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tomreyn$ is the field delimiter, 6 indicates SHA-512 hashing, exDY1mhS4KUYCE/2 is the salt00:00
tomreyn$ echo -n 'ubuntu' | mkpasswd -m SHA-512 -S 'exDY1mhS4KUYCE/2' -s00:03
tomreynjayjo-: ^00:04
jayjo-tomreyn: wow! thanks. For something like init'ing a user on a fresh installation, should I use a custom salt?00:11
tomreynjayjo-: you should use one that's (securely) randomly generated00:13
tomreynnowadays, we should probably be using the    $id$rounds=yyy$salt$encrypted   format rather than the    $id$salt$encrypted   though. but then i don't know whether that would work with cloud-init00:15
tomreynsee the crypt(3) man page for details00:15
moonfmdesireHi. I have 40 gigs for my /drive and am almost out of space00:24
moonfmdesireI installed last week and have no clue where all the space is going00:25
moonfmdesireThis keeps happening when I install Ubuntu00:25
moonfmdesirenormall 40 gigs is overkill and I have a lot of space, but for whatever reason, my / drive gets gobbled.00:26
moonfmdesirecould be malware/spyware/runaway porcesses00:26
TJ-moonfmdesire: analyse where the space is used: "sudo du -xhd 2 / | sort -h"00:28
moonfmdesireTJ-, https://pastebin.com/FbNudA6t00:29
TJ-moonfmdesire: that shows 24G used; most is 16G under /usr/00:30
TJ-moonfmdesire: the unexpected ones are: /opt/nvidia/ and /var/cuda-repo-ubuntu2004-11-2-local/ using 3.5G between them00:31
TJ-moonfmdesire: /opt/resolve/ using 3.5G is unexpected too00:31
moonfmdesireTJ-, When I right click my home drive in thunar, it shows 11 gigs of 40 available00:31
moonfmdesireSorry, not home, root, I mean00:32
TJ-moonfmdesire: what does "df -h" report ?00:32
moonfmdesireTJ-, https://pastebin.com/tKVds9mC00:33
TJ-moonfmdesire: 5.2G under /opt/ and 3.8G under /usr/local/ are the ones that stand out as not part of a standard installation, and are presumably added by you from external sources00:33
moonfmdesireI have used Resolve for years and have not had it eat hard drive space like that00:34
TJ-moonfmdesire: /dev/nvme0n1p2   38G   24G   12G  68% /00:34
moonfmdesireCuda is just drivers I need for video production00:34
moonfmdesireWhich should not be going the way t is00:34
moonfmdesireit is00:35
moonfmdesireDrivers shoudl not eat that much space00:35
TJ-moonfmdesire: it'd have been better use LVM rather than static partitions, then you could have moved space around / extended the rootfs00:35
moonfmdesireTJ-, If I wait a week, that space will be eaten up00:35
moonfmdesireI could have a terabyte / drive and it will get eaten up00:36
moonfmdesireThis problem is unique to Ubuntu00:36
moonfmdesireAnd is recent00:36
TJ-moonfmdesire: there's 754G under /home unused ... mainly wasted, which could have been used by rootfs or a separate mount for /opt/00:36
TJ-moonfmdesire: those are NOT ubuntu supplied packages; presumably you installed them manually00:36
moonfmdesireTJ-, No...a root drive that requires more than 40 gigs is a waste00:36
moonfmdesireA large home drive is not wasted space00:37
moonfmdesireI have installed these packages before and they do not eat space like that00:37
TJ-moonfmdesire: you're adding GBs to /opt/ and /var/ - those are eating the space00:37
moonfmdesireThis is new.00:37
TJ-moonfmdesire: so anaylse why that is happening00:37
moonfmdesireIf there are no readily available answers, it is better to switch distros00:38
moonfmdesireSomething that can handle nvidea drivers00:38
TJ-moonfmdesire: e.g. drill down using "sudo du -xhd 2 /opt/resolve | sort -h"00:38
hggdhmoonfmdesire: Ubuntu does not install anything under /opt or /usr/local. You have ~9GB of things there. Why are you blaming a distro?00:39
TJ-moonfmdesire: drill down on those other paths too /opt/nvidia/ /var/cuda-repo-ubuntu2004-11-2-local and /usr/local00:39
moonfmdesirehggdh, Because I have installed these items before and not had these specific issues00:40
TJ-moonfmdesire: whatever resolve is, it mainly seems to be 2.3G /opt/resolve/libs00:40
moonfmdesireTJ-, It is video editing software00:41
