bobbycheetahhi. apologies in advance for the lengthy questions.  i have an older pc (not crazy old, still 64bit) that I would like to put ubuntustudio on.  Do I still go for the latest release or choose an older release?  If older release, what are the main hw specs i should use to determine which release?  My main goal on this machine is get audacity working solidly so that I can begin project o19:44
bobbycheetahf digitizing my LP records.  So is ubuntustudio overkill?  Currently, i'm using MX Linux and having an aggravating time between it and audacity.19:44
wonkoOvenWerks: Ok, universal wallwart doing its jobs nicely. The AF4 is now working on the mac20:56
wonkono drivers installed or anything, just out of the box20:56
wonkoI wonder if/how I can change the frame and period20:56
wonkoOk, I don't know how to use QjackCtl on osx at all21:07
_puddle_catia is an option?21:15
OvenWerksbobbycheetah: I don't know MX Linux at all, but21:15
OvenWerks_puddle_: catia is an option for what?21:15
_puddle_change frame/period21:15
_puddle_just a thought, i have only used a hackintiosh a bit21:16
wonkoI'm going to try to use jack on osx21:16
wonkowe'll see how it goes. :)21:16
OvenWerks_puddle_: you have to get JACK running in the first place though21:16
_puddle_i was under the impression it was21:17
OvenWerksThe act of starting jack should be able to set latency21:17
_puddle_true enough21:17
OvenWerksbobbycheetah: recording audio to a wave file (can be compressed to ogg, mp3, whatever) can be done by any number of apps.21:18
OvenWerksbobbycheetah: audacity should work just fine21:19
wonkohmm, is jack kinda crap on osx? now this laptop crashes21:19
OvenWerkswonko: I don't know from experience (not having the the price of entry) but I do know people do use jack on the mac because someone went to the trouble of getting mcpdisp to run on it.21:21
wonkoWell, it might be Mixxx as well, which runs like absolute crap21:23
wonkoand I can't seem to get it to talk to jack anyway, the options are CoreAudio or None21:23
OvenWerksbobbycheetah: what problem have you had with audacity?21:23
OvenWerkswonko: it may not show jack if it is not running21:24
wonkoit was running21:24
wonkoalso, the crash backtrace shows the firewire extension as the reason the kernel paniced on the mac. Which is not a positive thing I don't think?21:24
OvenWerkswonko: the person who did the mcpdisp build may not have used fw21:29
OvenWerksbut I suspect that there is no ffado drivers for mac or at least you have to have something built for the kernel involved21:30
wonkoOk, so I can get jack started. It makes audio all crackly when it's running (using an app that is still talking to CoreAudio)21:36
wonkoI cannot for the life of me get an app that works with JACK on OSX21:36
wonkoAlso, I'm pretty sure Mixxx was trying to do something dumb with FW21:37
wonkothat is almost certainly what was causing it to crash, so I deleted that.21:37
bobbycheetahit is flaking out too much.   It took forever to stumble on the correct device (and still don't know how i did it) to get sound to work.  Then when i did,  the next recording i tried to make it stopped again working again.  i know that's very genric, but it's hard to explain.  it's like "you had to be there to witness it's behavior”  so I started thinking - maybe there is a diff dis21:39
bobbycheetahtro that works better with audacity.   if so,  should i focus on a release that matches up with my existing hw config.21:39
OvenWerksbobbycheetah: what sample rate and buffer size do you use?22:15
bobbycheetahi don't see sample rate setting.  i see sample project setting which is 44100 by default.  my main issue is trying to get sound.  I can see in the pulse gui that sound it making it in,  but nothing coming from the speakers.22:31
OvenWerksI don't think audacity does sound out while recording.22:31
bobbycheetahit does when you use the "monitoring" option22:37
OvenWerksAh, ok. Are you using the same Audio device for input and output?22:37
bobbycheetahthat way you can play the LP, hit pauxe then hit record,   so you can check levels.22:37
bobbycheetahinput is turntable -> phono preamp (ARTcesoories) -> to the linux box via USB.22:38
bobbycheetahoutput would be via the soundcard - like used normally and can hear sound while in youtube, or listeing to mp3, etc.22:39
OvenWerksThat may be a problem as they can not be properly synced.22:40
bobbycheetahthe list of input devices that show in audacity is ridiculous.  i pic one,  try it,  pick another, try it,   each time you have to use the "scan/discover devices"  eventually I lucked out and the one i picked worked.22:41
OvenWerksYou may be better of using JACK as a back end for pulse22:41
bobbycheetahi'm gonna jump off here.  i'm going at add 8gb mem tmrw.  (total of 16).22:41
OvenWerkswith studio-controls you can  set that up22:42
bobbycheetahi tried using jack, but totally lost with it.22:42
bobbycheetahor i may just say screw it and go back to using my Mac.  I just figured, i had a Linux box to do the job.22:43
bobbycheetah*had a linux box that was competent to do the job.22:43
OvenWerksIt has been a long time since I tried a vinyl transcribe22:43
bobbycheetahthe other chat i'm in, they recommended going back a kernel in mx linux.   so i may goof around with that.22:44
bobbycheetahlinux in general - no matter what distro i've tried,  there's always something that just is a pita to get working.    thanks every one for your time and advice!22:45

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