linuxmintUbuntu server install.  Multipass, MAAS or Server classic?00:56
foxideDepends on your particular use case.01:07
foxideAre you just wanting to install it on a normal server or VM?01:07
foxidelinuxmint: ^01:12
shameusI have an Ubuntu 16.04 server running in AWS, with 2 ENIs (network interfaces). I have tried multiple online suggestions, but still cannot get "ping -I eth1 google.com" to return any packets to eth1.01:15
foxideshameus: Is it possible that routing causes the traffic to return to the other interface?01:16
foxideAsymmetric routing, in other words.01:16
linuxmintfoxide: Hi, just installing ZoneMinder on my Hypervisor Proxmox.01:17
shameusfoxide: It's probably that this is the issue, I am trying to figure out how to fix that01:17
linuxmintTrying to keep the VMs to a minimum.01:17
foxidelinuxmint: Then you'd most likely just use the classic (ISO) installer.01:17
linuxmintfoxide: great, thanks for the reassurance. :-)01:17
reedis anybody else having issues with the keyboard layout switch on Ubuntu? it fails very often to change the actual layout01:17
foxideshameus: I don't think you can, to be honest. The return traffic is going to go to whichever interface inbound routing guides the traffic to based on the source IP.01:18
shameusfoxide: eth1 has a distinct source IP in a different subnet01:18
foxideshameus: Is it public, or NATed?01:19
shameusWell, every IP address in AWS is behind a 1:1 NAT01:19
shameus"To enable communication with the internet, a public IPv4 address is mapped to the primary private IPv4 address through network address translation (NAT)."01:20
foxideYes, but does that have a dedicated public IP?01:20
shameusBoth eth0 and eth1 have distinct, dedicated public IPs01:21
shameusand they're in different private subnets01:21
shameuswith TCP dump, I can see the traffic leave the box on eth1 and come back to the box on eth001:22
linuxmintMight be a Q for ubuntu-server chat?  Can I install via command from the ubuntu-server which has not Internet?  I am currently downloading to my desktop on the Internet, then scp'ing to the server.01:28
linuxmintServer is on the LAN.01:28
linuxmintMost install instructions are command line, assuming the server has Internet.01:28
rfmlinuxmint, the live-server iso should have enough packages to get through the install without a net connection.  but it has to be put on a bootable media (USB stick or burned on a DVD, if the server has a drive...)01:49
linuxmintrfm: thanks, it has a USB but physically awkward and no monitor.  Think I'll scp from the desktop.01:51
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linuxmintJust unsure if repository will download an iso or try to install on desktop? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder-1.3401:53
rfmlinuxmint, I sure can't help with random ppas, but you certainly can't get at a ppa from the server if it's not on the net.01:55
linuxmintrfm: yes01:55
guivercadd-apt-repo adds a source to your list of sources, it doesn't relate to ISOs or new packages/software (except allowing them in the future due to new source)01:55
linuxmintThis desktop is on the net.  The server is on the LAN.01:55
rfmlinuxmint, is ubuntu-server already running on the server hardware?01:56
linuxmintrfm: I've just downloaded the ubuntu-server.iso to this desktop.  About to scp over to the hypervisor on the server machine.01:56
rfmlinuxmint, so you're trying to install in a VM on that server?   which hypervisor?01:57
linuxmintrfm: Proxmox.01:58
rfmlinuxmint, know nothing about proxmox, but if you can get the .iso attached to the VM as a optical drive, it should boot and be able to install.   You'll need some way to get at the console, but that would be a proxmox question.02:03
rfmlinuxmint, it's possible the cloud-images would be an easier path, but again that might depend on proxmox.  and #ubuntu-server is probably a better place to get help with the cloud-images.02:05
linuxmintrfm: thanks. The hypervisor has console view.  The trick is finding a ZoneMinder.iso to download to this dekstop.  I only find ppa repositories and not sure if they will try to install to this desktop?02:06
linuxmintCloud image?  Is that like an iso on the cloud?  I could just download to this desktop then?02:07
rfmlinuxmint, the cloud images are already-installed hard disk images.  you would download that, copy it to the (real) server, attach it to the VM and boot it.  no install process or net access required.02:09
