-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALf0d1f8f6ea0f: Spellcheck firefox] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALf0d1f8f6ea0f01:11
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL5d5d1c2e8afa: Fix grammar in Quassel summary] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL5d5d1c2e8afa01:15
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL1ec9671ad612: Improve wording on hiding events making not notice things easier] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL1ec9671ad61201:18
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL67883125a7a7: Improve wording of connecting to an irc network] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL67883125a7a701:26
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL67773907b50c: Add Rename button in quassel irc] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL67773907b50c01:30
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALe185269ddf9c: Add /part to quit an irc channel] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALe185269ddf9c01:37
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALfe6bae5b7c81: Add /nick to change nickname] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALfe6bae5b7c8102:03
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_liblxqt just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_liblxqt/554/10:38
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_lxqt-config just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_lxqt-config/637/10:38
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_libfm-qt FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_libfm-qt/105/10:39
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] groovy_stable_libfm-qt FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/groovy_stable_libfm-qt/447/10:39
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_libfm-qt FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_libfm-qt/106/10:49
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_lxqt-config just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_lxqt-config/637/11:30
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_lxqt-runner just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_lxqt-runner/551/12:42
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_lxqt-archiver FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_lxqt-archiver/109/13:18
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_lxqt-archiver UNSTABLE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_lxqt-archiver/314/13:50
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_lxqt-runner just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_lxqt-runner/551/14:04
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_lxqt-openssh-askpass just failed after succeeding: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_lxqt-openssh-askpass/58/14:06
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] groovy_stable_lxqt-archiver FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/groovy_stable_lxqt-archiver/457/14:15
=== KGIII1 is now known as KGIII
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_qterminal just succeeded after failing: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_qterminal/834/15:12
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T109: Manual as PDF] apt-ghetto (apt-ghetto) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T109#397617:13
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_sddm FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_sddm/583/17:15
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_sddm just became unstable after failing: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_sddm/88/17:16
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] groovy_stable_sddm UNSTABLE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/groovy_stable_sddm/341/17:16
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_sddm UNSTABLE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_sddm/89/17:52
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] focal_stable_sddm just became unstable after failing: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/focal_stable_sddm/584/17:52
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T109: Manual as PDF] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T109#397818:36
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-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_libfm-qt FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_libfm-qt/108/18:58
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] groovy_stable_lxqt-archiver FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/groovy_stable_lxqt-archiver/459/19:11
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_lxqt-archiver FAILURE: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_lxqt-archiver/111/19:12
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Lubuntu CI] hirsute_stable_lxqt-openssh-askpass just succeeded after failing: https://ci.lubuntu.me/job/hirsute_stable_lxqt-openssh-askpass/60/19:23
wxlis there a problem with github login on discourse?19:59
kc2bezI don't think so but let me try in a private window.20:00
kc2bezOh, there might be. It seems to be taking a bit.20:01
wxl@teward001 ^^^ any ideas?20:03
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> same here w7 username+password (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <wxl> is there a problem with github login on discourse?)20:05
wxlhuh even a normal password login isn't working20:07
wxl@kc2bez could you make a ticket for teward?20:08
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> will do20:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> FYI20:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> that's all because of the single host node discourse runs on20:09
lubot[telegram] <teward001> so that could be a factor if DO is taking a shit.20:09
lubot[telegram] <teward001> also sorry been dealing with a work security issue that's angering me, the accidental slip there is not normal20:09
