xu-irc67wWhen is a plugged in USB stick represented by a USB drive icon and when by a Pendrive icon in the desktop?12:32
xu-irc67wI am using Xubuntu 20.04, XFCE12:33
xu-irc67wOn what does it depend? I have 2 sticks and their desktop icons differ but I don't know why12:36
brainwashxu-irc67w: got a screenshot?12:43
xu-irc67wwhere are those icons stored i will look them up12:44
tomreynit may be a matter of how or whether file systems were detected on it12:45
brainwashmaybe doing a simple right-click > Properties could give a hint12:46
xu-irc67wOne stick seems to use drive-removable-media-usb.png12:49
xu-irc67wThe other stick as drive-harddisk-usb.png or gnome-dev-flashkey.png (same icon)12:51
xu-irc67wProperties are the same12:53
xu-irc67wboth sticks have a single LUKS partition12:54
brainwashxu-irc67w: my only guess would be that one of the devices has a fstab entry12:57
brainwashand therefore is identified as hdd12:57
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diogenes_xu-irc67w, might depend on the driver deleted.13:02
xu-irc67wone stick has partion id 7 (HPFS/NTFS/exFAT) the other e8 (LUKS)13:02
brainwashthere you have it13:03
xu-irc67wbut that is also not the cause, i changed the id to 7 and still it is displayed as a disk iso pendrive13:04
xu-irc67wcan you point me to the source code where the decision is made?13:06
brainwashxu-irc67w: maybe here https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib/-/blob/master/gio/gunixmounts.c#L271113:11
xu-irc67wthx again, i will have a look13:13
brainwashlooks like xfdesktop specifies the icons too https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/-/blob/master/settings/main.c#L42513:14
brainwashbut that's for the settings dialog it seems13:16
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xu-irc67wSource code doesn't help.Maybe the Product description of the usb device has influence. If I run the script usb-devices, one USB stick shows "Product=Voyager Go" and the misbehaving one shows "Product=Mass Storage Device".15:17
xu-irc67wI am probably talking nonsense15:20
brainwashwhat is your goal though?15:23
xu-irc67wTo understand it. I prefer the pendrive icon because that is more specific15:24
xu-irc67wI tried some other usb sticks, some have the disk icon and others the pendrive icon15:26
brainwashchanging the type of the device may not be easy/possible15:27
xu-irc67wI think you are right, I give up :-)15:28
brainwashyou could symlink the unwanted icon to its counterpart, but that is an ugly hack15:29
xu-irc67wno indeed15:29
xu-irc67wI just want to understand it, but give up for now15:30
xu-irc67wthx for your help, cya15:30
acagastyaHi, where is the display server configurations (xinitrc?) located for xubuntu?16:43
acagastyaI have a frozen login screen, and I wondered if I can somehow use a different tool to get in (it also does not let me enter tty)16:44
diogenes_acagastya, /etc/X11/xinit/16:47
acagastyaAll right, looking.16:47
acagastyaHm it points to /etc/X11/Xsession.16:55
acagastyaAnd this is how that file looks like: https://dpaste.com/97WGBL2QS16:55
acagastyaI can't seen to figure out which part controls the login window.16:56
diogenes_ /etc/X11/default-display-manager16:57
acagastyadiogenes_: the problem arose when my colleague tried updating from 18.04 to 20.04 -- said the login screen is frozen and couldn't tty.  Any idea if this is a known problem?17:01
diogenes_acagastya, a new user?17:02
acagastyaHe has been using Xubuntu for years, but doesn't use terminal often.17:03
acagastyaHe actually ran the GUI update.  Right now, we are trying to use a live USB, and chrooting to hard drive seeing if we can fix this.17:05
diogenes_let him use a live usb and move all .dolders and .files from his /home/username to somewhere else.17:05
acagastyaWell that is a way -- asked him to rsync all files he needs to back up.17:06
acagastya.dolders -- wait, you mean .folders?17:06
diogenes_yes and no chroot needed.17:07
acagastyaIs a fresh install necessary?17:08
acagastyaIf possible, I would rather not have him go through installation again, and moving the files back.17:08
acagastyaBut well, `/etc/X11/default-display-manager` points to `/usr/sbin/lightdm`.17:09
acagastyaWhat the heck.  On my computer, I emptied `/etc/X11/default-display-manager` and it still works fine.17:17

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