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xnoxwhen i run ./update script in ubuntu-meta it generates:19:33
xnoxAdded wpasupplicant to desktop-raspi19:33
xnoxRemoved genisoimage from desktop, desktop-minimal, desktop-raspi19:33
xnoxbut i don't know why at all.19:33
xnoxcause i would have thought that networkmanager pulls in wpasupplicant always19:33
xnoxand genisoimage is weird because i don't see why it was in desktop in the first place, and i see no seed changes about it, or anything in the archive.19:34
xnoxaha https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/0.3.819:35
xnoxi see this now.19:35
xnoxoh wpasupplicant is in desktop-common and raspi-common, ok then.19:36
KGB-0glib tags 61a57c9 Simon McVittie upstream/2.67.3+git20210214 * Upstream version 2.67.3+git20210214 * https://deb.li/r57019:37
xnoxok then, looks sane, although i think we can drop wpasupplicant.19:37
KGB-0glib upstream/latest 4d67359 Simon McVittie * pushed 61 commits * https://deb.li/3m3Dj19:37
KGB-0glib pristine-tar 07128b4 Simon McVittie glib2.0_2.67.3+git20210214.orig.tar.xz.delta glib2.0_2.67.3+git20210214.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for glib2.0_2.67.3+git20210214.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3k54419:37

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