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ZeeshHello. Can I get some help regarding the graphics please>03:04
Fernando-BassoJackFrost: Is this the PPA I should use for xfce 4.16?09:08
Nikolaj_basherhi there :-) Hi can I debug why my desktop crashes after I have connected my dockstation?09:29
Nikolaj_basherwhen i see the logfiles in /var/log/lightdm i can see that MESA-LOADER failed to open evdi but I don't know if that is the problem. What happend is when my laptop is connected to my usb docstation suddently, the desktop logsout and open a new session I thinkt and all the tinks i've been working on is gone09:33
Nikolaj_basherby the way it doesn't crash when the dockingstation is unplugged.09:44
brainwashNikolaj_basher: if you search the web for "crash unw_get_proc_name failed: no unwind info found" you'll get quite some results09:48
Nikolaj_basherbrainwash, thanks i will do it right away09:49
brainwashbtw is this something new or did it start happening after you've install additional packages/drivers?09:49
brainwashyou've installed09:50
Nikolaj_basherbrainwash, I don't know actually but I know it's a trouble in other distribution but i like xubuntu so much so I really want to solve it09:51
Nikolaj_basherbrainwash, i will reach out for you when I have google youre suggestion09:51
brainwashI'm afraid I may not be able to help with this other than pointing out that plenty of reports exist09:52
Nikolaj_basherbrainwash, thanks. But I only see conclusions not problem solving on google09:58
xu-help37wI've got Asus Eee PC 1001P and Xubuntu 20.10 installed. There is Intel GMA 3150 (or anything like that, because different programmes show different names, like.. "Intel Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics"... or like... "Intel Open Source Technology Center Mesa DRI Intel(R) Pineview M x86/MMX/SSE2". The point is: I would like to10:10
xu-help37wlaunch a game which requires at least OpenGL 2.1. Even HALF-LIFE made in 1998 somehow requires Version 2.1... And other games made with Source Engine from Half-Life 2. My system shows that OpenGL 1.4 is supported and something like OpenGL ES 2.0. I've googled a lot and found out, that in early years my netbook supported OpenGL 2.0 (or even 2.1,10:10
xu-help37wdon't know for sure), but Intel removed the support of these versions in their drivers later downgrading it to OpenGL 1.4. Some say it was never supported or supported poorly. Some say it is possible to configure something and to make it work. Please, tell me if there are ways to actually make my netbook work with OpenGL 2.1. Thank you.10:10
Nikolaj_basherevdi-dkms was missing and was the reason for the chrashes10:12
Nikolaj_bashera guy from #xfce told me and i works :-)10:12
xu-help37wevdi-dkms? or this answer was not for me? :)10:13
Nikolaj_basherxu-help37w, not for you sorry10:15
brainwashNikolaj_basher: great :)10:15
xu-help37wah ok :D10:15
Nikolaj_basherbrainwash, Yes that is really nice10:15
brainwashxu-help37w: your question is not related to Xubuntu10:16
xu-help37wwhere may I ask my question?10:16
brainwashI think there is #intel-gfx10:16
xu-help37wThanks a lot! :310:17
JackFrostFernando-Basso: Not sure what this refers to, but ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging is correct.12:03
Fernando-BassoJackFrost: Thanks.12:13
JackFrostSure thing.12:14
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xu-irc75wHullo! Is this the right place to get help with my fresh Xubuntu install?13:39
diogenes_!ask | xu-irc75w13:40
ubottuxu-irc75w: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:40
xu-irc75wRIght, sorry... I had these preset functions such as volume up/down on my fn keys with Windows, is there a way to get that back?13:42
diogenes_xu-irc75w, if they worked in win they should be working on Xubuntu too, what happens when you press them?13:45
xu-irc75wMy bad, just noticed some do work... volume up, down and mute seem to be working, but brightness up/down and mute mic does nothing13:47
xu-irc75wbacklight toggle also seems to work13:47
xu-irc89wsorry, I got disconnected there for a sec, was asking about the fn keys13:50
diogenes_xu-irc89w, do you have power manager plugin added to the panel? if you scroll the mouse wheel over it, does it change the brightness?>13:53