moonfmdesireTJ-, That sounds right00:41
TJ-moonfmdesire: if you want to graphically explore, install the package xdiskusage and then run "sudo xdiskusage /" and explore00:44
moonfmdesireTJ-, okay, thanks.00:46
moonfmdesireIt would be agreed, however, that 40 gigs for root is MORE than enough...00:52
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MaicolGerinshi all02:01
pikapowerhello worlds02:04
ExcessiveAggroEvening!  I'm getting the error message "The primary GPT table is corrupt, but the backup appears OK, so that will be used." on my software raid arrays.  I've tried blowing them away and rebuilding but the error shows up again later on all my arrays.  Is there a way to see why this is happening?02:08
ExcessiveAggroSome folks have said it's because I'm using the entire drive in my raid arrays instead of partitions... however other sites say that is perfectly fine02:09
oerhekscheck those drives fror errors02:10
oerheksa bad block in sector 1 is a disaster02:11
ExcessiveAggrohow can i check them?02:11
oerheksgdisk, see option R http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man8/gdisk.8.html02:12
ExcessiveAggrolet me take a look - maybe i should make a backup first02:13
tomreyn!smart | ExcessiveAggro02:19
ubottuExcessiveAggro: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools02:19
ExcessiveAggrotomreyn - Thank you.  I'm just not sure why the error is not there when I create the array and then it shows up a few days later02:21
tomreynif it's a hardware problem, that's not unexpected at all02:22
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ExcessiveAggrotomreyn - That's a pretty cool little tool02:28
ExcessiveAggroshort offline test shows everything is fine.  I can do the long test but it will take a couple hours it says02:29
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prionwhat's the best practice when it comes to using nginx03:48
cloudcellhello, can I run the command run-parts via the script run-one  in a cron job? for example * * * * * run-one run-parts /path/to/scripts ? (this does not seem to work for me)03:48
prioni don't have permission to use it, so do i just run it as root? or do i make a special user for it?03:48
EriC^^prion: you should be able to start it as a service, how did you install it?03:51
prion'sudo apt install nginx' and then 'sudo service nginx start'03:52
priondo i edit its config files and everything as root though?03:53
EriC^^prion: yeah03:57
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ExcessiveAggrotomreyn / oerheks : Figured out my GPT issue... seems if you have a GPT partition table on the disk it will report that problem. when you use the entire disk as a raid disk.  If you create a dos partition table this never happens.04:11
oerheksExcessiveAggro, good spot!04:15
ExcessiveAggroNot sure if that is the fix... or if it's just a side effect lol.  But I noticed my other raid arrays that never show this error have dos partition tables.04:15
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ExcessiveAggroAnyone know of a fun way to show a software raid rebuild live... rather than just typing cat /proc/mdstat over and over?04:34
ExcessiveAggro<-Newb here... watch command04:45
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yupthatguyHey there... having "fun" with UFW at the moment.. hoping someone can point me in the right direction... post I made, with all details https://askubuntu.com/questions/1303789/openvpn-ufw-overkill05:06
oerheksi thought it was easy; sudo ufw allow openvpn05:10
yupthatguyoerheks I will give it a try05:17
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yupthatguy@oerheks thx for the non-warning on my IPs..  I pulled an all nighter last night and upload the wrong file..   just had to change my primary server to a different one06:19
pikapowerhello world06:38
pikapowerout of curiousity, in windows intel has 'network teaming' options, does ubuntu have an equilalent? can someone point me in the right direction06:39
dbaxI am not able to paste anything inside terminal either with shft+ctl+v or right click + paste06:47
