20:44
etronikTJ-, doesn't look like it as it shows a squid icon so... must not be apache20:45
TJ-etronik: can you temporarily totally disable UFW and check it is truly disabled with "sudo iptables-save" and ensure the 'filter' table policies are all ACCEPT (e.g. ":INPUT ACCEPT [0:0]"20:45
TJ-etronik: no - it is a stand-alone HTTP server in cupsd20:45
nelginIs anything actually listening on ?20:45
TJ-nelgin: yes20:45
TJ-20:29:47          etronik | LISTEN     0          5             *        users:(("cupsd",pid=1026790,fd=7))20:46
nelginAh, I didn't scroll back far enough :)20:46
etronikTJ-, how do I do the following ? "sure the 'filter' table policies are all ACCEPT (e.g. ":INPUT ACCEPT [0:0]""20:46
nelginWhat if you telnet 631 or use nc or your favorite tool20:47
TJ-etronik: as I said, temporarily totally disable UFW (I don't use it so can't tell you how!) then run "sudo iptables-save" and look for the info I showed20:47
TJ-nelgin: we tried curl; apparently no response - etronik  you DID try curl didn't you?20:47
etronikTJ-, output of the iptables-save shows...20:47
etronik# Generated by iptables-save v1.8.4 on Tue Dec 29 20:47:10 202020:47
etronik:INPUT ACCEPT [2295:503446]20:47
etronik:FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0]20:47
etronik:OUTPUT ACCEPT [2425:232066]20:47
TJ-etronik: OK, good, that ACCEPT is the important thing. Now try "curl http://localhost:631" again20:48
etronikTJ-, weird... I did get source code for HTML page with what appears as valid options20:48
etroniklike these20:49
etronik        <li><a href="http://www.cups.org/" target="_blank">CUPS.org</a></li>20:49
etronik        <li><a class="active" href="/">Home</a></li>20:49
etronik        <li><a href="/admin">Administration</a></li>20:49
etronik        <li><a href="/classes/">Classes</a></li>20:49
TJ-etronik: yay! so that seems to prove that the problem IS the firewall20:49
MIFdid etronik get quited?20:49
TJ-etronik: you need to put output in a pastebin20:50
TJ-!paste | etronik20:50
ubottuetronik: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:50
daxas Drone told you20:50
etronikyeah I only saw that... just now20:50
TJ-weirdly I cannot see why (so far) UFW rules are causing this since you've got a -i lo -j ACCEPT20:51
etronikTJ-, but wait, the browser still shows me the same error message20:51
TJ-etronik: oh really!? I wonder if the browser is doing it over IPv6 .. have you re-enabled UFW at this point?20:52
etronikstill off20:52
etronikhow do I check that IP V6 thingy ?20:52
TJ-etronik: try this then: curl http://[::1]:631 | grep h120:53
TJ-etronik: you should get a line similar to " <h1>CUPS 2.3.1</h1>" at the end20:53
etronikTJ-, yup! exactly what I got20:53
TJ-etronik: so, cupsd is answering but your browser isn't connecting. Have you got any kind of HTTP proxy configured?20:54
TJ-etronik: re-enable UFW then re-test those curl commands to ensure it still works20:54
etronikTJ-, whoa! wait a sec - must be some FF security/privacy plugin duuhhh stupid me !  via chrome I can access it just fine20:54
TJ-etronik: that means doing "curl http://[::1]:631 | grep h1" and "curl | grep h1"20:55
TJ-etronik: well duh :D20:55
* etronik slaps himself senseless20:55
TJ-etronik: so now you can get back to adding/finding printers :)20:55
etronikTJ-, I still not very hopefull - let me check20:56
TJ-etronik: network or USB printer(s) ?20:56
etronikTJ-, network20:56
TJ-etronik: as long as they advertise using multicast-DNS (mDNS) cups should discover them20:56
etronikactually I do have my printer setup... it just doesn't print...20:56
etronikthat's all... simple enough20:57
TJ-etronik: so through the web-admin interface you can do more inspection and alteration of the config20:57
etronikI'll try removing it and re-adding it again...20:57
TJ-etronik: I've seen that happen when the printer gets an IP address via DHCP, has been discovered by CUPS and that IP address recorded, and then later the printer has changed its IP address20:58
TJ-etronik: so CUPS is trying to connect to the original IP address still20:58
etronikTJ-, oh... that might be possible... how do I check its address in CUPS ?20:59
etronikTJ-, can't see what IP it's looking at by the connection string here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Qzn3h95N8N/21:00
TJ-etronik: via the Admin interface. Administration > Manage Printers > "Printer name"21:00
TJ-etronik: e.g. if you see it using Connection: dnssd (DNS Service Discovery) then it should be always OK since it looks it up every time (e.g. "Connection: dnssd://Kyocera%20TASKalfa%205551ci._ipps._tcp.local/?uuid=4509a320-004c-00a5-00a3-0025074f50b1 ")21:01
