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* enyc hrrms at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?field.searchtext=5.4.0-5812:45
enycWorrying number of duplicate bugs about  Touchpad  no longer working in 5.4.0-58 !12:45
enycUSB and wifi common too...12:47
tjaaltonproposed has -5913:01
enyctjaalton: coo is that helpful / known to fix many things? a changelog somewhere or just a git-diff to see?18:22
tjaaltonit's massive18:31
tjaaltonthe breakage likely came via @stable18:32
tjaaltonerr, stable@18:32
enyctjaalton: humm --stable@  ?? -- as in, upstream 'stable' krenel version then broke things, and this 5.4.78 (=5.4.0-59) fixes it?   Looks like this goes to testing tomorrow from what I can see.20:13
enycThankyou for the link, nonetheless!20:13
tjaaltonupstream stable20:24
enycI don't *see* mentions of touchpad issues20:24
enycor synaptics or so20:24
enycbut who knows, issues could be caused indirectly by (allsorts)20:24
enycand I guess the kernel change summary is only a summary [?]20:25
tjaaltonfrom git log20:33
tjaaltonif -58 is buggy, so should -55 be20:33
enyc=) the question is  is there any gauge howe many new regressions ;p20:33
enycjayvbe: what do you mean?  should -55 be ?!?!?  what wcan be said intelligently about this and upcoming releases?20:33
enycerr wrong name anyhow20:33
tjaaltonlook at the git log...20:34
tjaalton-58 is a second respin of -55, minimal changes since that20:34
tjaalton-55 was the last "feature" release20:35
enycbut -59   is ... major changes whith *appear* to be lots of fixes and   *appear* to be various hardware quirks/fixes.  I note many wifi, usb, amdgpu fixes... which are things being complained about20:35
tjaaltonand since there were 5.4.74..78 merged in -58, it's perhaps likely that this regression got fixed20:36
tjaaltonerr, -59 I mean20:36
enycok thisis useful to pass on20:37
* enyc humms and huerrs and uhaurrs about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelTesting uerr outdated!20:45
enycwanted nice updated links to ppa -proposed etc. ;-(  page can point outhres at20:45
tjaaltoneveryone is out this week20:53
tjaaltonincluding me..20:53
enyctjaalton: I too should be out on my bike 'n' stuff ;p20:53
enycbeen sorting so many silly niggly loose-ends!20:53

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