EriC^^dbax: which terminal?06:49
EriC^^are you able to paste outside of the terminal?06:50
dbaxEriC^^: Yes I am able to paste outside the terminal. how do I know which terminal I am using?06:50
EriC^^dbax: go to the top menu , help > about06:51
dbax<EriC^^> it says Gnome Terminal 3.36.206:51
EriC^^dbax: in gnome-terminal itself, can you copy and paste?06:53
dbaxEriC^^, in gnome-terminal I can only copy but I can not paste. everything I copy from gnome-terminal I can paste it anywhere else but not inside gnome-terminal06:54
EriC^^dbax: it's in the normal terminal, not vi or another program right06:57
dbaxEriC^^: Yes06:58
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EriC^^dbax: if you highlight something and then press "shift+insert" does it work that way?07:08
EriC^^(shift+insert to paste, keeping it highlighted to copy)07:08
dbax<EriC^^> what is the inset button is it 'enter'?07:09
EriC^^no it's usually up top, it's prntscrn on my laptop07:10
EriC^^on a desktop keyboard it's usually next to home delete end..07:10
dbax<EriC^^> does Mac has one? because I am running ubuntu through a vnc07:11
EriC^^dbax: ah, on a mac it seems to be shift+fn+return   , but if you have a middle mouse button you can just press that to paste too07:12
EriC^^or press, left+right click together07:12
dbaxThanks , I will try it out07:13
EriC^^no problem07:16
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MagicMushroomsi luv shr00mz07:34
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elichai2Hi, fresh ubuntu 20.04, I connected a eth cable, and networkManager recognized it, but I get `network unreachable ` in pings and `ip a` shows me I have no IP10:12
elichai2I tried looking at `/etc/network/interfaces` but it doesn't exist OoO10:13
locsmif_workelichai2: but you get an IP on the same network when you connect with other devices? Which is the DHCP server?10:25
elichai2yes, my laptop(arch) is connected to the same network and works properly10:25
locsmif_workWhat's your device name?10:26
locsmif_workelichai2: you could check /proc/net/dev10:28
locsmif_workdhclient -i enp0s31f610:30
elichai2locsmif_work: it's stuck and I keep seeing `activation of network connection failed` pops up10:33
locsmif_workAre you running it with sudo?10:34
locsmif_workelichai2: you'll have to go through the motions10:45
locsmif_workTry a different cable, boot a live USB from different distro, etc.10:45
elichai2I have an IP now :O10:46
elichai2I guess it took the dhclient some time10:46
elichai2But I still get destination host unreachable when pinging10:46
locsmif_workelichai2: you need more than an ip though, you also need a gaetway and a route10:50
locsmif_workYuo are supposed to receive this through your DHCP request10:51
elichai2k, i'll do the whole debug cycle10:51
locsmif_workHowever, it might be that your network/cable is faulty10:51
locsmif_workCan you ping your gateway by ip address?10:51
locsmif_workDo you get failures?10:51
locsmif_workWhat are your ethernet error statistics?10:53
locsmif_workip -s link show10:55
locsmif_workThere shouldn't be much error in there if at all. If there are many errors, something is broken, probably the cable10:55
locsmif_workBut, it theory, anywhere along the chain10:56
FuraiHey folks, I'm having hard time reviving the emoji picker panel in terminal. It used to work in 18.04, in 20.04 it does not. I'm talking about the thing that pops up when you pres ctrl+shift+e. Similarly to the unicode input ctrl+shift+u. Can anyone knowledgeable guide me?10:58
dostoyevskyI am trying `apt install unrar' on ubuntu 16.04 -- but I just get: E: package 'unrar' has no installation candidate ... and `apt update -y' also doesn't seem to help11:21
JLindebergAnyone have a guide to move rpool/USERDATA to a new disk on hpool/USERDATA11:22
JLindebergon ubuntu 20.04 zfs root11:23
tomreyn!info unrar xanial11:24
ubottu'xanial' is not a valid distribution: bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, disco, disco-backports, disco-proposed, eoan, eoan-backports, eoan-proposed, focal, focal-backports, focal-proposed, groovy, groovy-backports, groovy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, un11:24
