IrcsomeBotThomas was added by: Thomas00:49
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> Hi00:50
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> I need help about wifi problems in kubuntu 20.1000:50
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> Sometimes it doesnt connect to the network00:53
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> And an alert appears that says wireless interface(wlp2s0)00:56
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> I hope you understand me, i dont speak english00:57
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> XD00:57
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InZaneGamer84why is pip not installed on my Kubuntu 20.04 system?!02:53
InZaneGamer84and it's not in the repo's ?02:55
InZaneGamer84Hello! I need help to run pip03:04
InZaneGamer84I've installed it and can't seem to run it03:04
IrcsomeBot<Thomas> Pip of python?03:04
InZaneGamer84There's two things that ANY system which includes a Python installation should have installed by default!03:06
InZaneGamer841) PIP 2) IDLE03:07
IrcsomeBot<Rich_ard Z> is it bug04:34
IrcsomeBot<Rich_ard Z> Documentation for conversation04:34
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Guest25939i need help =(06:45
IrcsomeBot<erfan_sta> @erfan_sta, ?08:14
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IrcsomeBot<TsingKwai TsingKwai> It's irc...I think the chat messages can't be sent from telegram to irc11:57
jpjpI recently upgraded to and the greeter for my unlock screen takes a long time to show up. Anyone facing the same issue too ? Or, knows any solution ?12:08
BluesKajHowdy folks12:52
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IrcsomeBotsapocanciomero was added by: sapocanciomero16:03
IrcsomeBot<sapocanciomero> Hi16:03
IrcsomeBot<sapocanciomero> Does anybody know how I can do a bachup of all my files?16:04
IrcsomeBot<sapocanciomero> @join_captcha_bot, or516:05
TalklessI get "Requested download is not authorized for us" when trying to use http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/20.04.2/release/kubuntu-20.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent torrent16:08
Talklesswith Transmission-Qt16:09
Talklesssome sort of issue with tracker?16:09
Talklessmy client is still seeding (it managed to download image some time ago), but it always shows this error now16:09
IrcsomeBotsapocanciomero was added by: sapocanciomero16:12
IrcsomeBot<sapocanciomero> Hi! Is there a way, with an app that I can get a backup of my computer easily?16:16
IrcsomeBot<renedarioherrera> @sapocanciomero, Others will have good ideas but I like to use rsync.16:18
krytarikTalkless: That's because the version has been superseded by this week's hotfix one.16:25
Talklesskrytarik: I just downloaded latest .torrent, so I guess. torrent is still not updated?16:25
krytarikhttps://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/ - well, this page appears to link to the new version at least.16:27
TalklessOK I just manufacutred link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/20.04.2/release/kubuntu-20.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent myself and it works16:27
Talklessadded .0 and it's fine now, thanks krytarik16:27
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