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guivercg'day qowwim, if you have a Lubuntu support question, please just ask it (try and keep to a single line, and be patient, people answer as they're able).03:09
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elementofchaosi am a novice enthusiast11:36
elementofchaosand i just installed code::blocks from the discovery program that Lubuntu has11:36
elementofchaosthe "launch" button appears11:36
elementofchaosbut it won't launch11:37
elementofchaoswhat did i miss ?11:37
guivercelementofchaos, what release of Lubuntu?   Launch button? do you mean the LXQt/LXDE menu? or something related to code::blocks?11:41
elementofchaoslubuntu 20.0411:43
elementofchaoson the top right hand corner of "discovery" there is a "launch" button11:43
elementofchaosalso the button in the search menu won't start anything11:44
elementofchaosi'm not looking for the solution per say (i like to search)11:44
elementofchaosbut where wouyld you first ?11:44
elementofchaosjust to get me started11:44
guivercPersonally I'd jump to terminal and try and launch program from there.. that way any messages appear in the term itself, instead of having to search logs..11:45
guivercIf you're not familiar with term, cod<tab> (optional second tab if multiple commands exist starting with 'cod')  I'd hope would show options that may start it (using autocomplete)..11:48
elementofchaosit's an excellent occasion to work on my bash vocabulary11:50
elementofchaosthx folks !11:50
guivercyou're most welcome11:50
elementofchaosi uninstalled it from discovery and i am resintalling it from the terminal12:00
elementofchaos... let's find ouy !12:01
elementofchaosI'm so happy i get to work with computer again12:01
elementofchaosit worked !12:02
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n-iCehello guys, how is the touchscreen support for tablets in lubuntu?20:17
pissedwheres the damn download for the armhf arch20:35
teward(1) don't get ragey in here please20:36
tewardwell, don't get ragey.20:36
tewardsecondly, I don't believe there's anyone on the Lubuntu Team who is maintaining an ARM variant of the images at the moment20:36
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n-iCehow can I open a virtual keyboard21:53
n-iCecant find one21:53
kc2bezWe are not all guys https://heyguys.cc/21:53
n-iCewxl:  checking I installed lubuntu in my tablet21:55
n-iCebut can't use a keyboard!!21:55
n-iCedo you recommned one ?21:55
wxli can't but there's plenty of options there. the qt ones would likely be best21:56
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