tomreyn!info unrar xenial11:24
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:5.3.2-1+deb9u1build0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 120 kB, installed size 303 kB11:24
tomreyndostoyevsky: ^ "In component multiverse"11:25
tomreyn!repositories | dostoyevsky11:25
ubottudostoyevsky: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.11:25
tomreyndostoyevsky: note that ubuntu 16.04 LTS is loosing free support in less than 4 months, extended commercial support will be available (but not for all packages)11:26
faLUKEhey: I'm trying to adjust the mouse speed through system GUI (on Lubuntu), but it doesn't work and the speed is too high. How can I fix it? thanks11:32
jackiiilongDoes the font package contain character's codepoints?11:34
DayshineHow do I manage network shares from a terminal? I have a NAS that can expose folders as samba or NFS, and it's easy to access/manage these via "Files" which remembers them, seems to work out the protocol, etc. But the equivalent for the terminal seems to be long manual commands, writing things to config files, etc. Is there a common tool which just11:41
Dayshinehandles all that for me?11:41
dostoyevskytomreyn: thank you very much!11:53
locsmif_workelichai2: any luck?11:55
elichai2locsmif_work: I kinda gave up until I'll have 1-2 hours to spare debugging this with another computer11:56
locsmif_workelichai2: ok too bad, I hope you eventually solve that problem11:58
elichai2I hope so too, thanks for your adivce :)11:58
amurohow to set static IP in ubuntu server?12:03
amuroThere are so many tutorials online but they are all different12:03
lotuspsychjeamuro: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-configure-static-ip-address-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux12:09
cpareHaving a USB related issue with a new Keyboard that I believe is power-draw related.  Keyboard and mouse work fine until I attempt to play any video, once it starts the mouse fails to respond until I unplug the Keyboard.  Mouse, Keyboard, and speakers are all USB powered.  How can I check to see if it's a hardware or software issue?13:54
cparealso - plugging in the old keyboard (less fancy pants) - no issues....13:54
locsmif_workRunning KDE/Plasma on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, with two FHD monitors and one 4K. The laptop in question has an NVIDIA card, so Wayland appears to be out of the question. Per-screen scale factors are not likely to be finished soon: https://pointieststick.com/2020/06/22/2020-kde-roadmap-mid-year-update/  -- what would then be the best alternative to something like that done?13:57
locsmif_workJust want at least readable fonts on the 4K monitor13:58
BluesKajHowdy all14:27
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mixfix41i wonder if the grub2 EFI and bios grub differ since with EFI able to peer into hard disk but with bios i am not. probs why EFI is nicer15:02
mixfix41now im trying with multiboot to see if i can get the feature. i need to boot a unbootable harddisk at a specific partition to boot from but i think i would have to look into EFI to boot well and not be able to on bios which im just finding out15:03
amuroWhat is the step 3 in https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-18-0415:20
amuroWhat does it mean to navigating to the EasyRSA directory on your OpenVPN server?15:21
rneesehey guys what happen the the ubuntu edu builds16:12
rneesedid they drop the project16:13
oerheksyes, edubuntu has stopped years ago16:16
oerhekslast version 14.04, support stopped in April, 201916:16
rneeseok that sucks as we have a need for something like it now as we are building rolling bus schools16:17
rneesefor disaster areas to keep kids active and for areas that shools are over crowded16:19
rneeseand afterschool learning16:20
rneesewhy would they drop such a great idea and release that educates16:24
