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gbissonHi all! I'm trying to refresh an old kernel snap (4.9-based) to newer version (5.4) and I see "an error occurred in Snapcraft" as it tries to do a "make firmware_isntall" which has been removed from linux kernel long time ago, any idea how to tell snapcraft not to do that?15:46
gbissonnvm, found it: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2018-July/093908.html?_ga=2.8894645.1278148860.1609342308-969765656.160889361715:50
ograjust make sure to get the firmware into the snap hrough some other way (linux-firmware as stage package or simply add a "firmware" part to pull it from github)16:07
gbissonogra: yup, I have a tar-content thing present (although it complains I should switch to dump)16:12
gbissonogra: now it complains about my model: model with series "20" != "16" unsupported16:13
gbissonI want to have a core20 image so I updated my model to have series: 20 but apparently ubuntu-image doesn't like it, any advice?16:13
ograthe model version for "series" is hardcoded to 16 ...16:20
ograjust keep it as it was16:20
ogra(that was some brainfart wen designing models ... series has never been changed since day one and will likely never change)16:21
gbissonogra: hmm ok, good to know ;)16:25
gbissonwhat about the base then? Can I keep core20 as my model base?16:25
ograyes, you need to if UC2016:26
ograjust leave series alone16:26
gbissonok thanks for the quick reply!16:26
ograthere is an example16:27
gbissonperfect, thanks16:29
gbissonAny idea why my image would give me this upon first bootup "/usr/share/subiquity/console-conf-wrapper: line 32: snap: command not found"22:10
gbissonfrom there it's impossible to configure the device22:10
gbissonstrange I see the same log as this bug although there was no power cut in my case: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/184531022:18
mupBug #1845310: Seeding on core18 is susceptible to permanent failure on power loss <snapd:Fix Released by anonymouse67> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1845310>22:18
gbissonmup: but how come it happens even without power cut? and I'm on core20 btw22:19
mupgbisson: I apologize, but I'm pretty strict about only responding to known commands.22:19
gbissonmup do you want to know how I generate my image?22:21
gbissonok so it's because of core20, switching to core18 makes it work...22:46
gbissonany timeframe on when core20 will be stable?22:47

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