TJ-etronik: but if you see something like "Connection: socket://" then you've a fixed IP address which may be out of date21:02
etronikyeah, but the dnssd it ain't working... but I've set a static IP addrs in the printer... not sure if before or after... I'm trying the discovered printer entries CUPS is showing me21:02
TJ-etronik: OK, so you can manually do discovery using mDNS to see if the printer is advertising itself as you expect. Use "avahi-browse -art"21:04
TJ-etronik: that reports the mDNS records being advertised. If you get nothing then either the avahi-daemon service isn't running or firewall rules :P21:05
etronikTJ-, yeah advertising correctly... only thing is Cups is using a different model than what is being advertised... and the list of printers... mine doesn't show... my printer is an AL-3900... models shown by cups goes from Al-3800 directly to AL-4000... dammit21:07
TJ-etronik: what make is that? usually minor model differences don't cause issues21:08
etronikbut... I've Dl the correct PPD file from Epson, and told cups to use that21:08
etroniknow reporting correct21:09
etroniklets see how it behaves now... trying printing21:09
etronikTJ-, cups now shows the connection as: Connection:lpd://AL-C3900-9F692F/print  - any potential issues with this ?21:12
etronikoh and printing fails with : Unable to locate printer "AL-C3900-9F692F"21:12
etronikboy oh boy oh boy oh boy21:12
TJ-etronik: I *think* lpd == line printer daemon  but I'd have to check21:12
etronikTJ-, set it back to dnssd thingy21:14
etronikTJ-, so back at dnssd locator... printing fails with: ""Unable to locate printer.""21:17
TJ-etronik: datasheet mentions "Network Printing Protocols: TCP/IP: IPP 1.1, LPD, FTP, WSD, Port9100" port 9100 is usually IPPlooks like it does NOT support IPP!21:17
etronikTJ-, not following sorry.... am I printing via IPP ?21:18
TJ-etronik: no, looks like no, since IPP uses port 631 (it uses HTTP/S as the transport)21:19
TJ-etronik: port 9100 is 'raw' - for example if you know the IP address of the printer you can do, from a *bash* shell, " echo 'Hello World!' > /dev/tcp/<ip-address>/9100  "21:20
etronikTJ-, to add to this tragedy I just messed up something in cups config now can't access it.... via chrome... went into an option to edit configuration and exited by saving without making ANY change.... :-/21:21
etronikTJ-, ignore last message , it's back up21:21
TJ-etronik: you likely restarted the CUPS daemon21:21
etronikTJ-, so back to the issue why cant cups locate my printer ? any ideas ?21:22
TJ-etronik: sounds like it can BUT some Epson-specific driver interface is needed21:22
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TJ-etronik: the driver files from Epson web-site are dated 2010 -- not a good sign21:24
TJ-etronik: the PPD file looks sane ; so the issue is the connection over either LPD or Port9100. did you do the manual port 9100 test I gave you?21:26
etronikTJ-, that's the one I downloaded but it only contains the PPD21:26
etronikTJ-, don't think so, can you restate it please ?21:26
etronikTJ-, no need21:26
etronikits just above21:26
TJ-etronik: that datasheet also says that model is supposed to support IPP v1.1 .21:27
TJ-etronik: do an 'nmap <ip-address-of-printer>" see what ports are open21:28
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etronikTJ-, the test for port 9100 printed just fine21:29
TJ-etronik: good!21:30
etronikTJ-, still want the nmap output ?21:30
TJ-etronik: so now I wonder if that nmap shows it listening on port 63121:31
TJ-etronik: and if so, if it is advertising the IPP port over mDNS SD21:31
TJ-etronik: yeah21:31
etronikTJ-, yes, nmap lists as listening on port 63121:31
etronikTJ-, output of the avahi -art at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xWV4KHjYWX/21:35
TJ-etronik: thanks; interesting reading here yalks about "Sample drivers for ... EPSON ..." https://opensource.apple.com/source/cups/cups-59/doc/ipp.html#1_221:35
etronik? where ?21:36
TJ-etronik: end of that para21:37
TJ-etronik: also, have you accessed the printer's own HTTP server directly in case there's something there to fiddle with? http://AL-C3900-9F692F.local21:37
etroniknever even tried21:38
etronikThis site can’t be reached21:38
TJ-etronik: use it's IP address then!21:38
etronikI should probably point to the IP addrss no TJ- ?21:38
TJ-etronik: the name should work; assuming the host's /etc/nsswitch.conf has a hosts: line with mdns mentioned21:40