hoferdebian has https://www.skolelinux.de/en/ nearest to ubuntu i can find16:25
oerhekshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/AppGuide can help recreation of edubuntu, or take a look at debian edu16:27
oerhekstheir list https://blends.debian.org/edu/tasks/16:27
ioriaand, btw, edubuntu-desktop is still available on bionic 18.0416:30
ioria!info edubuntu-desktop bionic16:30
ubottuedubuntu-desktop (source: edubuntu-meta): educational desktop for Ubuntu. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.12.9 (bionic), package size 3 kB, installed size 28 kB16:30
rneeseok so we would have to go backwords to get it16:31
ioriarneese, just install 18.04 , install edubuntu-desktop and reboot16:31
rneesewe dont have 18.04 in arm64 builds16:32
rneesebut I can pull the deb16:32
oerheksoh, good spot, ioria16:32
jpdsrneese: You should go and have a real hard think before you go and deploy abandonware throughout schools16:32
rneesewe are looking at this now and how to make a new version with updaed ver16:34
rneesesorry hit caps key16:34
oerheksbecause .. chromebooks?16:35
rneeseSkolelinux based on all this no longer has a dl ig16:47
rneesegeesh it seems its all a failure16:47
jpdsrneese: New release: https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/release/16:49
Koffajust upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 and the switch to snap breaks my ~/.config/chromium-{foo,bar,baz}/ style setup (--app-data-dir=...). Tried to google for a solution but maybe this is faster. How should the data-dirs be setup under ~/snap/ to get several _totally_ isolated instances of chromium running (separate chromium profiles is not the answer)?16:49
tomreynKoffa: i assume that for such changes to become possible, you'll have to resort to a 3rd party apt packaged chromium16:56
rneesekoffa you have to desinatll chromium and reinstall via snap16:57
KoffaI have the snap, just trying to figure out the ~/snap/chromium/[what,goes,where] for the separate data-dirs16:58
ioriahttps://forum.snapcraft.io/t/two-chromium-profiles-for-one-user/5716/6   check this maybe Koffa17:00
KoffaThat .../current/ is a moving target? maybe under common, this needs to survive updates so I don't have to be copying stuff every week :)17:04
Koffahave to test, thx17:04
rneesethanks for time guys bbl back to other project17:15
ograKoffa, snaps copy their user data forward when the binary ets updated, after that copying the "current" symlink gets moved to the currently running version, that way we can make sure that only configs that work with a specific binary are used (you could "snap revert chromium" to go back to a former version, the "current" symlink would follow along)17:27
ograyou can safely assume that ~/snap/<snapname>/current always points to the correct dir17:28
Koffaif that's so, why was the ~/.config/chromium/ (the "default" dir) copied to ~/snap/chromium/common/ and not under the /current/?17:28
ograthe structure underneath the dir is identical to whatever you have under $HOME ... for snaps the "~/snap/<snapname>/current" dir is actually identical to $HOME (per-app homes))17:29
ograoh ... well, common is the dir that doesnt get copied ... typically holdin only unversioned stuff ... it is rarely used, you'd have to ask the snap packager ("osomon" in #ubuntu-desktop if he is around ... though note canonical shuts down the last two weeks of the year)17:30
ogranot sure why he picked it that way ...17:31
ograbut probably because there is so much cache data that he didnt want it duplicated on disk17:31
Koffaor triplicated :)17:31
ograright 🙂17:31
Koffanow it's duplicated, nothing cleaned up .config :)17:31
ograthe cost of rollback17:31
ograyou can limit it to two copis actually ... (globally for all snaps though)17:32
Koffagot it working in common now, I'll test on my own and make a decision based on more than a gut feeling before updating my work laptop :)17:32
ogra"snap set system refresh.retain=N" ... where N can be anything equal to or greater than 217:33
ogra(defaults to 3 as you noticed)17:34
