TBotNikAll; What is the best channel for hardware support?02:01
TBotNikI need to find an external adapter for a adapter for SK hynix BC511 NVMe 512GB ssd to sata02:03
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IrcsomeBot<Arian Aghamohammadi> Hi07:56
IrcsomeBot<Arian Aghamohammadi> Hi.07:57
IrcsomeBot<Arian Aghamohammadi> .07:58
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IrcsomeBot<abdullahtelegram> 199308:36
IrcsomeBot<abdullahtelegram> "Language Support" is not installed by default in Kubuntu which is installed in Ubuntu.  … Without that app, one cannot "apply system-wide" the locale and language settings in Kubuntu. when I installed Kubuntu it was installed with my native language in time formats etc. … Even the Numbers were also using local Digits instead of western digits (0123... etc). … So I request the developers to include "Language Support" by08:52
IrcsomeBotdefault. I knew about it before. But it is disappointing for a new user. … Thank u for reading08:52
IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Hey guys, I just installed Kubuntu 20.04 on a Laptop, everything's all good except the volume control.  When I push Volume Up or Down, there is no change volume. I checked Alsamixer and find when I adjust PCM channel, then the volume changes. Does anybody know how to map the volume key to PCM?10:30
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BluesKajHappy New Year folks!12:59
user217_hello. need some help with interface bringing up. I cacnt bring my interface up via "sudo ip l set new1 up"13:18
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asnHi, does anyone know where I can find help for Calibre? Installed it through apt and it will not start.18:45
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AliMxI know this might be offtopic,  but I am using Kubuntu Linux, and I hoped for help here.18:52
AliMxBut, again, it's a little offtopic.18:52
AliMxIt is about NordVPN18:52
AliMxDoes anyone use it?18:52
asnI don't. Sorry18:52
AliMxIt is my first time behind a VPN,  but it is sooooooooo slow!!!18:52
AliMxNordVPN is supposed to be good.18:52
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Never used NordVPN here.18:53
AliMxBut the speeds are soooooo ridiculously slow18:53
AliMxThank you asn and DarinMiller!18:53
AliMxSorry for bothering you guys here in this channel,  I just had no better idea who to talk to.18:53
AliMxHappy new Year to you!18:53
asnHow did you install NordVPN? Happy new year to you too18:54
AliMxasn, according to the official guide.18:54
AliMxasn, it works perfectly according to how I was supposed to install it.18:54
AliMxBut - it is slow.18:54
AliMxIt is ONLY fast, when I use a server from my own country18:54
AliMxOnce I use a server from a nearby country, the speed drops down to... it reminds me of the internet 20 years ago18:54
asnHmm.. It sounds like an issue with Nord itself, but I could be wrong.18:56
AliMxI am trying to switch from tcp to udp18:56
AliMxIf I get disconnected, just know: I will be back18:56
AliMx> Protocol is already set to 'UDP'.18:57
AliMxgood, so that was not it.18:57
AliMxI am trying a different country once more.18:58
AliMxIt seems to depend on the chosen country.18:59
AliMxthank you all!18:59
AliMxbye bye!18:59
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IrcsomeBot<sahariaza> #FEEDBACK Kubuntu Team should add pre-installed Kvantum on ISO next version. … I gonna switch to Ubuntu Studio KDE Edition. There is pre-installed Kvantum on it. … Because KDE themes maker recommends using Kvantum engine to install their themes recently.23:47

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