santa_RikMills: kconfig, kwidgetsaddons, kpeople non-urgent fixes pushed to git00:21
RikMillssanta_: ack, thanks10:27
RikMillssanta_: ironhand does not seem to be showing test status from excuses10:28
BluesKajHowdy folks12:52
santa_hi everyone16:51
santa_RikMills: I've just checked the iron hand for frameworks: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/ka-iron-hand_reports/frameworks_archive/5.79_hirsute_proposed_migration.pdf16:52
santa_it seems it works fine in this precise moment16:52
santa_as far as I can see the packages marked in orange passed the autopkgtests, but are not migrating because of glibc16:53
santa_kio is marked in red, as it should, because of libreoffice failed test16:54
santa_RikMills: if you see some specific package misbehaving, please give me a ping so I can check again and fix ka-iron-hand if needed16:56
santa_I will keep an eye on it, thanks for the feedback :)16:56
RikMillssanta_: earlier when there were tests running and a couple of fails, it also just showed oranges17:16
RikMillsor the one I generated did17:16
santa_aha, and it wasn't a timing issue I guess17:17
RikMillsno I made sure it was updated on that excuses17:18
RikMillsanyway, thanks :)17:18
santa_one thing that comes to my mind is that maybe the glibc dependency is having more "priority" than the autopkgtests results17:18
RikMillssounds plausible17:19

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