ograi'd also recommend "snap set system experimental.refresh-app-awareness=true" ... that prevents snapd from updating the app while it is running (which can have odd side effects)17:36
lotuspsychjeKoffa ogra perhaps bug #1849693 ?17:37
ubottubug 1849693 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] Profile importer assumes the profile is called 'Default'" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184969317:37
ograyeah !17:37
KoffaI'm not using Chromium profiles...17:38
Koffathe "Default" got imported just fine17:39
ograyeah, i guess the conversion scripts simply do not handle corner cases so well17:40
KoffaI don't think it could even know there's a ~/.config/chromium-CustomerA/ :)17:41
ografiling a bug might be helpful though17:41
KoffaI'm fine with that, just wanted to figure out where to move that to.17:41
ograstill, make the dev aware ... even though it might be closed as wontfix17:41
Koffamore urgent matter just emerged... gnome-terminal mnemonics are broken -.-17:43
* ogra blames redhat 😛17:45
Koffaapparently I've lost some fonts too since I see images *sigh*17:51
Koffaah, better :)17:52
Koffa(gained extra fonts apparently)17:53
xissburgUbuntu suddenly stopped working today. Got stuck in that /dev/sda2 something screen then some solutions pointed me to boot via grub in recovery mode and uninstall nvidia drivers, now this is what I have https://i.imgur.com/yzhviOw.jpg17:53
xissburgDependency failed for Hyper-V KVP Protocol Daemon17:54
tomreynyour ubuntu release is?17:57
xissburg18.04 LTS18:00
tomreynup to date?18:00
xissburgprobably not, I avoid updating18:02
tomreynthat explains why you get hit by old bugs then18:02
tomreynbug 182006318:02
ubottubug 1820063 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Hyper-V] KVP daemon fails to start on first boot of disco VM" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182006318:02
arvindaI want to put music on my iPhone, how can I do this?18:03
lotuspsychje!iphone | arvinda18:04
ubottuarvinda: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod18:04
lotuspsychjearvinda: clementine has also nice support18:04
xissburgthis is not the original problem anyways18:05
arvindaGreat, thanks!18:05
arvindaHow about font rendering on chrome, it is so ugly compared to windows. How can this be helped?18:06
arvindaAlso my Samsung m2020 is not in the lists of available printers18:07
xissburgthis is something that actually would happen from time to time... it would once in a while get stuck in that /dev/sda2 black screen and do nothing and I had to reset the PC and then it'd boot normally. Other times it would just go into that 'black screen of death' right after loading the desktop as well. This time it just wouldn't go past it18:08
tomreynxissburg: as a workaround, you can boot into recovery (select from grub menu), or, maybe (i don't know this software) configure hyperv to not provide the vmbus device to the guest system.18:08
tomreynbut generally we can only support up to date systems here.18:08
xissburgso yeah this system always felt quite broken and unreliable18:09
lotuspsychjearvinda: chrome is not on the ubuntu repos, try the ubuntu alternative chromium18:09
tinyhippoI'm having a problem printing with Ubuntu. I have a Zebra label printer connected to a raspberry pi and shared via CUPS, the printer has a page size of 38mm x 25mm, but that isn't an option in the print settings of LibreOffice Writer18:09
arvindalotuspsychje not sure but after a fresh install of Ubuntu mate I could just install it from the store18:15
xissburgis it possible to uninstall hyperv?18:17
tomreynthis seems like a ##windows question18:19
Sven_vBhi :) I have a serial link (USB UART pair) with agetty and auto-login on the other side. is there a way to integrate that with the SSH client for use in batch mode? maybe with a proxy helper? I'd like to run a command remotely, get its output, and then the client shall exit. so before I go script some DIY solution, maybe there's an established way already.18:20
xissburghmm hyperv is a windows thing... now I'm even more confused18:23
