blazeI see some dangling processes after logging out from plasma session08:21
blazeanother thing some process even prevents my computer from shutting down directly, I have to wait 1.5 min before the actual shutdown happens every time08:27
blazebut there's a workaround, I can log out from plasma session and __then__ do a shutdown08:28
blazethat way it works as it should08:29
blazeaaand it is reproducible for me on a fresh install of hirsute08:33
RikMillskio-fuse is in the debian NEW queue12:00
blazeHmmm, I was building and testing it quite some time ago12:36
RikMillsit has had betas for some time. now an official stable release12:41
BluesKajHappy New Year folks!12:59
sorcererhappy new year!13:50
Eickmeyer[m]Hey all! I'm applying for MOTU, would appreciate comments or testimonials: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Eickmeyer/MOTUApplication19:59
blazeI see http://feverfew.home.blog/?p=6220:37
valorieEickmeyer[m]: cool!23:53

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