guivercdid the media validation complete successfully?00:00
xu-irc14wso as it was here in english as i speak portugues-br, you couldn't understand the nomeclature.00:01
guivercWhy I suggested a Portugese speaking IRC channel selected from the ChannelList I provided00:01
xu-irc14wdoes not charge in the terminal. the media interrupts the installation.00:02
guivercIf the media validation showed any errors, it's probable that the ISO was corrupted, or the write to your install media was faulty (more likely in my experience)..  Did the media validation complete successfully?00:03
xu-irc14wI can't understand how to do it I'm a bit of a layman on xubuntu. I preferred to translate using google translator00:03
xu-irc14wWhat is media validation where I put this on the USB stick?00:05
guivercXubuntu is an official flavor, so you can access #ubuntu for help too (you'll find more people there, who may be able to better help you)  .. hold on looking for validation details00:05
guivercI see threads & posts talking about it, but no picture sorry.. On 20.04 & 20.10 media it's default.. the system will check the media automatically & reports it's good OR error in file(s) .. if any error is detected you shouldn't install or trust install00:07
Bashing-omxu-irc14w: (x)ubuntu runs the error check when the installer is booted - ctl-c to skip the validation process.00:07
xu-irc14wit checks and succeeds, but then stops at an init error screen and err gpu kernel.00:11
tomreyni think you need to provide details on "init error screen and err gpu kernel"00:11
tomreyna screenshoit, uploaded to imgur.com , may help00:12
guivercfyi: I just booted Xubuntu media; for some boxes an required option is to select "Xubuntu (safe graphics)" to avoid graphics/gpu issues..00:12
* guiverc note: my media is hirsute; or current dev media, so what I saw may differ to yours00:12
xu-irc14wthank you for your attention i will download media again00:14
xu-irc14wsorry for the word brass it was a typo00:16
xu-irc14wthank you00:16
xu-help89wi recently installed xubuntu with an alongide windows 10 setup02:10
xu-help89whow do i swap over to linux?02:11
tomreynxu-help89w: by choosing it frot he boot menu that shows by default, if you installed xubuntu in the same boot mode as windows.02:20
tomreyn*from the boot menu02:20
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xu-help89wit hasnt worked03:04
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DrakeGullettso when i try to dual boot with windows10 i dont see a menu to choose linux03:55
ScienceMrDUAL-BOOTING is a DISK size and Partition Situation.04:03
ScienceMrDATA cannot be easily transferred without suitable Disk Size.04:04
DrakeGulletti already have everything installed04:04
DrakeGullettbut when i boot04:04
DrakeGullettit doesnt show any menu and goes straight to windows04:05
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ScienceMrYour GRUB loader is corrupted.04:05
DrakeGullettbut i used a bootable usb to install xubuntu choosing the dual boot alongside windows settings04:06
DrakeGulletthow could i fix that?04:06
DrakeGulletti also have a bios set system pw04:06
DrakeGullettwould disabling it fix the problem?04:06
ScienceMrThe BOOT DISK is corrupt.04:06
DrakeGulletthow so?04:07
ScienceMrI explained earlier that you need the right hardware to accept the new drives and software. What more do you need?04:08
DrakeGulletti have the proper hardware i am sure of that considering by using the bootable usb to preform the install went smoothly04:09
DrakeGullettif it a corrupt grubloader and potentially bad install would removing the install and attempting a reinstall work?04:09
ScienceMrThere is more than a boat load of software and drivers for Legacy drivers and software out there... face it that you have a nightmare on you table.04:10
DrakeGullettjust what exactly are you suggesting lol04:11
DrakeGullettelaborate on nightmare?04:12
ScienceMrI promise you that once you or if you install your project, you are going to be asking everyone here for advice on how to fix more problems.04:13
DrakeGulletti may just attempt a partition removal on the linux end of things and a clean reinstall04:13
DrakeGullettmy project?04:13
DrakeGullettim using the xubuntu websites linux download bud04:13
DrakeGullettunless you are suggesting the xubuntu is unreliable?04:14
ScienceMrMan! You remind me of myself years ago doing this same stuff.  hehe04:14
ScienceMrGet ready to kick yourself in the proverbial ass.  :)04:15
ScienceMrIs your box a 32 or 64 bit box?04:16
DrakeGulletti use a samsung touchscreen laptop, i added a system password via the bios, in which everytime i boot it takes me to the password screen, i feel that if i disable said password it may no longer be an issue04:16
DrakeGullett64 bit04:16
ScienceMr64 is a good start.04:17
ScienceMrObviously you don't have a good      INSTALL    DISK04:17
DrakeGulletti am going to attempt a clean install after i remove the partitions that are associated with linux04:19
ScienceMrWhat software are you using to   " Cleanup "?04:20
DrakeGullettim just going into the disk manager to delete all associated partitions04:21
ScienceMrPartitioning is not  "clean-up"    Don't manage the disk.04:21