xu-irc89wI don't know what the power manager plugin is, but I can click on the battery icon in the top right corner and change brightness with a slider from there13:55
diogenes_xu-irc89w, that is it, that batter icon is called power manager plugin and you can adjust the brightness by just hovering over and scrolling up/down with the mousewheel.13:56
diogenes_tell me if you can.13:57
xu-irc89w- yes I can13:57
diogenes_then the brightness keys should be working too.13:57
xu-irc89wthat is not the case sadly13:58
diogenes_what happens when you press fn+brightness key?13:59
xu-irc89wFind in page pops up... I'd guess that just makes the regular f3 happen14:00
diogenes_try then to simply press f3 without fn14:02
xu-irc89wThat does nothing14:02
xu-irc89wAlso the little indicator lights on the volume and mic enable / disable keys are stuck14:03
diogenes_but does the notification appear at least? like the volume slider but this time brightness slidep popup?14:03
xu-irc89wnothing appears14:04
diogenes_xu-irc89w, try the following command:14:09
diogenes_xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/handle-brightness-keys --create -t bool -s true14:09
diogenes_all in one row in terminal and hit enter.14:09
xu-irc89wis there a way to copy that or do I have to type it out?14:10
diogenes_of course you can copy it.14:11
diogenes_and right click in terminal and paste.14:11
xu-irc89wRight, you can't use Ctrl-V in terminal... okay, copied and hit enter, sadly no change14:12
diogenes_now relog.14:12
diogenes_log out and back.14:12
fkeysguyno luck sadly14:14
diogenes_fkeysguy, in terminal write the following:14:15
diogenes_xfce4-power-manager -q14:15
diogenes_hit enter14:15
diogenes_xfce4-power-manager --no-daemon --debug14:15
diogenes_you gonna see a lot of text and when the text stops moving forward, hit: brightness up14:16
diogenes_and see what new lines appear in terminal output.14:16
diogenes_if it's less than 4 lines, copy/paste them in here.14:16
fkeysguyI don't think anything new appears when I hit brightness up14:19
fkeysguyTRACE[xfpm-polkit.c:241] xfpm_polkit_free_data(): Destroying Polkit data^CTRACE[xfpm-main.c:68] xfpm_quit_signal(): sig 2TRACE[xfpm-manager.c:941] xfpm_manager_stop(): StoppingTRACE[xfpm-manager.c:262] xfpm_manager_quit(): Exitingxfce4-power-manager-Message: 15:20:14.072: Restored brightness switch value to: 114:20
fkeysguyLittle lost in the terminal, is that it?14:21
diogenes_you have to scroll down to the last line and then press brightness up or down.14:22
fkeysguyalright let me try again14:22
diogenes_you should be getting something like: TRACE[xfpm-backlight.c:185] xfpm_backlight_show(): Level14:22
fkeysguyno, nothing happens when I press the brightness keys, I just get this after a moment14:24
fkeysguyTRACE[xfpm-polkit.c:241] xfpm_polkit_free_data(): Destroying Polkit data14:25
diogenes_then i guess i can only help you with doing some automated scripts to change the brightness when you press the key combination (if no one has a better idea).14:26
fkeysguyThanks for the effort, do you maybe have an idea on how to fix the small light on the mute mic and mute speakers key? They seem to be stuck in the last position windows left them in, and although the mute volume key works, it doesn't toggle the light14:28
diogenes_what i can tell you, booting from windows to linux sometimes leads to devices not working properly, i'd suggest you boot the live installation media theu USB or DVD that you installed Xubuntu from, and see if all the keys work in the live environment, and if they do, i can only blame windows (also make sure secure boot is disabled in BIOS).14:30
fkeysguyright I guess I'll try14:32
diogenes_ok and come back with a feedback.14:33
fkeysguyroger that, be right back14:33
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Guest13417a eyb ard re a ed14:37
Guest13417cann t ty e ha f the etters14:38
Guest13417re a ced w th n bers14:39
Guest13417keyboard remapped itself14:40
Guest13417can anybody help14:41
Guest13417cannot use left side of it14:44
Guest13417letters replaced with numbers14:45
Guest13417* r ght s de14:46
nothingisworkingConsole asks for password but doesn't let me input any characters?15:07
Maiknothingisworking: you don't see your password in console15:10
Maikjust type it and hit enter15:11
nothingisworkingoh ok, thanks15:12
nothingisworkingalright, so the install command run, but I don't see the app anywhere... do I need to restart after an app install from console?15:15