linuxmintrfm: ah yes, that's what I'm looking for.  I just tried the ppa repository.  Seems to be a .sh file with gpg keys, not an iso?02:10
linuxmintI guess I need to hunt on the zm chat for that.02:10
rfmlinuxmint, I found this proxmox doc which at least seems to talk about the process:  https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Cloud-Init_Support02:12
linuxmintrfm: thanks, but no Internet on the hypervisor.  Are you suggesting the server can 'route' via this Dekstop with Internet?02:12
rfmlinuxmint, the URL I gave is a document for you to read (from your desktop) not anything the cloud-image needs to install or run.02:14
linuxmintrfm: k, thanks.  Think I'll just look for an iso file.02:15
rfmlinuxmint, the .iso from the regular ubuntu download page should be fine https://ubuntu.com/download/server02:16
rfmlinuxmint, you want the Option 3/Manual install....02:17
linuxmintrfm: thanks, UbuntuServer.iso downloaded.02:17
rfmlinuxmint, as long as you can get at the VM console, installation should run without internet access.  (It may ask you if you want to download updates as it goes, tell it no.)02:19
linuxmintrfm: great, will do.  Then the ZoneMinder.iso hunt begins :-)02:19
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xissburgso I failed to make my 18.04 installation work and I gave up and tried to install 20.04 and the installer crashed xD any suggestions for an ubuntu alternative? xD03:21
miguel2013hey I bought a M2 NVME 1TB ssd and ubuntu is not detecting it or making it available as storage device03:22
miguel2013is this card https://www.gigabyte.com/Solid-State-Drive/GIGABYTE-NVMe-SSD-1TB#kf03:22
guivercxissburg, you've provided no details as to issue, nor if you validated your ISO, your write to media (it's a seperate step for 18.04, automatic for 20.04)..03:29
MrEDomDo programs like folding at home work on live boot or do we need to actually install and change the driver?  I got CPU folding working on 20.04 but I don't think it saw the GPU03:33
xissburgguiverc I described it much earlier since I've been trying to make it work since the morning. Basically I've always had this intermittent black screen of death which sometimes would happen before the desktop would appear and sometimes a minute after I'd start using the computer (with a bunch of messages like `/dev/sda2: recovering journal` etc). This time it's got fully stuck and wouldn't go past it.03:37
xissburgLooking for solutions one suggestion was to boot via grub in recovery mode and uninstall nvidia drivers which I did, and that caused another problem https://i.imgur.com/yzhviOw.jpg "Dependency failed for Hyper-V KVP Protocol Daemon" and later I found a command to disable hyperv `systemctl disable hv-kvp-daemon.service`  which in turn caused another problem getting stuck with "[OK] Started Daemon for power management" among other messages03:39
xissburgso yeah it's a complete mess03:39
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VegasXGamingyour friends for bonus credits!03:42
miguel2013actually nevermind it was detected the entire time03:43
MrEDomreturning to IRC after 10 years.  Are these ads, like vegasgaming commin?03:43
guivercMrEDom, no thankfully... (a little more common around this time time of year, but still not common)03:44
Bashing-omMrEDom: No - such actions are forbidden - so is rare.03:44
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VegasXGamingWe are a legit service, didn't realize I was spamming. I aplogize.03:53
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miguel2013can someone help me how to check if my ssd is running at 4x or 16x04:07
miguel2013on ubuntu 18.0404:07
miguel2013I have a m2 ssd on a pci adapter cause my mobo doesn't have m2 slot04:09
Maikmiguel2013: 4X or 16X speed?04:09
miguel2013I checked on the mobo but I'm not sure yet, cause manual says that port is 4x but mobo says is 16x and don't know what my card is using04:10
miguel2013Maik: yea04:10
Maikthose speed are for cdrom drives not ssd's04:10
Maikssd's are measured in MBs04:12
miguel2013Maik: the PCI-E lanes used04:12
lotuspsychjedmidecode to the rescue04:13
lotuspsychjemiguel2013: try sudo dmidecode --type 904:14
lotuspsychjeor dmidecode | grep "PCI"04:14
MrEDombetter yet grep -i "pCi"04:17
