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lordievaderGood morning07:06
nirakarahi is anyone around07:36
nirakarahaving a nightmarish time trying to install on a dell xps 935007:36
nirakarabasically, no medium for live container found07:36
nirakarausb boot drive shows up sometimes, sometimes doesnt07:37
nirakarahave added nomodeset to grub params07:37
nirakarahi i am trying to install Kubuntu 20.04 (latest iso) onto an Dell XPS 9350 which already has debian installed (without UEFI/Secure boot). When i boot from USB often the USB doesnt show up, UEFI or Legacy boot both. I often have to switch usb ports or toggle UEFI/legacy boot to get it to show again. Once i get through to grub, it shows me the splash before dropping to a message08:14
nirakara saying "no medium for live08:14
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snipermanpersonne ?10:50
JustpassingbyHello, im having some issues with the volume of my sound card, the volume of my analog speakers is too low even when i turn it to 150%. i've tried turning up the volume on alsamixer, turning off the HDMI digital outputs of my NVIDIA graphics cards(just in case they had issues) and i tried tinkering with hdajackretask (and failing spectacularly) but11:09
Justpassingbyim still having this issue, could it be a wrong driver or a bad audio config? i have a Sound Blaster Recon 3D,11:10
JustpassingbyIm using Kubuntu version 20.04 with the 5.4.0-65 kernel11:15
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:43
BlackWolfiehi, could any one tell me how can I completly uninstall kde plasma?13:05
BlackWolfiei used apt remove kde-desktop but when I start system I still have kubuntu logo13:06
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daft_dutchHi, I just installed Kde on a laptop. works out great. Only the mic  of my bluetooth headset is not working. The systemsettings of kde dont give me much to lean on18:24
diogenes_daft_dutch, try pavucontrol18:27
daft_dutchright on18:30
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aaronhoneycuttthis works?23:02
aaronhoneycuttvalorie test23:02

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