ANickHello all, I'm running UbuntuStudio  20.04.1 LTS. I've got a mic connected on capture1. When, in Carla, I connect capture1 to pulse audio like so: https://imgur.com/2Pf091b.png I don't hear any output through the speakers. In the volume control panel, I do observe that jack source (pulse_in-1) meter is bouncing up and down, indicating it's at least14:47
ANickreceiving input. But jack sink (pulse_out-1) meter desn't show activity. When I connect capture1 like so: https://imgur.com/LsRVapC.png  I do hear output through the speakers. What am I doing wrong in the first scenario such that I don't hear any sound?14:47
OvenWerksI wasn't here at 7am :P20:38

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