Mystified1234hi guys, need some help. let me pain the pcture first. from 20.04 updated to groovy 20.10. i enabled testing mode in 20.10. i had some issues with the ppa's.  so removed some ppa's. to fix the issues. now i'm not getting anymore errors. but i'm not sure i have all the required ppa's enabled for 20.10 to maintain updates 7 upgrades. can you guys advise me on how to ensure all the ppa's are enabled. i'd like to get back to testing for04:42
Mystified1234groovy. thanks in advance04:42
miguel2013I thought it was runing at 16x04:43
miguel2013thanks lotuspsychje ur cool04:43
stats4647Hi, is it possible to submit an existing file to cron ? (instead of doing "crontab -e" and editing the file by hand) ?05:05
Maikmiguel2013: mind the language please05:06
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MrEDomIs live Ubuntu ready for use with CUDA if I have a common Nvidia card?06:17
lotuspsychjeMrEDom: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-cuda-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux07:08
aldcorhi. So, I added my i3 config file to ~/.i3/, i installed i3 from repos. I added `exec i3` in .xinitrc. I selected i3 in gdm but when I log into it nothing happens. No keybinding is working. It's black. (using popos)08:27
lotuspsychjeducasse: ^08:28
lotuspsychjealdcor: we dont officially support PopOs! but you could try ask in #i3 if you like08:29
locsmif_workAfter installing kde-full, I get "the login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer". Every google results keeps talking about autologin. I do not use autologin. What else could be the cause? Switching to KDE, presumably?08:41
ducassealdcor: store it as ~/.config/i3/config09:35
aldcorducasse as I wrote.. it's in ~/.config/i3/ and ~/.i3/09:37
aldcorbut anyway it's not expected behaviour. config-wizard should start on first launch in i309:38
aldcorso, something is off when I do startx09:38
aldcorhm.. maybe exec i3-wm not i3 ?09:39
ducassewhich release are you on?09:39
aldcorpopos, downloaded/installed yesterday09:39
ducasseyou shouldn't need to touch .xinitrc at all, just choose it from the menu. we don't really support popos, though, i don't know if they do things differently09:40
aldcordeleted .xinitrc, same09:44
aldcoramazing.. now I have no sound10:00
newdimensionddrescue question: I used ddrescue (ddrescue -d /dev/sda test.img test.logfile) that is included with Clonezilla to make an image of a functioning drive. However, the resulting image only has one partition while the disk has two. And the image boots to "Missing operating system".10:10
Mech0zIs there any way to get the same ui when I connect to my Ubuntu server through VPN as when I just using the ubuntu machine10:22
Mech0zor an alternative to VPN if there is something better10:23
pedsounds like you want VNC Mech0z10:32
_lars_I'm stuck installing ubuntu 20.10 in an existing zfs pool, ubiquity does not show the datasets. Is this intended behaviour.10:47
_lars_I had to do an zfs import -a in commandline before, there were no information in zfs status before that.10:49
Mech0zped thanks will look into some easy guide^^11:10
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cmdaltescapeIf you want to tighten up security on default Ubuntu install that is shared with other people, should I think about other things except setting "chmod 750 on $HOME" so other users can't see each other files?12:34
cmdaltescape(I'm building a box that is accessed by multiple people)12:34
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BluesKajHappy New Year folks!12:59
ztanecmdaltescape: that does so very little :D13:05
cmdaltescapeztane, yeah, but it matters a bit though :)13:06
cmdaltescapeztane, do you have other recommendations?13:09
cmdaltescapeI might wanna do some development on the box. I'd be nice to put my dotfiles in there, and perhaps keys, and "some sense" of privacy on my homefolder13:10
ztaneit depends on the level of trust, but, even with this in place the other people can even by accident see running processes etc, and if someone for example gives passwords on command line they'll be in the process list etc etc.13:13
ztaneand of course there will be local privilege escalations and so, so anyone with enough willpower and skill can become root over time :D13:14
ducassecmdaltescape: how will users connect, ssh?13:14
ducasseand are there many?13:15
cmdaltescapeme, and 2 other devs13:15
ducasseyou could consider giving them each a separate container13:16
cmdaltescapeztane, "anyone with will power" .. wow! i hadn't considered that :)  - but we are friends13:16