etronikTJ-, oh it shows yet another web interface with public and admin access - tried admin, saks for pw which I have no idea... so... went for the public21:40
TJ-etronik: OK - check the user manual for the admin name/password; might be something obvious, or the serial number or MAC for password21:40
etronikTJ-, ok have to locate and download it21:41
TJ-etronik: in case there's something to help in getting it to work on Linux, here's the reference guide that describes various methods of configuring ti for CUPS including through the CUPS web admin  https://download.epson-europe.com/pub/download/3274/epson327472eu.pdf21:42
etronikTJ-, great thanks, I'm having a look now21:44
TJ-etronik: on page 52, talking about Windows drivers, it specifically confirms IPP can be used21:45
TJ-etronik: and on page 54 we may have the fault cause; there it says the IPP URL should be of the form http://<ipaddress>:631/ipp yet the nDNS SD advertised no PATH for the IPP (port 631) service record - I'm wondering if you need to manually edit the connection string in CUPS to add the /ipp21:47
etronikTJ-, you're sharp eyed man! :-) ok might be , so lets give it a try, just right after I find the authenticadion for admin interface21:49
TJ-etronik: alos page 44 - the printer's physical interface, confirm IPP is enabled!21:49
soulseekersiemens cable stiff21:50
etronikTJ-, let me check that21:51
soulseekernope! no checking21:51
soulseeker can 18.04 lts do timeshift at install?21:52
etronikTJ-, yep, it's enabled... bu the option above of Dynamic DNS is not... should I enabled it ?21:52
TJ-etronik: no21:53
TJ-etronik: DDNS is for the printer to register its IP address against a DNS server's A record21:54
soulseekerworking on starlightos for oldlaptop21:54
TJ-etronik: looking at the separate User Guide; printer control panel has a SYS menu with a lock code, default password for that is "0000" in case that is also for the web interface21:54
soulseekerconsider using 18.04 lts but need timeshift or some great filesystem21:55
soulseekerjoin #oldlaptop for not ubuntu reccomends21:55
etronikTJ-, doesn't work for the web admin ... maybe I can set it somewhere in the printer21:55
TJ-etronik: that is what I've been looking for21:56
etronikTJ-, got it on page 7121:58
TJ-etronik: I think it'll print out the username/password. control panel > PRINT menu > CONFIGURATION PG > PRINT21:58
etronikTJ-, I'm in pw is "administrator" for the web interface21:58
TJ-etronik: ha!21:59
etronikTJ-, I think you might have a point with the IPP URI... let me paste a screenshot for you21:59
TJ-etronik: OK, so that should make it easier to control the printer directly, but doesn't help with the CUPS connection string (which is, I suspect, the roadblock here) - maybe it gives you that setting in the admin interface somewhere22:00
etronikwhere should I post it ? imgur.com ?22:00
TJ-etronik: sure22:00
etronikTJ-, https://imgur.com/a/D9wopGp22:01
etronikTJ-, weird thing about that IPP Authentication no ?22:01
etronikmaybe I select authentication to "none" ?22:02
etronikthe strange thing is... via WIndows I can print without any issues... it's just Ubuntu that locks up...22:02
TJ-etronik: aha! paths with /ipp !22:04
TJ-etronik: but the mDNS-SD records didn't add that for the IPP22:04
etronikTJ-, you mean the Printer URI ? and such ?22:05
TJ-etronik: correct22:05
etronikTJ-, That's what I aluded to on the "you might have a point... " mesg above ;-) so now what's the nest step ?22:06
TJ-etronik: lines 23-27 of https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xWV4KHjYWX/22:07
TJ-etronik: there's no  txt = ["path=/ipp"] in the same way as line 37 for the web interface22:08
etronikTJ-, yep it sonething like .local instead right ? so how do we go about correcting that ?22:08
etronikor somewhere else in the key, value section next to it... TJ-22:09
TJ-etronik: so, I'd delete the CUPS printer, re-discover it, and edit the connection string - I recall doing it once but I think it had to be done int 2 stage. Let the dicovery add the connection as IPP with the broken path then after the printer is added, Manage > Edit and at some point there's an option in a text edit box to alter the URI22:10
etronikTJ-,  ok let me try that... fingers crossed ;-)22:10
TJ-etronik: "Modify Printer" I think22:11
etronikTJ-,  this is... can you errr point out exactly where should I add the /ipp ? please ?22:11
TJ-etronik: hang on, there may be an easier way. see https://askubuntu.com/questions/913480/how-do-i-modify-a-printers-ip-address-in-cups22:11
