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holstHi guys! The top level document in a cloud-init file contains a lot of keys; a question I have is the order of execution of those blocks guaranteed to be done in sequence as I have defined them in the yaml?12:16
holstsorry, I am a bit new to the cloud-init terminology. What I am talking about is the "cloud-config" document type12:18
falcojrholst: no, they are not executing in the order you defined them in the cloud-config14:10
falcojrif you run `cloud-init analyze show` on your instance, that'll show the order things were executed. Order can be changed in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg14:11
falcojrsmoser: do you have a chance to take another look at https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/743 ? We still need an approval from you14:15
chillysurferis there a command for cloud-init to output network config?16:10
rharperchillysurfer: do you mean what was found in IMDS? what it rendered?16:18
chillysurferrharper: sorry, i should have clarified. i mean what is rendered16:19
rharperthe short answer is no; we don't have such a sub-command;    I do think having it dump (what network config were you given) and show (what config did you write) would be useful16:19
rharperchillysurfer: the latter (given you have the former); is present but quite awkward to use;  cloud-init devel net-convert --help16:20
rharperused something like, devel net-convert --debug -p <input netconf file> -k <input type> -d <output directory> -D <distro> -O <renderer name>16:21
chillysurferrharper: ok cool i'll check that out16:25
rharperchillysurfer: one big improvement would be for cloud-init to keep the original IMDS data in a file somewhere in /var/lib/cloud/instance/  ...  right now I don't think we log the original input in all cases;16:29
chillysurferah ok that makes sense16:32
viks____Odd_Bloke: sorry.. i saw your message nw... i have fixed config-drive issue in my setup and with that, cloud-init seems to be working fine..  thanks a lot for your inputs and suggestions..17:03
Odd_Blokeviks____: Great, glad to hear it!  Happy we could help. :)17:07
Odd_BlokeWhile working on the LXD VMs pycloudlib change, I got derailed by a test that was failing for another reason on LXD VMs: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/80120:44

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