ducassethen use nfs to share common files13:16
cmdaltescapeducasse, ssh authentication for sure13:16
legreffiersomeone who types some passwords on the command line probably shouldn't be granted a shell in the first place.13:16
cmdaltescapeducasse, interesting, you think 2 levels higher than i do lol - docker rocks13:18
user217_hello. need some help with interface bringing up. I cacnt bring my interface up via "sudo ip l set new1 up"13:18
ducassecmdaltescape: or lxd, might be better suited13:19
cmdaltescapelxd totally new to me - i love linux :)13:20
ducassei've got a similar setup for friends in a private channel, i virtualize the hosts they connect to and share files with nfs13:20
tinyhippoI'm having a problem printing via CUPS with Ubuntu -  I have a Zebra label printer connected to a raspberry pi (raspberry pi OS) and shared via CUPS, the printer has a page size of 38mm x 25mm, but that isn't an option in the print settings of LibreOffice Writer, how can I resolve that?13:21
jeremy31tinyhippo: Might need some plug in for a zebra printer13:22
legreffieruser217_: no error message ?13:22
tinyhippojeremy31: if I connect the printer directly to my ubuntu box, the paper size is available13:22
tinyhippoits just not available when shared via CUPS13:22
ducassetinyhippo: you might want to try ##cups or one of the libreoffice channels13:23
jeremy31tinyhippo: Only thing I can find is to use File menu, New--label and then set the measurement13:27
user217217legreffier, nope, just in systemctl :  (new1): state change: unmanaged -> unavailable (reason 'managed', sys-iface-state: 'managed')13:27
ducassecmdaltescape: if you need help setting it up, feel free to ask13:28
tinyhippojeremy31: hmmm, I wonder whether that'll just set the page size within writer, rather than allowing me to choose 38x25mm in the print prmopt13:28
cmdaltescapeducasse, i currently use Ansible to provision the server. it'd be nice if i could script this all easily ... :)13:30
ducassei don't use ansible, sorry, but i can't see what would stop you13:32
ducasseyou can also use lxc-utils if you prefer that13:32
cmdaltescapeducasse, about logging in: do the users directly ssh into the lxd container? (so I need to expose 3 "22 ports" for 3 users?, e.g. 2021, 2022, 2023?))13:33
ducassethat's the way i did it, i only needed a couple of containers13:34
ducasseyou could also use a jump host13:34
cmdaltescape(very secure setup indeed, totally isolated - smart)13:35
ducasseit's not foolproof, but it helps13:35
ducassecontainers are light on resources, too, and share common resources in memory13:36
legreffieruser217217: what are you trying to actually achieve here ?13:38
user217217legreffier, I want to understand why I cant bring up my interface and how I can start use it13:50
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RoseBushello i installed foxit pdf reader and it causes my system to crash and i just want to uninstall it but i'm not sure how14:21
coconutRoseBus, how did you install it?14:22
RoseBusit came with it's own standalone installer packaged in a .tar.gz14:22
RoseBusit's an executable14:22
RoseBusand it created a directory in ~/opt/foxit14:23
RoseBusi checked that directory for an uninstall.desktop and i clicked on that to open but then it launched wine14:23
RoseBuscould i just delete the directory?14:24
coconutRoseBus, did you install it with 'make install' ? If so then go to the same folder and run 'make uninstall'.14:24
RoseBusnope, the file i downloaded was a .run file so I just ran it... my opsec has evaded me14:25
coconutRoseBus, then you would check the .run file for a uninstall method, or remove the binary.14:28
oerheksclicking on a file in /opt/  might need sudo, sudo -i / cd opt/foxit  / and run the uninstall14:28
RoseBusno it's not /opt14:28
RoseBusit's ~/opt14:28
oerheksoh oke, still.. might need sudo14:28
SquarismDiscord shows VIRT 41g memory in top. Is there a good excuse for that or is that just bloat ware?14:29
legreffierSquarism: it includes ram + many unrelated thing. which in a browser context, is huge.14:31
legreffierit's not more bloated than expected to be. it's its expected behavior.14:31
legreffieryour computer probably doesn't have even close to this amount of RAM.14:32
SquarismI think i have 32g, but yeah.14:33
Squarismbrowser seems to be the new JVM or something14:33
