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exodrifteri have nvidia-driver-455 installed and when i boot up my computer, I have no display signal when xubuntu prompts me to decrypt the drive. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot that?03:10
exodrifteri get a display signal when nouveau is being used instead, but I want to use the proprietary nvidia drivers for steam/video games03:11
ScienceMrExodrifter your hard drive is encrypted?    Good luck!03:26
ScienceMrEncrypting a hard drive is not a good idea.03:27
ScienceMrData Recovery on an encrypted drive is almost impossible.03:28
exodrifterWell, no, I'm using the computer right now. I don't need data recovery.03:28
exodrifterThere's just no display signal when the computer is suppsoed to show the decrpytion prompt when the proprietary nvidia drivers are installed. I can still enter the password in blind and get into the system03:29
ScienceMrHave you gone to Nvidia website for their drivers?03:29
exodrifterNo, I installed them via the additional drivers app in xubuntu03:30
ScienceMrBy   apt-get  ?03:30
exodrifterNo, through the additional drivers tab in the software & updates GUI. I'm not sure if that uses apt or not03:31
ScienceMrDid you sudo apt-get update &  upgrade before and after?03:31
exodrifterno, I have not.03:32
exodrifterlet me try that now03:32
ScienceMrThat may be your problem.03:32
ScienceMrYou may have to reboot.03:32
exodrifterwell, i'd have to reboot anyway to test it :P03:33
exodrifterIt didn't upgrade anything but i'll restart and check. be back in a bit.03:34
ScienceMrAlways upgrade and update.03:34
exodrifterno dice, still no display signal at the decrpytion prompt03:36
ScienceMrKeep in mind you must upgrade and update all the time. Ubuntu  101 rule.03:37
ubottuError: Ubuntu bug 101 could not be found03:37
ScienceMrCopy the error message to Google and put the word Xubuntu before it.03:37
exodrifteryeah, i try to stay up to date.03:37
exodrifterwhat error message?03:38
ScienceMrNvidia error.03:38
exodrifteri tried using google already, which is why i'm here. Is there a place where i can see nvidia errors? I'm never given an error prompt in the gui03:38
ScienceMrIf you know anything about Google, you can talk to it and ask it questions.03:38
exodrifterSorry, I don't really understand what you mean for me to do03:39
ScienceMrAlso, you mentioned earlier you are using legacy hardware.03:40
exodrifteri am?03:40
ScienceMrUbuntu keeps up with the latest technology. Perhaps your legacy hardware is not compatible with what you are trying to do.03:40
exodrifterI don't believe i am using legacy hardware.03:41
exodrifterOS: Ubuntu 20.10, KERNEL: 5.8.0-33-generic, CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz, GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GPU DRIVER: NVIDIA 455.38, RAM: 32 GB03:41
ScienceMrIt is difficult to troubleshoot another's problem without physically being there.03:42
exodrifterYeah, I understand.03:42
ScienceMrThink of it as putting a mazarati engine in a volkswagon. :)03:44
exodrifterer... sure?03:45
ScienceMrPutting a jet engine on a pair of roller skates.03:45
exodrifteri don't understand what you're trying to say.03:46
ScienceMrWhenever there is a problem there is always an incompatibility.03:46
ScienceMrSome situations have no workaround.03:47
exodrifterI mean, that's fine, I was just wondering if anyone had any guidance on what to do. I don't currently have any reason to believe it's a hardware issue since it works fine with nouveau but i have a hard time finding anything relevant on google for the problem i'm experiencing.03:48
exodrifteryou mentioned nvidia errors earlier, is there someplace that nvidia driver stuff gets logged? I tried asking google that but i didn't really get anything relevant03:49
ScienceMrHave you also used:    http://www.duckduckgo.com     <----< It is a much better Search Engine.03:50
exodrifterthat is indeed what i'm using.03:50
ScienceMrOK. Let me take a peek. Hold on please.03:51
exodrifteri perhaps am not aware of the right terms to search with03:51
ScienceMrUse synonyms in your searches. E.g., issues instead of problems.03:55
exodrifterthe first page of these results don't appear to be relevant... and that youtube link is for windows03:59
exodrifteranyway, i found out where the nvidia errors might be getting logged, so i'm looking into that now.04:00
ScienceMrI understand. Put  Xubuntu before the search. Windows will show up because of the software  WINE or VMWare.04:01
ScienceMrI run VBox with Ubuntu.04:02
ScienceMrVirtual Box.04:02
ScienceMrSun Microsystems.04:02
daregapmorning. Where does xubuntu 20.04 LTS store passwords? Is there a keyring daemon available? If so, which?06:00
diogenes_daregap, gnome-keyring.06:09
daregapand if I understand correctly, this daemon stores passwords per-user, yes? I.e. each user has its own database somewhere in their home folder. There is no global database.06:15
daregapyep, looks like that's the case: ~/.local/share/keyrings06:20
diogenes_daregap, seahorse is the gui.06:32
daregapyeah, thanks. Just found and installed it.06:34
frutohumanoHi, i'm new ubuntu user16:49
frutohumanoI have 2 issue16:49
frutohumanolong time to boot screens16:50