etronikups... somewhat late as I deleted it , will add it again22:12
TJ-etronik: about 2/3rds way down that page there's instructions on editing /etc/cups/printers.conf which I was going to suggest earlier22:12
TJ-etronik: no problem :)22:12
TJ-etronik: basically, for a printer that exists (in that file) you locate its "DeviceURI" line and edit it (after "sudo systemctl stop cups" )22:13
TJ-etronik: I think you should be using "ipp://"22:14
TJ-etronik: once you have that working correctly, re-edit to use the printer's mDNS name once you have proved that name can be used to access the printer22:14
TJ-etronik: but, I think you were onto something about the IPP Authentication as well22:15
etronikTJ-, didn't affect windows though, that IPP authentication thing...22:16
TJ-etronik: OK, that is a good test :)22:16
soulseekerthe erector set software22:17
soulseekerthat legend about the cylons22:18
etronikI'm just getting desperate now... adding printer doesn't accept current name due to character limitations, or doing via other ways asks for a bunch of details it didn't before...   retrying this22:22
TJ-etronik: Epson have always been a real pain22:22
TJ-etronik: I've found reference to the C4000 in the openprinting database, which suggests that is very similar to the C3900, and says it (C4000) uses eplaser driver - I found that in the foomatich-db package but not sure if you can use that22:27
TJ-etronik: == foomatic-db: /usr/share/foomatic/db/source/driver/eplaser.xml22:27
TJ-!info foomatic-db22:27
ubottufoomatic-db (source: foomatic-db): OpenPrinting printer support - database. In component universe, is extra. Version 20200401-1 (focal), package size 571 kB, installed size 12149 kB22:27
etronikOMG another rabbit-hole ? :-) don't have energy for that now... maybe later is editing the /etc/cups/yada yada doesn't work22:28
pyeverythinghi open-sourcers :) I documented my question here https://askubuntu.com/questions/1303741/forcing-usr-lib-xorg-xorg-to-not-use-the-nvidia-geforce-gpu-in-ubuntu-20-0422:29
TJ-etronik: definitely a pain!22:29
TJ-etronik: the C4000 looks like amuch older model. No front panel LCD, has centronics parallel i/f22:29
TJ-etronik: so maybe not as similar as appears22:30
etronikTJ-, That's it, gining up for the day (been a long day today) - using DeviceURI ipp:// - printed a page, printer woke up... went into a processing loop.... then I got a error message, stating service call... it was working perfectly fine up until now...22:34
etronikso before I smash this to pieces.... I'm going to fume off somewhere else...22:34
TJ-etronik: before you go ...22:35
TJ-!info ippsample | etronik22:35
ubottuetronik: ippsample (source: ippsample): ippsample - Samples/development tools for the IPP. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0+20180213-0ubuntu1 (focal), package size 7126 kB, installed size 8727 kB22:35
etronikTJ-,  what would I do with those ?22:36
TJ-etronik: this package has some test tools and files that you can use to directly (using "ipptool ...") talk to the printer22:36
TJ-etronik: I'm looking at it now, but basically it looks like "ippsample ipp:// get-printer-attributes.test "22:37
etronikI'll consider it... actually just installed it, but right now I'm not in the best frame of mind... on windows it's just plug &print!22:37
TJ-etronik: see "man ipptool"22:37
basenodeguys my night light has stopped working, how can i restart it?22:38
TJ-etronik: I know how you feel; I've spent the last 8 months banging my head against crappy 'container' engine implementations that do not/cannot do IPv622:38
etronikTJ-, calling it a day for now, can't thank you enough for your patience, will come back to thank you better and in better mood!  I'm hangry :-) 22:40 here and no dinner22:41
TJ-etronik: same here; UK22:41
TJ-etronik: I'm trying to test ipptool over a wireguard interface to my offices22:42
etronikthanks again TJ-  bbl22:42
marchesiniHell guys22:43
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marchesiniI mean hello22:44
jayjo-how can I generate a password that is compatible with the cloud-init autoinstall cypted_pass listed here: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart the format is like "$6$exDY1mhS4KUYCE/2$zmn9ToZwTKLhCw.b4/b.ZRTIZM30JZ4QrOQ2aOXJ8yk96xpcCof0kxKwuX1kqLG/ygbJ1f8wxED22bTL4F46P0" for the password "ubuntu" - is there a default salt or iterations to get this same hash?23:57

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