coconutnothingisworking, apps you can launch from the menu ( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/11/Xubuntu_18.04_LTS_English.png/1200px-Xubuntu_18.04_LTS_English.png )15:20
Maiknothingisworking: what app?15:21
Maikplease try to be more specific15:21
nothingisworkinggnome disk utiliy... trying to get an iso on my usb key. The tutorial includes a command to install which I did. It then sais to open it, but I cannot find it15:22
coconutnothingisworking, does it appear when you put "disk" in menus search box?15:29
coconutnothingisworking, then you did not install it15:30
nothingisworkingoh... does it just appear under the name "disks" instead of gnome disk utility?15:33
coconutnothingisworking, what does "apt policy gnome-disk-utility" say?15:34
nothingisworkinginstalled, candidate and it gives a version table15:43
nothingisworkingif anyone could help me get audio and mic working on Skype that'd be great also15:43
diogenes_nothingisworking, does it work at all?15:44
nothingisworkingwell when I get a call the ringing is there, but once I accept it there is no audio15:45
diogenes_you cannot hear them or voce-versa?15:46
nothingisworkingyup, though I might have just gotten my audio to work somehow... I think. Microphone definitely doesn't work though15:47
diogenes_open pavucontron > input devices and say something, notice if the volume bar is moving.15:49
nothingisworkingHow do I open pavucontron?15:49
diogenes_in menu type it.15:50
nothingisworkingyep I do see the levels raise when I speak15:51
diogenes_then go to skype audio settings and try the options there.15:52
nothingisworkingI set Skype setting to use the same microphone that I saw the levels change on, in fact I tried all the options, and nothing works15:53
coconutnothingisworking, then it is installed. Searc better in your menu, or launch it from terminal with "gnome-disks".15:53
diogenes_nothingisworking, then i'd suggest you install Chrome and try it out in web.skype.com15:54
nothingisworkingthank you both15:55
indeedwatsonhello, fresh xubuntu install, updated and rebooted. Resolution is super low (640x460) and there's no other options available16:47
indeedwatsonon a laptop16:47
xu-help5wHello, I have following issue. When I boot my system, the panel shows up corrupted and the lock screen doesn' display the correct theme. I thought it had to do with the greeter but it doesn't. What could be causing this?16:48
diogenes_xu-help5w, in terminal run:16:57
diogenes_xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/vblank_mode -t string -s "glx" --create16:57
xu-help5wwhat does it do?16:57
diogenes_indeedwatson, run: inxi -Gc0 | nc termbin.com 999916:58
diogenes_share url16:58
diogenes_xu-help5w, it changes the compositor backend from xpresent to glx.16:59
indeedwatsonhttps://termbin.com/rax2 diogenes_16:59
xu-help5wdiogenes_ did it, same thing16:59
diogenes_xu-help5w, rebooted?17:00
diogenes_is 'save session' enabled?17:01
xu-help5wdiogenes_ no17:01
diogenes_indeedwatson, with silicon GPU it's pretty paintful to make it fly.17:02
diogenes_xu-help5w, then try: xfwm4 --vblank=off --replace17:03
xu-help5wIt's as if two themes would be run at the same time17:04
xu-help5wand reboot?17:04
xu-help5w"Waiting for current window manager (Xfwm4) on screen :0.0 to exit: Done"17:05
xu-help5wdiogenes_ no change17:06
indeedwatsondiogenes_: what does that mean? I previously tried lubuntu and it gave me other issues, but they display was at least 102417:08
diogenes_xu-help5w, then go to window manager tweaks > compositor and disable it completely and relog.17:08
xu-help5wdiogenes_ Iog out and in again, everything looks like it should, it's only on fresh start, that it happens... i'm rebooting...17:10
diogenes_indeedwatson, it says: driver: N/A which means no drive available and it should be installed via 3rd party (if not in the repos).17:11
xu-help5wdiogenes_ and it happens anyhow17:11
diogenes_xu-help5w, gotta screenshot of the problem?17:12
xu-help5wdiogenes_ https://postimg.cc/dLGVZpwf I cannot make a screenshot of the lock screen, but 's displayed with complete different icons and theme17:15
diogenes_xu-help5w, xfwm4 --version17:18
diogenes_xfce4-panel --version17:18
