lotuspsychjegood morning03:14
lotuspsychjebug #185718704:16
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1857187 could not be found04:16
lotuspsychjebug #187133604:18
ubot5bug 1871336 in blueman (Ubuntu) "blueman-tray crashed with FileNotFoundError in check_single_instance():[Errno 2]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187133604:18
lotuspsychjeah thats the one, adding it to ubuntu discuss team as it still occurs on 20.0404:18
ducassegood morning07:52
marcoagpinto>:) <- cola demon08:00
ducassehi marcoagpinto08:07
ducassehappy new year08:07
marcoagpintoHappy New Year!08:10
marcoagpintoMay 22.04 LTS bring us many happyness08:10
marcoagpintoit is so cold in Portugal08:11
marcoagpintomy fingers feel like ice08:11
lotuspsychjehappy new year to everyone for tomorrow08:16

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