ScienceMrSave what DIGITAL DATA you have on the disk then fix the problem.04:22
DrakeGulletti cannot even boot into the linux side it skips straight to windows04:23
ScienceMrMan you haven't gone to my classroom classes. Your making a huge mistake, you are making decisions before your making computations.04:24
ScienceMrYears ago, partitioning was a bad idea.04:32
ScienceMrIt destroyed data on all partitions.04:32
ScienceMrToday, it can be done safely.04:32
ScienceMrIt all has to do with RAM      Random Acccess Memory and how much you have and how you use it.04:33
ScienceMrIt also has to do with how much homework you do.04:37
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raviuswhen i boot my system the panel is displayed as a combination of a light and a dark theme, and the logout prompt is displayed with non selected theme and icons. how can i find out what is causing it?10:40
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ScienceMrGreets to NTAI.18:59
ScienceMrNTAI there is a website with your  nick.19:00
ScienceMrI used to teach   IT  Information Technology there. And more.19:00
ScienceMrThe name of the School is Network Technology Academy  Inc.19:02
ScienceMrpost hoc, ergo propter hoc19:42
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xubuntOOPSI just installed Xubuntu on a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 (Atom N450, 1GB RAM, Samsung 860 EVO SSD) and tried updating.23:12
xubuntOOPSThe screen just turned black.23:12
xubuntOOPSIs my system too low spec for Xubuntu? I know the system requirements say a minimum of 512MB of RAM is needed and the Atom N450 is 64bit.23:18
gnrpxubuntOOPS: No, this sounds more like an error23:18
gnrpxubuntOOPS: When does the screen turn black?23:19
gnrpso you installed a 20.04 system?23:19
gnrpand then you started once? Or more often?23:20
xubuntOOPSJust once23:20
gnrpand then executed an upgrade, and then the screen turned black?23:21
gnrpso you did not restart in the meantime?23:21
gnrpor does the screen go black a tsome point if you restart?23:22
xubuntOOPSI installed, then I restarted after the installer media told me to restart and remove the media.23:22
gnrpyep, that I got. But after the screen turned black, did you restart another time? I.e., reset the computer23:22
xubuntOOPSI didn't force it off either.23:23
gnrptry pressing Ctrl+Alt+F123:23
xubuntOOPSI'm still on my first boot of the OS23:23
gnrp(all at once)23:23
gnrpdoes a login prompt on the terminal show up?23:23
xubuntOOPSNope, my system must of turned off on its own while we we're chatting23:24
gnrpso is it running now again?23:26
xubuntOOPSStill rebooting23:26
xubuntOOPSBut it looks like it's not going to reboot23:26
gnrpdo you remember how much the system wanted to upgrade? i.e., how much it wanted to download?23:26
xubuntOOPSI just have a black screen23:27
xubuntOOPSIt wanted about 450MB to download23:27
xubuntOOPSIt downloaded it and then started installing the updates. Sometime after the screen went black.23:28
gnrpand now you rebooted and the screen is still black?23:29
xubuntOOPSIt stayed black23:30
xubuntOOPSI just tried rebooting again23:32
xubuntOOPSGot some ACPI Errors and a Kernel Panic23:33
gnrpcan you boot an old kernel?23:39
gnrpin grub?23:39
gnrpno older kernel available there? O23:40
gnrpI'm sorry anyway, I have to go to bed now23:40
gnrpbut if you are not too accustomed to the system, maybe a reinstallation would be the best thing to do right now23:40
Maikyou can't expect much from that low spec machine with 1GB of RAM. You need at least 2GB to run Xubuntu a bit and 4GB to run it properly these days.23:40
xubuntOOPSShould I try to just reinstall?23:40
gnrpotherwise, maybe take a "screenshot" of the error messages and post i23:40
gnrpt somehwere23:40
gnrpI'm afk, sorry, and gn823:41
gnrpyou can also try recovery mode of the kernel and then finish the upgrades23:41
MaikxubuntOOPS: is that actually a 64 bit netbook?23:41
gnrpMaik: He said so23:41
MaikxubuntOOPS: no PM please23:42
raccoon_doghttps://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/42503/intel-atom-processor-n450-512k-cache-1-66-ghz.html  This is the processor, apparently.23:42
raccoon_dogInstruction Set23:42
raccoon_dogSo, yeah.23:42
xu-irc16wAnyone know how to permanently disable caps lock key?23:42
raccoon_dogIt's an amd64 processor.23:43
xu-irc16wEverythuing online does not work.23:43
MaikxubuntOOPS: these are the requirements: "To get a smooth experience when running multiple applications parallel on the desktop, it is recommended to have a 1.5Ghz Dual Core processor with at least 2 GB of memory."23:43
raccoon_dogA question about that, though. Does "Dual Core" include single-core CPUs that are hyperthreaded?23:44
xubuntOOPSI was going off of the minimum requirements23:44
xubuntOOPSI wouldn't think so raccoon_dog23:44
Maikdon't look at the minimum these days but the recommended one23:44
xubuntOOPSI was given this netbook for free, so all I was wanting to do was use it to host Nextcloud and Joplin Notes.23:45
xubuntOOPSIt did ok on Peppermint OS, but I was wanting to see if I could find a faster OS.23:46
xu-irc16wAny ideas?23:55
xu-irc16wGuess there are no gurus on here right now.23:58

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