garttHow do you store the output of an interactive command (such as htop, or a snapshot of the "watch" command being used) in a file? The normal bash redirection doesn't work for capturing a "snapshot" of interactive programs14:34
legreffierSquarism: well they do work reliably on many OS and archs.14:34
Squarismyeah i guess. Sadly its the way of things these days. Bloatalitious14:35
flingWhich version is 5.10 ?14:38
oerhekseasy to find on the wiki, fling14:39
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oerheksnot many remember that install + seperate live iso version14:40
flingoerheks: which page? I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel14:40
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oerhekshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases >https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BreezyBadger14:45
oerheksgrumble, i misplaced the install cd  .. https://photos.app.goo.gl/45zCwpiVp16MC8X2714:50
coconutwow, old install cd oerheks!14:55
hydrianEllo all15:32
hydrianI'm trying to install the apache2 authnz ldap module on 20.04, but I can't seem to find it. Google isn15:32
hydrianGoogle isn't being much help either15:33
hydriannevermind. I found it15:38
hydrianoerheks: I know that the apache name is, but there was nothing really like that in the deb package names.15:39
hydrianOh. It was acutually appart of the core now.15:39
hydrianIt has long been a separate deb package.15:40
asdfghwhat software can i install to detect the temp of my ryzen ?15:59
noalternativeI need to import a pem & ppk to ubuntu that I created from Windows in order to decrypt some files I made on windows.  Does anyone know how to do this.  It worked on a previous computer, but I don't remember what I did.16:18
hydrianasdfgh: It is usually done by lm_sensors16:24
hydrianwhat ryzen CPU do you have and ubuntu release?16:25
hydrianlm_sensor is very hardware and kernel/lm_sensor version senative16:25
asdfghhydrian, UBUNTU 20.04 RYZEN 5 360016:25
TJ-asdfgh: to check the values are available do " find /sys -name temp1_input 2>/dev/null | while read p; do echo "$p = $(cat $p)"; done "16:27
TJ-asdfgh: but remember that Ryzen doesn't report absolute temps as you are likely expecting. See  https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/hwmon/k10temp.html16:28
asdfghTJ-, /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:18.3/hwmon/hwmon0/temp1_input = 3612516:28
TJ-asdfgh: I'd interpret that as 36.12516:29
asdfghTJ-, OK and a software to stress everything?16:30
asdfghcpu gpu ssd etc16:30
asdfghi would like to put the pc under stress for 10 minutes and see what happen16:30
* TJ- offers asdfgh a fire extinguisher :)16:31
asdfghi know ryzen are usually hot then intel...but if you tell me that the temp is not the phisical temp so maybe it is not a big problem if i see 7016:31
asdfghTJ-, ahah16:31
oerhekscheck the vendor specs what temp is normal.16:32
asdfghoerheks, should i search ryzen 5 3600 normal temp? :D16:33
TJ-asdfgh: I noticed there can be multiple probes. This command seems to capture them all: "  find /sys -name temp?_input 2>/dev/null | while read p; do echo "$p = $(cat $p)"; done  "16:34
oerheksmax 95'C https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-5-360016:34
TJ-asdfgh: note the temp?_input wildcard there16:34
asdfghi kno wmax temp is 95 so it shuld not be a very big problem...i am under that temp...otherwise i will use the cpu to cook the pasta :D16:34
oerheksand idle it could be 49'16:35
asdfgh /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:18.3/hwmon/hwmon0/temp1_input = 3900016:35
asdfgh /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:18.3/hwmon/hwmon0/temp2_input = 3900016:35
oerhekslooks oke then16:35
TJ-asdfgh: according to the k10temp driver doc I linked you to, the Tctl calue is non-physical (i.e. not the real absolute)16:35
asdfghi have ^16:36
asdfghTJ-, yes16:36
TJ-"It does _not_ represent an actual16:36
TJ-physical temperature like die or case temperature. Instead, it specifies16:36
TJ-the processor temperature relative to the point at which the system must16:36
TJ-supply the maximum cooling for the processor's specified maximum case16:36
TJ-temperature and maximum thermal power dissipation.16:36
asdfghTJ-, i have used stock termal past16:37
asdfghbut i do not think it is a big problem16:37
TJ-asdfgh: not perfectly clear if that does apply to family 0x17 or not, e.g "Models from 17h family report relative temperature, the driver aims to compensate and report the real temperature"16:37
