EmilioGranell[m]Good morning, I have not been able to deploy any model in `seldon-core`, sometimes the seldondeployment is created without errors but never becomes available, but most of the time it gives me the following error:09:31
EmilioGranell[m]```Error from server (InternalError): error when creating "STDIN": Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "<http://mseldondeployment.kb.io|mseldondeployment.kb.io>": Post <https://seldon-core.kf.svc:443/mutate-machinelearning-seldon-io-v1-seldondeployment?timeout=30s>: no service port 'ƻ' found for service "seldon-core"```09:31
LukeMarsden[m]What is that strange '2' with a line through it!? cc Rui Vasconcelos09:47
RuiVasconcelos[m<LukeMarsden[m] "Any update on this please Rui Va"> Hey Luke Marsden! Sorry for the late reply here10:37
RuiVasconcelos[m<RuiVasconcelos[m "Hey Luke Marsden! Sorry for the "> Kenneth is proposing starting this work on our side today, we'll provide an ETA when he's up 😉10:38
RuiVasconcelos[mEmilio Granell> That's interesting, could you please create an issue here -» <https://github.com/canonical/bundle-kubeflow/issues ?10:40
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knkski[m]Luke Marsden: `ƻ` == unicode codepoint `0x01BB` == `443` in base 1015:20
knkski[m]Luke Marsden: Also, for an ETA, I'm expecting EOW16:08
EmilioGranell[m]done,  <https://github.com/canonical/bundle-kubeflow/issues/317>17:18
mupPR operator#481 closed: Make Container.add_layer write out layer file (in lieu of dynamic API) <Created by benhoyt> <Closed by benhoyt> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/481>22:42

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