xu-help5wfirst work-around was deleting the home folder and letting the system populate it anew at boot. That solved the panel issue, about hte lock screeen I don't know, because I hadn't noticed that issue yet. Second was the command 'xfce4-panel -r', whicjh solves the panelö issue, but not the lock screen...17:19
xu-help5wdiogenes_ This is xfwm4 version 4.14.1 (revision 44809c49) for Xfce 4.1417:20
xu-help5wxfce4-panel 4.14.3 (Xfce 4.14)17:20
diogenes_xu-help5w, did you add any PPAs?17:20
xu-help5wI have added some, but then removed them...17:21
diogenes_what PPAs you added? Xfce related i guess.17:22
indeedwatsondiogenes_: i'm trying to install this but can't find it in the package manager https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+package/xserver-xorg-video-sis17:22
xu-help5wif the question is if I am connected to other ppas, the answer is yes. but I didn't install any in relation to this issue.17:22
diogenes_some packages that you installed from PPAs might have caused the issue.17:24
ScienceMrTry reading this:   https://www.csestack.org/auto-remove-all-unused-packages-ubuntu-linux/17:26
indeedwatsonafter some googling, a proposed solution is to install an old version of Mint. Wasn't planning on distro hopping but oh well17:26
diogenes_indeedwatson, old version of mint might be unsupported already.17:28
indeedwatsonit's that, arch or back to windows. I gotta install *something*17:28
indeedwatsonand now xubuntu is freezing after idling for 5min17:29
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, it sounds like a screen-saver issue or something related to it.17:29
diogenes_indeedwatson, try MX Linux or antiX17:30
indeedwatsonnever heard of those17:30
indeedwatsonwill try17:31
ScienceMrOpen up a terminal and enter:     top17:31
ScienceMrWith Windows there is a software called:   What's Running  It is free.17:32
ScienceMrThe command:   lsmod     is helpful17:36
indeedwatsonwhy can't i install that package i linked tho? Isn't it supposed to be in the default repos?17:37
diogenes_indeedwatson, that is fot Xubuntu 1417:38
indeedwatsonthere's different repos for different versions? (I come from arch so ubuntu repos are confusing)17:39
ScienceMrIndeedwatson when you research on Google do you use ubuntu in your search or   xubuntu?   It makes a difference.17:40
indeedwatsonxubuntu but ubuntu stuff comes up17:41
ScienceMrIt will by default.17:41
diogenes_indeedwatson, support for older hardware sometimes is being dropped in the newer versions.17:42
ScienceMrTry this command when you search:   Xubuntu howto ... do this or that. Talk to Google as if it were a real person and you will find your answer.17:42
ScienceMrThe old stuff is called:   Legacy17:42
ScienceMrGoogle does a Meta Data Search for you.17:44
indeedwatsonthere's simply not many results for SIS graphics specific to xubuntu17:44
indeedwatsoni found a script to try but it seems pretty specific17:44
indeedwatsonmight as well17:44
ScienceMrIndeedwatson explain what graphics results you want to accomplish.17:45
indeedwatsonresolution higher than 640x48017:45
ScienceMrWhat is the resolution of your Monitor?17:46
indeedwatsoni don't know the native resolution of this screen, but on lubuntu i got 102417:46
ScienceMrUsually it is 1024x76817:46
indeedwatsonbut that doesn't show up as an option here17:46
ScienceMrThat is the Aspect Ratio.17:46
ScienceMr1024 is your Horizontal and  768 is your Vertical measurement or part of the ratio.17:47
indeedwatsoni know how resolutions work :p17:47
indeedwatsonbut xubuntu only gives me a very small resolution17:48
ScienceMrGood  :)17:48
ScienceMrI need to warn you that if you mess with the resolution and send unwanted voltages to the monitor, you may ruin it.17:48
indeedwatsonI only want to set it to the native resolution17:49
ScienceMrIf you are running a legacy monitor there is an old software for Linux called:  Xvidtune   it works but comes with a warning how to use it.17:49
indeedwatsonubuntu is so much more complicated than arch lol17:51
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, In my personal experience, I opted not to use the latest Kernel of Xubuntu for Engineering reasons. Just because a new kernel is out there, that does not mean that it is good for all situations.17:53
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, If you have done your homework, you will know that many of the best kernels are compiled so you can download the ISO and use it: Live Version before installing it.17:56