frutohumanoand the logo xubuntu on boot screens don't showed when the boot start16:50
frutohumanosomeone get solve this ?16:51
Fernando-Bassofrutohumano: “long time” means approximately how many seconds?17:12
frutohumanoFernando-Basso you are Brazilian ?17:18
frutohumano2 minutes to boot and enter on desktop screen17:49
Fernando-Bassofrutohumano: Yeah, I'm from Brazil. Is your computer hardware OK/fast and it is really just Xubuntu slowing things down?17:56
frutohumanoblza Fernando17:58
frutohumanoFalando em Portugês aqui17:58
frutohumanoSim minha máquina está rápida no windows 8.117:59
frutohumanoNo linux mint cinamon o boot também é tão rápido quanto no windows 8.117:59
frutohumanoMas no Xubuntu17:59
frutohumanoO tempo de carregamento é Longo d+17:59
frutohumanoe a logo do xubuntu não aparece enquanto o sistema carrega18:00
frutohumanofica uma tela preta18:00
frutohumanodurante o boot18:00
frutohumanotentei usar o xubuntu 20.04 pra ver se é a versão18:00
frutohumanomas o erro é o mesmo18:00
frutohumanoaliás "não erro" mas sim um comportamento durante o boot18:01
frutohumanoTestei com o Ubuntu mate, e Ubuntu DDE e ZOrin OS e o carregamento também ocorreu normal com a logo de cada sistema enquanto faz o boot18:02
frutohumanosó no xubuntu que não dá18:02
frutohumanoAtualmente uso o Xubuntu 18.0418:02
frutohumanoSe monstrou mais estável pra mim18:02
frutohumanoe eu adoro o xubuntu18:02
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:02
frutohumanooh yes, thank ubotttu18:03
mnemochi, since displaycal was removed, how does one calibrate a monitor on 20.04?19:52
mnemocgot a i1Display319:52
n-iCehi guys how is the touchscreen support in xubuntu?20:17
mnemocnevermind, installing an old .deb and dependecies sorted it20:21
Keresanyone know how to stop Firefox from blocking websites?22:48
Kereswhat other browser could i install in Xubuntu because this Firefox blocking stuff is driving me nuts22:48
raccoon_dogWhat kind of blocking do you mean? What sites does it block?22:52
Keresanything with the instructions to disable site blocking in firefox22:52
JackFrostJust use ublock?22:52
raccoon_dogIt blocks reddit? o.O22:52
Keresit blocks ubuntuforums22:52
Keresit blocks a load of technical articles from linux sites22:53
raccoon_dogWhat message does it show when it blocks those sites?22:53
raccoon_dogThat doesn't sound like typical behavior.22:53
Maikhard to believe since FF work fine here22:56
raccoon_dogThat is not typical.22:56
Keresi cant even get to a site to paste the warnings it is giving me22:57
raccoon_dogWell, can you screenshot it maybe?22:57
MaikKeres:  mind finally share some more info with us? we don't have a crystal ball22:58
Maiklike which warnings?22:58
Maikreddit works fine here Keres23:00
xtaoMITM proxy forcing the connection to HTTP rather than HTTPS?23:00
Maikany addons  installed on FF Keres?23:01
Keresi just installed Xubuntu23:01
Keresso, however it came it is23:01
Keresupdated what>?23:01
Maiksudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade23:02
Keresits brand new23:02
Keresi just installed it23:02
Maikyou need to UPDATE your system if you just installed it23:03
raccoon_dogRun the command Maik gave you, Keres.23:03
KeresCalculating upgrade... Done23:04
Keres0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.23:04
Keresi told you i just installed it23:04
Keresso its is up to date supposedly23:04
raccoon_dogJust installing it doesn't necessarily mean all the packages are the most recent ones; regardless, FF shouldn't be doing that.23:05
raccoon_dogHow are you connecting to the Internet? Like, is it via some captive portal?23:05
MaikKeres: which Xubuntu version?23:05
Keresits just a regular phone company internet connectio with a wireless router23:06
Kereschrome on xubuntu18. worked23:06
Keresi upgraded this box to 20.1023:06
Kereswhat other browser can i install?23:11
Maikchrome, chromium23:12
MaikKeres: try removing firefox and remove the mozilla folder in home and then reinstall firefox23:15
Keresjust sudo apt-get remove firefox?23:17
MaikKeres: sudo apt remove firefox will do23:18
Maikapt-get isn't used anymore23:18
raccoon_dogWould "purge" be better here?23:18
JackFrostI mean it is, you can use either actually.  That one is specifically better for scripts.23:18
JackFrostShouldn't have to re-install firefox at all, instead try creating a new profile and see if that helps.23:19
MaikKeres: still i find it hard to believe since you are the only one with these issues in FF. Do you have any add ons/extensions installed?23:19
Keresno, its stock how it came from the install23:20
JackFrost`firefox --ProfileManager` when firefox is closed and create a new profile.23:20
raccoon_dogKeres: When you upgraded to 20.10, did you upgrade from 18. whatever, or did you install 20.10 as a fresh install?23:21
Keresno, i nuked the disc23:21
raccoon_dogYeah, then this makes no sense.23:21
raccoon_dogVery weird behavior.23:21
Keresbesides, this was a mint machine23:21
Keresso it is possible that the firefox brand profile is missing or bad?23:22
Maikif you wiped the whole drive and did a clean install, i guess not23:24
xtaofor what it's worth i'm using 20.10 installed from a clean install and firefox works fine. no issues23:24
xtaofirefox 84.0 apparently23:25

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