kc2bez!language | @teward00120:09
ubot93@teward001: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:09
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *smacks kc2bez between here and the void and back*20:09
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> XD20:11
lubot[telegram] <teward001> it may be necessary to reboot the DO node20:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> because this is a docker container20:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> not much I can do in terms of *debugging*20:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> oh this might be an easy fix20:16
lubot[telegram] <teward001> stdby20:16
lubot[telegram] <teward001> kc2bez: wxl: I think it was the CSP - again - this time with certain sandboxing restrictions.  allow-forms was not on and should've been (I'm an idiot)20:19
lubot[telegram] <teward001> try again.20:19
lubot[telegram] <teward001> note though that even if the form never moves it DOES actually log you in heh20:19
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> I was able to login20:21
lubot[telegram] <teward001> from scratch?20:21
lubot[telegram] <teward001> wxl: you reported it so test it :P20:21
lubot[telegram] <teward001> test the GH login option too20:22
lubot[telegram] <teward001> if it's working again then I can mark the ticket resolved20:22
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Same here .. (re @kc2bez: I was able to login)20:22
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> I think it is safe to close it up, I used the GH login in a private window.20:26
lubot[telegram] <teward001> 👍20:30
lubot[telegram] <teward001> is kgiii around?20:34
lubot[telegram] <teward001> somewhere?20:34
kc2bezpaging KGIII to the devel channel XD20:35
lubot[telegram] <teward001> lol20:35
lubot[telegram] <teward001> kc2bez: I can poke em elsewhere20:35
wxlworks thx20:35
lubot[telegram] <teward001> kc2bez: you'll know why if you check the ticket changes :P20:36
kc2bezI show them idle here in IRC @teward00120:36
lubot[telegram] <teward001> KGIII see incoming PMs20:43
wxli'm here but i need to go last21:02
kc2bezwhat happened to the bot?21:02
wxlit's there21:02
* wxl kicks ubot9321:02
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Here but house full of guests - Happy new year21:03
kc2bezHappy New Year @Leokolb21:03
KGIIIHappy New Year.21:04
kc2bezSince the bot is sleeping. I'll fire it off manually.21:04
kc2bez@tsimonq2 @lynorian @HMollerCl @aptghetto @teward001 @kc2bez @The_LoudSpeaker wxl[m] guiverc @N0um3n0 @leokolb @KGIII — It's 2100 UTC Thursday which means it's time for the Lubuntu Development standup meeting. Please announce yourself for roll call! Then, in order of announcement, post your items, and be sure to mention when you're done.21:04
KGIIII am here.21:05
kc2bezack 21:05
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> /o21:05
* guiverc physically present21:05
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *drops a grenade on kc2bez* IT'S NEW YEARS EVE WE CAN DO WITHOUT THE CHECKIN!   *salts the meeting*21:05
* guiverc escaped from 2020 already :)21:06
kc2bezThis should be relatively short21:06
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *condemns guiverc to the salt mine which isn't in 2021 yet*21:06
lubot[telegram] <teward001> :P21:06
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i can go first because i have to go make food shortly21:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> BUT21:07
kc2bezgo ahead21:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> fixed some issues with CI, including latest updates to the CI system (enjoy it, because Simon didn't break it this time!)21:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> Stabilized CI because it was using way too many concurrent processes and that caused things to be chaotic.21:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> Discourse works again after more ongoing issues enjoy that everyone21:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> and y'all have a good new years :)21:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *goes to cook a huge hunk of ham*21:08
kc2bezThanks for everything @teward00121:08
kc2bezEnjoy the ham21:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> that's dinner round 1 xD21:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> dinner round 2 is later (chinese!)21:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> </off>21:08
kc2bezguiverc: we will work from the bottom up so go ahead21:09
wxlthanks thomas21:09
guiverc- re-opening more autoclosed discourse threads, marking others solved when I can find suitable answer21:09
guiverc- intermittent EFI error message on BIOS box; tested for what I thought was cause; nope.. 21:09
guiverc- general support21:09
* guiverc all I remember, done21:10
kc2bezThanks as always for all your help.21:10
wxlthanks for all of that21:10
* guiverc EFI message is during installs; ie. calamares21:10
lubot[telegram] <teward001> guiverc: which categories were the autoclosed threads in21:11
kc2bezI saw one of your bugs re: install via the menu.21:11
lubot[telegram] <teward001> if they're global i can fix the autoclose periods21:11
wxlit should be support21:12
guiverc@teward001 support21:12
guivercsorry, as wxl said... (not very awaake)21:12
wxlwe autoclose at a month out21:13
wxlthat seems pretty generous all things considered21:13
wxlit would be nice if we could do a two-stage thing21:13
wxllike 15 days out there's a message that the topic will close in 15 days with no activity21:14
wxland then it closes 15 days after21:14
wxlbut whatever21:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> wxl: the autoclose is actually 720 hours from last post on the category itself21:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> that doesn't seem long enough21:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> and that's 30 days21:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i mean :P21:16
