arunpyasiHi everyone, is there a way to schedule binNMU in PPA Launchpad?13:40
cjwatsonarunpyasi: No, just do a source upload where the only change is the changelog17:47
ogra*sniff* ...18:38
* ogra sees HTTP 407 in his kodi log ... 18:38
ograi bet just 30min more would have been sufficient to let the build finish18:38
ograoh !18:39
ograseems it just moved on regardless ... thats weird18:39
ogralooks like i'll bee actually getting some excitement towards the end of the year then 🙂18:41
ograah well ... now it finally failed ...19:18
* ogra gives up trying to use launchpad for that snap19:18
Laneyogra: What's 407, is it some known failure mode on Launchpad?22:40
LaneyI just came here to ask that same question :D22:40
Laneyfatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/stefanberger/swtpm/': Received HTTP code 407 from proxy after CONNECT22:40
ograyour build takes to long ...22:42
ograthere is a token for the proxy that expires22:42
Laneyoh :(22:43
LaneyI was just trying to rebuild lxd with an extra commit22:43
Laneywonder what Stéphane does22:43

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