indeedwatsoni've done that, but the live version displays a different resolution17:56
ScienceMrOf course!  The different resolution is by   default17:57
ScienceMrYou can change the resolution with the Live version too.17:57
ScienceMrIt is only temporary you do know.17:57
indeedwatsonyes. I don't think you're understanding my problem tho17:58
ScienceMrShed some more light on the subject please.17:58
indeedwatsonI need a distro that supports SiS graphic drivers, it seems that almost none do unless you use outdated versions17:59
indeedwatsonlike, really old17:59
ScienceMrWell, I thought it might be good for you to install  VMWare either on Windows or Xubuntu and experiment with it with your drivers in that you won't have to change anything outside VMWare.18:01
indeedwatsonthis laptop is really old, i dont know if it can run a VM18:02
ScienceMrOtherwise find an old box and use that to settle your issues.18:02
indeedwatsonim going to try arch since there is a SiS package18:03
indeedwatsonif that don't work i'll just give up18:03
ScienceMrVM-Ware will only run on the data bit platform of the computer. Since you have an old computer, you will need to use Legacy Software.18:03
ScienceMrHold on one second.18:04
ScienceMrIndeedwatson read this:   https://www.linux.com/topic/desktop/4-best-linux-distros-older-hardware/18:05
ScienceMrThere are other resources such as  BSD18:06
ScienceMrBSD has a kernel on a floppy disk.18:06
indeedwatsonbut does it support SiS drivers?18:07
ScienceMrFind out. BSD has been around for a long time. BSD is the closest to the true UNIX kernel above Linux. It is called:  Unices18:08
ScienceMrDebian is in the forefront of kernels.18:09
indeedwatsonthe first result is "BSD sis problems" lol18:09
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, have you done anything with your BIOS?   Anything?18:10
ScienceMrOK! So you want to install SiS on a legacy machine.18:11
ScienceMrPersonally, I would have to sit and ponder this a while due to the fact that my system is not legacy per se  it is a 64 bit Hardware and runs like a top.'18:13
indeedwatsoni thought it would be much easier, i'm very disappointed18:16
indeedwatsonall this time and googling is not worth what i'm getting paid for it18:16
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, I have my own IRC Server I run and I am the Andministrator. I shut it down for the nonse. I will open it up. It has an HTML interface that my website you can click on it and you will be in an HTML mode to talk to any IRC server.18:16
ScienceMrThere are a lot of things you can do with Xubuntu. Xubuntu is the choice I made for many reasons.18:19
indeedwatsonthanks but i'm gonna try with Arch next18:19
ScienceMrOK tell us what you did and how it worked. :)18:20
ScienceMrI was wondering if there are any musicians out there    here18:22
ScienceMrI found an excellent software program and looking for anyone who has used it.18:23
ScienceMrThe software is for guitarists called:   Rakarrack18:24
indeedwatsonbooting xubuntu in safe mode gives me 1024x768 resolution18:59
indeedwatson(couldn't get the laptop to recognize the pendrive with arch)19:00
ScienceMrThe USB device needs to be     Mounted19:01
indeedwatsonwell i might just set up grub to default to safe mode19:01
indeedwatsoni dont understand why safe mode displays correct resolution but normal mode doesn't19:02
ScienceMrIndeedwatson,  Safe Mode is what it is:  SAFE  It displays your true resolution of your monitor. You haven't given yourself the understanding that you cannot assign a resolution to a Legacy Monitor that does not exist.19:36
ScienceMrIndeedwatson, as I type here, I am using a    LEGACY  Monitor.   An old Dell  CRT   Not an  LCD19:42
ScienceMrThe resolution on this monitor is fantastic.19:42
indeedwatsonScienceMr: but you're not telling me what to do. Why is safe mode able to display proper resolution, but the normal boot isn't? And how do I fix it?19:55
ScienceMrGRUB has a   "Repair"  or fixit mode. Try that. Have you set a:  "Restore Point" ?19:58
ScienceMrMake sure you back-up your system before making changes. < ----------- <19:59
ScienceMrThe Stimulus checks are being blocked by  the   TRUMPets & Congorus.20:09
indeedwatsonman i can't even boot from the usb now...20:13
indeedwatsonwhat tool do you use to make a bootable pendrive?20:13