wxlthat's also referred to commonly as "a month" XD21:16
kc2bezback to the install from the menu, one of the icons should be hidden but this bug exists https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/issues/174321:16
ubot93Issue 1743 in lxqt/lxqt "Desktop files with NotShowIn=LXQt are still displayed in the menu" [Open]21:16
wxlshooot wtf21:16
lubot[telegram] <teward001> wxl: maybe we should do 45 days then for support but that's your call :)21:17
lubot[telegram] <teward001> you all can just enjoy the rest of your bugs ;)21:17
kc2bezanything else guiverc ?21:18
guivercthank you wxl, kc2bez, @teward21:18
kc2bezMost welcome and thank you.21:19
* guiverc lifts head, nah, head back down on bench21:19
teward*picks up guiverc, puts guiverc on a bed and puts blankets over them* go rest noob21:19
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> o/21:20
kc2bezack lynorian21:20
wxlnite nite guiverc 21:20
kc2bez@Leokolb did you have anything else21:20
wxladded you a comment on your bug kc2bez21:20
kc2bezok, thanks I think21:21
kc2bezAh, yes21:22
kc2bezThanks for the backup21:22
kc2bezI think Leó is enjoying his house guests. 21:23
kc2bezKGIII: over to you21:24
KGIIIHam sounds delicious, but I digress. Testing is going well, though I noticed you can't install with just a keyboard. At least not with my setup. You can tab to the buttons, but the enter button on the keyboard doesn't do a darned thing. I just noticed this today, so I plan on checking future builds. I do some support here and there and will continue with that. That is everything.21:24
KGIIIAnd, thanks to y'all for being so friendly and informative.21:25
kc2bezI don't know that I have tried a KB install recently.21:25
kc2bezI may need to test that too.21:25
KGIIII VNC into a remote computer and do it all there, so it could be something there. I'll get off my butt and go into the other room tomorrow.21:26
kc2bezsounds good21:26
KGIIII doubt it's VNC related, but I'll eliminate that.21:26
KGIIIWell, maybe on the 2nd - I may drink some wine tonight.21:26
guivercThank you KGIII !21:26
kc2bez@lynorian over to you21:27
wxlKGIII: space instead of enter?21:27
KGIIILemme check. One sec.21:27
KGIIISpace does indeed work - but that's definitely not intuitive. (At least it wasn't to me.)21:28
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I checked discourse and found ubun-ie had found an typo and then fixed that and put in all version of manual with cherry pick21:28
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I found a typo in firefox and brightness and fixed21:29
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I improved wording on quassel as well21:29
wxlKGIII: that said, a little wishlist bug on the cala github might be a worthwhile addition. you want to throw that in?21:29
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> also added /part and /nick to quassel21:29
wxlgreat work lyn! did you see the manual pdf project btw??????????????21:31
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> that is all I have21:31
guivercthank you @lynorian, the manual is a great ref to link to in support!  You've done great work21:32
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I actualy haven't done much of that21:32
kc2bezThat is great lyn!21:32
KGIIII'll make a note of it and grab it later tonight or tomorrow. I also can't seem to find a keyboard method to select 'erase disk' 'replace a partition' etc... I'll start writing it up now.21:32
wxlwell it all happened iwithout you :)21:32
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> xelatex use actually fixed that and someone else had that Idea I just apporved it21:32
wxlwell it makes me happy, i'll tell you that21:33
wxli love our team :)21:33
kc2bezI will go21:34
kc2bezLast meeting for the year :P21:34
kc2bez* Worked with teward to help get the manual building as a pdf in CI. More to do there but I think we have a good start on something very useful. Thanks to everyone involved on that.21:34
kc2bez* Also worked with teward on getting some of the builds more stable in CI21:34
kc2bez* We have some packaging fixups to happen over there.21:34
kc2bez* Worked with teward to setup incoming mail to Discourse. wxl chime in with your thoughts. Here is what is setup so far: 21:34
kc2bez    * lubuntu-feedback@ (selfexplanatory).  support@ goes to discourse site support category.  lubuntu-feedback@ goes to the Lubuntu Feedback category,  feedback@ goes to the discourse site feedback category21:34
wxl^^ my goal here is to have a mailing-list like interface to Discourse, so among other things, i can send announcements by email to both the email list and Discourse21:35
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> sorry ..back again21:36
kc2bezOK, makes sense wxl, We should add announcements then21:36
kc2bezIf you have anything @Leokolb jump in21:37
wxldevel probably too21:37
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Testing - Samba - playing with swap partitions and Rasp pi4 not much new here21:38
kc2bezThanks for continuing to work on those21:38
wxl@KGIII: just a little context here's a bug that discusses keyboard navigation and it seems to suggest that space is the right key for activation. so it may be good in that bug to acknowledge that this is expected behavior, albeit not necessarily intuitive. perhaps we could have both space AND enter?21:38
wxl@leokolb sorry i haven't got back to you on all that21:38
KGIIILOL That's almost verbatim of my rough-draft write-up that I'm working on.21:39
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> no problem - more time after the holidays21:39
wxl@KGIII: oops forgot the link https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/121321:39
ubot93Issue 1213 in calamares/calamares "v2 slideshow API loading breaks keyboard navigation in the mainwindow" [Closed]21:39
wxl@leokolb totes. holidays have been nuts over here.21:39
kc2bezSame here.21:40
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> called away again - Thanks all for a great year21:40
