GalzuFromQCan someone help me fix virtual hosting, no matter what I do... I change 1 v-host and both go to /var/www/html.01:25
JanCwould depend on what HTTP server you are using etc.01:33
JanCbut telling the server to reload configuration and/or restart would be first guesses?01:34
GalzuFromQI did do reloads of Apache yes.01:35
JanCsounds liek a configuration error then?02:13
tomreynprobably a typo in the ServerName02:13
JanCor HTTP/HTTPS02:14
tomreynapachectl configtest02:14
tomreynapache2ctl -D DUMP_VHOSTS     or    apache2ctl -D DUMP_RUN_CFG    can also help spotting those02:16
JanCsometimes a configuration is "correct" but doesn't do what you think it does...02:16
tomreyn-D DUMP_INCLUDES    also02:17
tomreynGalzuFromQ: ^02:17
GalzuFromQI'm on it, one sec.02:19
GalzuFromQroot@sonofthemosthigh:~# apachectl configtest02:20
GalzuFromQSyntax OK02:20
tomreynno obvious typos. but we don'T know what's supposed to happen when, so can't really comment without more info. i'll be afk, now, though02:23
GalzuFromQIt's like it's not differentiating Document Root.02:25
GalzuFromQOk tomreyn thanks.02:25
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jancoowTeward it hangs a while on "creating a channel with "09:27
jancoowSay 30 seconds09:27
jancoowI think it's spinning up al my disks..09:27
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aeroraptorHi all - bumping into an issue where when I try and purge apt wants to automatically install systemd-timesyncd - I don't want either (manually building and install chrony). Are there any flags I can add to apt purge to keep this from happening? https://paste.syninf.net/jarajexoru.sql19:24
aeroraptorI'm assuming there is some metapackage that requires one or the other19:24
oerheks!info systemd-timesyncd19:39
ubot3systemd-timesyncd (246.6-1ubuntu1, groovy): minimalistic service to synchronize local time with NTP servers. In component main, is important. Built by systemd. Size 28 kB / 242 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)19:39
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