asdfghthe h100i corsair should be a good dissipator16:37
oerheksand update your mobo bios, to be sure16:38
asdfghmaybe the default termal paste is few small...or not optimized16:48
asdfghmy pc under stress i will continue till I see the sparks16:49
asdfghstress --cpu 12 --io 12 --vm 12 --vm-bytes 256M -d 1216:49
asdfgh73  max temp16:54
asdfghnot toooo bad16:54
oerheksi hope you have no fancy fan with leds; those are the worst heat blockers16:55
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_lars_I'm stuck installing ubuntu 20.10 in an existing zfs pool, ubiquity does not show the datasets. Is this intended behaviour?17:03
_lars_I had to do an zfs import -a in commandline before, there were no information in zfs status before that.17:03
_lars_(partioner in manual mode keeps telling me, unknown partition17:04
asdfghoerheks, no no17:12
asdfghno RGB at all17:12
foxideIt is my hope that ZFS becomes an option in the server installer as well, eventually.17:18
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_lars_foxide mine too...17:26
realieswhy is conntrack and conntrackd not found on ubuntu 20.04?17:43
pyeverythinghi has anyone installed Maya and Tinkercad on Ubuntu?18:16
MrEDomfahcontrol depends on python-gtk2 however...is not installed....sudo apt install python-gtk2...package python-gtk2 has no installation candidate.  Who dropped the ball?18:21
rfm!info conntrack focal | realies18:27
ubotturealies: conntrack (source: conntrack-tools): Program to modify the conntrack tables. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.4.5-2 (focal), package size 29 kB, installed size 102 kB (Only available for linux-any)18:27
realiesrfm, yeah, very strange, a docker container based on ubuntu i just started also found it18:27
realiesthe latest aws ubuntu ami image doesn't though18:28
realies    amazon-ebs: E: Unable to locate package conntrack18:28
realiesthere's apt-get update before it of course18:28
aroonianyone here use the lenovo compact bluetooth keyboard II?  is there a way to disable the 'open in a new window' effect that hitting the middle button on the mouse part of it seems to trigger?  i want to use it with the red erase nub for scrolling only18:36
arooniubuntu 20.04 if it matters18:36
shameus I have an Ubuntu 16.04 server running in AWS, with 2 ENIs. I have tried multiple online suggestions, but still cannot get "ping -I eth1 google.com" to return any packets to eth1. Both ENIs have elastic IPs attached, and the interface is up and route table created.18:38
shameusany ideas or suggestions would be appreciated :)18:38
realiesso weird, adding apt-cache search conntrack before the install fixed it?18:40
rfmrealies, seems to be there for me (older image though.)  I have occasionally had trouble with the aws mirror, might try pointing to some other mirror or archive.ubuntu.com...18:42
realiesapt-get update seems to be asking archive.ubuntu.com and it doesn't complain about not reaching it18:43
=== xfnw is now known as vulpine
rfmrealies, maybe a blip in the local cache, if it's working now.  an "apt-get clean" might be in order, though I'm not sure if that resets everything...18:46
realiesjust removed the apt-cache command and retrying now18:47
realiesand it worked 🤷‍♂️18:47
realiesdon't get these intermittent apt bugs18:48
shameusrealies: are you using a persistent apt cache between Docker builds? I've seen that create some funkiness in package state.18:53
realiesshameus, that's not even within docker18:56
realiesjust the latest aws ami for fossa18:57
shameusI see18:59
shameusI just saw you talking about docker earlier19:00
realiesjust double checked in a container19:00
shameusGot it now :)19:00
gnUserIf I create a Linux array using mdadm should my two hard drives still show up when running fdisk -l ? or only the new md0 device should show?19:10
foxideThe physical drives will still appear.19:12
foxideBecause they are still physical devices; just that they're "consumed" by mdadm.19:13
aldcorhi. On, Mate I play csgo with Steam and it works fine. But on i3 it's stuttering and runs on 9fps. I installed and launched compton but no changes. Also I noticed only one tab being visible in nvidi-settings in i319:16
aldcorwhat's going on?19:16
gnUserfoxide, thank you19:16
xissburgWhy cant I copy some files from my ubuntu install when I boot via usb?19:38