Roeyhello! I get this error now when i start Chromium: https://pastebin.com/nDveFWz9  <- how can I fix this? thanks :)18:25
xissburgat this point I think it's better to fully ditch that current install and restart from scratch..18:26
Sven_vBalso why is getty@ttyUSB0 restarted each time a network interface appears or disappears?18:30
Sven_vB(on focal)18:30
ioriaRoey, are you fully  ?  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-updateupdated18:33
ioriaRoey, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade18:33
prioni have a fastcgi application that creates a unix domain socket in /var/run but every time i start it i need to chmod it so nginx can connect18:34
prionhow can i make it so nginx can always read it18:34
Sven_vBI just discovered that agetty is just in the Documentation entry of systemctl status, the actual terminal program is mingetty.18:46
www2hi i wand to screensharing my main screen for loding to my desktop on my main display at my home19:13
www2any idea how i can do this?19:13
www2i use ubuntu 20.04, gdm3 and waylend for my desktop19:14
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Roeyiolet me check; I recently upgraded from 20.04 -> 20.1019:56
Roeyyeah it appears up-to-date.19:57
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xissburgI've got to disable hyperv doing this `systemctl disable hv-kvp-daemon.service` (https://askubuntu.com/a/1204263 ) but now I get stuck with the message "[OK] Started Daemon for power management"20:42
xissburgI think my system is completely f*&^%# at this point20:42
xissburgI'm getting ready to format the disk and install 20.04.120:43
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asdfghi just have changed cpu and mobo i was using intel i7 i switched to ryzen20:56
asdfghdo i have to install anything specific for AMD ?20:57
cheaterhi. if i have vbox running with a ubuntu 18.04 guest, when the openvpn connection on my windows host dies, after reconnecting it, the ubuntu seems to be unable to use the vpn now. what can i do to make it work again?21:13
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YounderWhat is the ubuntu channel for casual chat?21:46
Bashing-omYounder: #ubuntu-offtopic :D21:47
smurfkeHello in a system unit I need to reference this event:  debian systemd[1]: Mounted /mnt/externalstorage.23:30
smurfkeit's coming from a line in /etc/fstab23:31
smurfkehow can I figure out the correct name to put into After= on another system unit?23:31
guivercWhat OS & release smurfke23:32
smurfkeguiverc: debian 10 buster23:33
guivercsmurfke, Debian is not Ubuntu, nor flavor of Ubuntu23:33
smurfkeI'm sorry Ubuntu latest*23:33
smurfkedocumentation stating the following: "Mounts listed in /etc/fstab will be converted into native units dynamically at boot"23:33
guivercUse a debian support channel for Debian questions please23:34
TJ-systemd-fstab-generator reads /etc/fstab and creates runtime .mount units for each - you can use that as a Requires=/After= and so on23:36
TJ- "ls /run/systemd/generator/*.mount" will list those mount units23:36
smurfkeTJ- great. Thank you!23:37
smurfkeAlso I wonder,  Requires=/mnt/externalstorage AND After=/mnt/externalstorage, are both needed?23:37
smurfkedoesn't one render the other useless23:38
TJ-smurfke: you'd use ...=mnt-externalstorage.mount  (/ in paths is replaced with - )23:39
TJ-smurfke: I was giving a basic example; you might want Before= or others :)23:40
smurfkethanks again. Yes I know but in fact I need the system unit to trigger only after the mount has happend. So if I only put in After= that would be enough right?23:42
smurfkeI'm thinking After= implicillty renders Requires= obsolete23:42
TJ-smurfke: well no, since After= could be days after23:44
TJ-and it won't start the mount if the mount isn't already active; whereas if you want to "systemctl start myunit.service" you need a Requires= to ensure the mount it started as well23:44
smurfkecool thanks23:45
smurfkeI'll put both of them in that case23:45

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