hyperbabaHi there, can someone please point me in the right direction. I have a charmed openstack up (20.04) with ovn. The problem with netns has led to inconsistencies between ovn database and neutron. Also neutron-ovn-metadata-agent is unable to start on any compute node.09:36
hyperbabaThe stack is in production and I am unable to resolve the issues.09:37
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teldredgeHow might I rename a charmed kubernetes cluster from an overlay?14:27
teldredgeI'm also trying to use an overlay to change constraints. I'm using the kubernetes-core bundle and changing the kubernetes-master\worker constraints. Do I need to set the machine constraints as well? What happens if the machine and unit constraints conflict?15:03
teldredgeTried an overlay with just the unit constraints and they didn't work. Then tried another overlay with the machine and unit constraints and it did.15:08
teldredgebut $juju get-constraints kubernetes-worker shows the bundle constraints, not the machine constraints... so I guess it only picked up the machine constraints15:09
teldredgeTried adding another worked and it didn't honor the constraints, so still not sure how to set the unit constraints in overlays15:12

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