xissburgi.e. copy into another usb drive19:39
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aldcorhi! How do I use primusrun to launch game with nvidia in steam?19:50
aldcoron i319:50
EtherManIs there anything where I could coordinate multiple servers to reboot only one at a time when needed by apt upgrade? Something that isn’t k8s based20:22
summonneryou mean you want all of them to reboot at the same time?20:23
foxideEtherMan: rolling restarts, basically?20:25
EtherManRolling yea.20:25
EtherManRestarting all at the same time I could simply do a daily cron but want to make sure that one comes back before restarting the next to make sure I don’t end up with all in an unbootable state or something.20:27
foxideThat's something I'd probably write a script for, and each iteration would do some kind of service check before continuing. If the service check doesn't succeed in X time, bail.20:27
foxideBut I'm not aware of a pre-build widget for it.20:27
foxideI mean, it sounds like a common enough issue, I would imagine that SOMEONE has solved the problem already.20:30
EtherManMm. I just think most will be running k8s or docker swarm which has solutions for it. But don’t really have the resources for running that on this setup. 10 node cluster with just 512mb ram and basically shares a 2 cores across all 10 nodes :)20:33
foxideTrue. I could work on something basic for you.20:34
EtherManNaa. I can script it myself I think if it comes to it. Just don’t wanna reinvent the wheel20:35
foxideFair enough. :)20:36
relipseI have elastic search running for windows on port 9200 , but in my wsl 2 ubuntu 20 machine I can't seem to access it20:39
foxiderelipse: How are you attempting to connect to the service from the WSL instance?20:39
foxidelocalhost is referring to the WSL instance in this case, so that won't work.20:40
relipseso they get 2 ips?20:40
foxideYou'll need to use the LAN IP of the Windows machine itself.20:40
foxideWSL instances are NATed to the Windows host's LAN IP.20:41
relipsedoesn't that always change? you mean in /etc/resolv.conf20:41
relipsemaybe it's better to just install elasticsearch in ubuntu and use localhost:920020:41
foxiderelipse: You could try looking at the output of 'ip r' to determine the gateway address. That may be usable to connect to the Windows host from inside the WSL instance.20:42
foxideI've never attempted that, however, so I can't guarantee success.20:42
foxideOtherwise, you could try to give the Windows host a static IP address on its LAN interface, so that you won't have to deal with changing addresses.20:43
cokei think you have to forward the port with wsl220:55
cokeused to be easier with wsl20:55
foxideWould that be necessary communicating from instance to host?20:56
foxideThat's going the other way from what relipse is trying, I think.20:57
relipseok well i got it to work, basically i stopped my windows elasticsearch and installed elasticsearch on ubuntu, now i can navigate to http://localhost:9200 on my windows box or my wsl2 box21:02
xissburgI am beginning to suspect there's something wrong with my hardware.. Ubuntu can't be this buggy...21:02
foxidexissburg: Any particular behaviors you could point to?21:06
xissburgwell there's always something wrong getting in the way of everything... just after installing it, it restarted the pc and did nothing, got stuck on a black screen... had to hard reset, finally could log in then I am welcomed with that system error popup (gnome crashed apparently, smth like that), then I installed updates and nvidia drivers now it restarted and all I have a a purple screen21:09
relipsehow do i know if my cron ran?21:19
relipseis there a log somewhere21:19
relipsei'm on wsl 221:19
tacomasterI am trying to add a ntfs disk to fstab but when I try to add it I get "mount: /mnt/6TB unknown filesystem type 'ntfs'"21:21
jeremy31!wsl | relipse21:21
ubotturelipse: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide21:21
xissburglol my cursor shows up, and that's about it21:23
xissburgit's so broken21:23
geosmileI've an nvidia 2080 and a 4k monitor. When I do just 100% scaling. Things work. When I do 150% scaling, the screen size becomes larger than the actual pixels on the screen, and the windows start scrolling around21:59
geosmileanyone knows how to fix this?21:59
mifritscherHappy New Year!23:00
ApachezHappy New Year!23:16
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