studiobot<Eickmeyer> @teward001 Any chance you can trigger a rebuild of Agordejo? The issue with Nuitka is fixed.19:00
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Nvm, it's fixed.19:01
studiobot<teward001> 👍19:06
studiobot<teward001> less work for me i guess ;P19:06
studiobot<teward001> *goes back to futzing with the Lubuntu infra*19:06
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: fyi, if you need something in universe rebuilding, you can also ping me20:31
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Ok, good to know!20:32
RikMillsbut if you apply for MOTU, then no need ;) 20:32
Eickmeyer[m]I need to get on that.20:32
RikMillsit is not as scary as it seems20:32
RikMillsQ. Are you reasonably competent at packaging?20:33
RikMillsA. yes20:33
RikMillsQ. Do you promise not to do stupid things?20:34
RikMillsA. yes20:34
RikMillsthat gets you 90% of the way there!20:34
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, I think I've got enough experience under my belt at this point. haha20:34
Eickmeyer[m]So, you just obligated yourself to provide a testimony, RikMills . HEHE20:35
RikMills@teward001 that is basically it right, apart from being able to answer a few procedural things20:36
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: I would think so :)20:37
studiobot<teward001> the question is does Eickmeyer pass my tests >:D20:47
studiobot<teward001> @RikMills it's certainly not the same standards as coredev would be20:47
studiobot<teward001> which is a lot more restrictive because you can do WAY more evil with that but :P20:48
Eickmeyer[m]I don't contribute to main, so no reason to have coredev.20:48
studiobot<teward001> i don't see why Eickmeyer isn't applying for MOTU already20:48
studiobot<teward001> other than $LAZY being a factor :P20:48
studiobot<teward001> they're synonyms of each other 😔20:49
studiobot<teward001> 'course the next DMB meeting is like the 11th or whatever it is thanks to the holidya soooooooooooo20:50
studiobot<teward001> get your damn application in xD20:50
Eickmeyer[m]I might be able to work on that over the next couple of days.20:50
studiobot<teward001> well if you don't you'll never get it done xD20:50
Eickmeyer[m]Now my work has tasked me with it.21:36
Eickmeyer[m]I guess I'm doing it, boys! RikMills , @teward00121:36
studiobot<teward001> your work has tasked you with what getting Universe lol?21:37
studiobot<teward001> :P21:37
Eickmeyer[m]teward: Well, it would be advantageous for a company that believes in upstreaming their work into Ubuntu to have someone that has access to the Universe repository.21:44
Eickmeyer[m]Unlike System76 which keeps their stuff to themselves.21:45
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Agordejo coming to backports.21:45
studiobot<teward001> Eickmeyer: yes, so get off your ass and file the application lol21:47
Eickmeyer[m]Ok, ok, ok... geeze! HAHA21:47
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: ok22:01
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]:  I am thinking to release studio-controls 2.1 on monday.22:01
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Cool, sounds great!22:02

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