ScienceMrYou cannot boot from USB unless there is a vmlinuz boot system on it.20:14
indeedwatsonhuh? there is a lubuntu iso in it20:14
indeedwatsonit's how i installed lubuntu and xubuntu today20:14
ScienceMrUse a pre-existing Xubuntu install and sudo apt-get-update   it and that will work.20:17
ScienceMrThen sudo apt-get upgrade and update it again and again.20:18
indeedwatsonmate i have a lubuntu iso in my pendrive, i want to install lubuntu again on the laptop and wipe xubuntu20:19
ScienceMrStart over.20:19
indeedwatsonit's what im trying to do20:19
ScienceMrDo it from scratch. Do a  DOD  erasure of the drive then install again.20:20
ScienceMrDOD Erasure is a:   Department Of Defense   Erasure which cleans the hard disk. Then write on the disk.20:20
indeedwatsonyeah i will, it's just annoying that it's 2020 and there's no tools to do this manually. I tried 5 tools suggested in the arch wiki, and they all gave me issues20:21
ScienceMrStop thinking about    arch   <----------<<20:22
ScienceMrFix your computer first then start thinking.20:22
indeedwatsonarch has the best documentation. I can't fix it without reading documentation20:23
ScienceMrThe clock is ticking. How many pages have you read?20:23
ScienceMrThe answer is:    All     EVERY  PAGE20:26
ScienceMrPoindexter   That's a cool nick    :)20:37
indeedwatsoni wiped the pendrive and flashed MX linux on it with unetbootin, laptop still won't boot from it20:40
p0indexterScienceMr: ty20:44
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indeedwatsonokay so the pendrive works, tested on my desktop. But the laptop just refuses to boot from it. Could xfce be interfering?21:46
tomreyni think you'r elooking for mx linux support. not sure where that is.22:04
indeedwatsoni tried many distros in the pendrive, not just MX22:15
guivercindeedwatson, Xfce is a desktop; the OS has already booted well before it starts X and the gui/desktop..23:02
xu-irc14wola me parece que foi capturado  meu pc na ora da instalação que esta corrompendoas. e da erro ao iniciar, meu pc estou usando neste momento esta macna live do xubuntu para pedir suporte de correção e instalação23:38
xu-irc14wsou brasileiro e falo portugues23:38
xu-irc14wo software que esta gravado nesta midia de instalaçõa usb é a que estou usando agora. O mesmo pela primeira vez ficou fexando sozinho a instalação e enviando relatorios automaticamente.23:40
xu-irc14wda erro de kernel ao iniciar. e depos de 5 tentativas inicia esta live usb23:41
xu-irc14wha erros tambem ao gravar na instalação o grub. e erro de dpkg.23:41
xu-irc14wpode me ajudar?23:42
guivercxu-irc14w, I'd suggest https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList and using a channel in your own language  (most people here speak only english)23:48
guivercRequests to send reports are because of files in /var/crash/; once submitted the filename is changed to end with a .uploaded  you can delete them and prompts to upload won't re-occur (should attempts to submit reports fail)23:50
xu-irc14whello it seems to me that my pc was captured at the time of the installation that is corrupting them. and the error when starting, my pc I am currently using this macna live from xubuntu to ask for fix and installation supportI am Brazilian and I speak Portuguesexu-irc14w20:40:20the software that is recorded on this usb installation media is the23:50
xu-irc14wone that i am using now. For the first time, he fixed the installation alone and sent reports automatically.kernel error when starting. and after 5 attempts start this live usbthere are also errors when saving grub to the installation. and dpkg error.can you help me?23:50
guivercWhat release of Xubuntu are you using? have installed?  I can look if you paste errors23:51
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit23:51
xu-irc14wthen when installing this information will solve the initialization and installation problem?23:54
guivercxu-irc14w, pastebinit allows you to provide a paste of your error messages so people here (IRC) or other support venues can see it; it doesn't itself change/solve anything23:57
xu-irc14wthis is the latest lts version 20.1023:57
xu-irc14wYou can access, to check23:57
guivercXubuntu 20.10 is NOT a long-term-support release; 20.04 LTS is the latest LTS, 20.10 is a standard release23:59

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