KGIIII have that it's the expected behavior but not intuitive and that the enter key should be also able to work.21:40
KGIIIOh, and I noticed something else. Whoever came up with the idea of multiple languages for support in Discourse, that's a brilliant choice. I see quite a few posts there and it hasn't even existed for very long.21:40
guivercThank you @Leokolb21:41
wxlbe well @leokolb and thank you very much21:41
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> For my part, nothing more than do support, it seems that the German and Italian groups are moving a bit.  people start to enter the groups from the irc too21:41
wxl@KGIII: that is all @N0um3n0's doing, really. i helped implement it (and the IRC channels) but it's not really my baby.21:41
kc2bezIt warms my heart to see the activity21:41
wxl^^^ agreed21:42
wxllike that's the best Lubuntu news all year, IMHO21:42
kc2bezIt really is good stuff21:42
kc2bezI don't have much else. Spent some time poking at some support things on Discourse and ask Ubuntu.21:42
KGIIIIt's starting off very, very well.21:43
wxlspeaking of @N0um3n0 i see that @guiverc opened up this can of worms again https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/cant-change-keyboard-locale-on-logon-screen-with-lxqt-lubuntu-19-04-19-10-and-20-04/1377 but i'm struggling to make sense of all this. can you help? mostly the question i have is this: how can we or the software we use (calamares?) do better to ensure this is not a probelm?21:43
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> you did almost all the work!  now it seems that everything is starting to work;) thank you very much everyone!21:44
wxl@N0um3n0 any more ideas you have with regards to helping improve non-English language support, please let me know. i think we're all very excited about it.21:45
guivercThank you @N0um3n021:46
kc2bezwxl: I wonder if we are not running into issues with fcitx https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/issues/185821:46
ubot93Issue 1858 in lxqt/lxqt "Global keyboard layout doesn't work" [Closed]21:46
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> the problem is that sddm takes the locale configuration, if you install in Russian you cannot put a password in English.  solution, install in English and add keyboard in Russian, tested and working perfect21:46
wxlmaybe we should add a warning or something about that21:47
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> Ok, perfect! (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <wxl> @N0um3n0 any more ideas you have with regards to helping improve non-English language support, please let me know. i think we're all very excited about it.)21:47
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I am not the best person for locale stuff21:47
wxlis the issue really here that sddm doesn't deal right with locales? or can calamares somehow do better?21:48
wxlme either21:48
kc2bezI can barely handle one language21:48
kc2bezHey now, you weren't supposed to be so agreeable. :P21:49
kc2bezI think you are all that is left wxl21:49
wxlwell like i said things have been nuts so i'm struggling to recount all the things i did do XD21:50
wxlmostly i think it was support and stuff21:50
* guiverc raises head, nothing to say, so head returns to bench21:50
wxli continue to foolishly assist fritz in his attempt to unravel why he's got an old kernel XD21:50
kc2bezsame here XD21:50
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> plasma have the same problem with Russian users ... (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <wxl> is the issue really here that sddm doesn't deal right with locales? or can calamares somehow do better?)21:51
wxlhad someone who wanted their discourse account deleted and that's a contentious subject in discourse so i made a definitive document about it https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/how-to-delete-your-account/200721:51
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> In sddm21:51
guivercI thought you said it well wxl (anonimized account)21:51
kc2bezThat is good to know @N0um3n021:51
wxl@N0um3n0 i might go ask the kubuntu folks what their feelings are about it21:52
wxli think it was after the last meeting i did this https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/sambashare-fixes/1980/321:52
KGIIISpeaking of the Discourse account deletion, there's a lovely rule at HN and we might want to consider borrowing it. "Please respond to the strongest plausible interpretation of what someone says, not a weaker one that's easier to criticize. Assume good faith." I love that rule - it's so elegant but spot-on. 21:52
wxlwhich is a proposed solution for currently installed systems for the sambashare group issue21:52
wxlif anyone wants to play with testing that, it might be good21:53
wxlit would be good for known issues and such21:53
guivercI don't use samba so can't test it sorry  (use NFS)21:54
wxlguiverc: samba's not required21:54
wxlit's essentially just testing if GID/UID stuff behaves correctly21:55
wxli think that's all i got21:55
guivercokay then.. yes I can.. 21:55
guivercThanks wxl21:55
kc2bezIt relates to this task https://phab.lubuntu.me/T18121:55
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Medium, Open] GID/UID mismatch for users.: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T18121:55
kc2bezThanks for everything wxl !21:56
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T181: GID/UID mismatch for users.] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T181#398021:56
wxlthank you all21:57
wxlkeep up the good work21:57
wxlsee you next year21:57
kc2bezHappy New Year everyone!21:57
guivercack kc2bez, yeah recall the bug..21:57
KGIIISame and same. Stay safe on this holiday night.21:57
guivercHappy New (this 2021) Year folks21:57
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> Same!!!!22:01
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> same++22:27

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