hardwireI am having a bit of a rough time figuring out how to properly mark a "working" configuration/version set and then allowing a rollback to that set if healthchecks are not passed after an OTA update.01:10
hardwireon core20/core1801:10
hardwireanybody experienced with this?01:11
hardwiregoal is to use iot edge agents to initiate a snap refresh of product code and potentially OS level code and issue a reboot, do health checks, and then eventually mark a working set - ultimately allowing for a user to power off the device and power it back on reverting to a previous marked set.01:14
hardwirenear as I can tell snap keeps old versions around.01:14
ograhardwire, canonical is shot down for the last two weeks of each year ... better ask in the forum01:42
hardwireok thanks for the heads up01:54
hardwireoff to the source01:54
ivo_cavalcantedidn't know this, ogra; good to know02:01
ivo_cavalcantewas really finding activity on snap forums kind of low, from Canonical employess02:02
ivo_cavalcantenow I know why02:02
ograyeah, we do that every year ...02:03
ivo_cavalcantethat's new to me02:04
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