SirOsisOfThelivehi all,  i just installed ubunto 20 server to host kvm virtual machines.  is there a prefered firewall i can set up.  google gives conflicting results.01:57
sarnoldufw is the default interface over iptables01:58
SirOsisOfTheliveok thanks01:58
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jayjowhat's the best way to build a debian sid package on an ubuntu machine? For example, I'm trying to build https://packages.debian.org/sid/python3-build. Can I add a deb-src to my apt/sources.list without pinning or being afraid of breaking other things?02:17
sarnoldjayjo: yeah, you can have loads of deb-src lines, no trouble02:19
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tewardsarnold: maybe for source packages, but that won't get build deps, which if they're doing a Sid build they'll need build deps they probably won't have03:43
tewardand they might need Debian Sid build dep versions to work03:44
teward... which is why sbuild is my build env :P03:44
sarnoldteward: hmm, I assumed they wanted a new feature from debian on ubuntu, not trying to build a debian package for debian03:45
sarnoldotherwise they'd just use debian :)03:45
teward> best way to build a debian sid package on Ubuntu03:47
tewardvague statement is vague03:47
tewardbut I have to build Sid packages on Ubuntu (xca) so i think some clarity might be needed03:48
tewardand i stand by the "what if the libs are too old on $RELEASE" argument :P03:48
sarnoldaye, but in that case you've signed up for some fun :)03:48
sarnoldteward: dinner time :) have fun03:49
luna_Server updated to 20.04.2 now :)06:50
lordievaderGood morning07:30
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