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rafaeldtinocoso.. I'm +1 in not opening the meeting as our agenda is empty and there is nothing to be discussed (I suppose).19:02
ddstreetsounds good to me!19:03
sil2100Good here as well o/19:03
sil2100Let's stick around though in case someone from the community has questions19:03
tewardthere's only a few things of 'discussion' that don't need a meeting :p19:09
tewardmore or less, oneoffs19:09
rafaeldtinocoteward: about requests coming from lubuntu team19:12
tewardrafaeldtinoco: yep.19:12
rafaeldtinocolets do it here so its public19:12
rafaeldtinocoso, last time we did something similar ... was with openstack19:12
tewardit's also in their devel channel :P19:12
rafaeldtinocoiirc, last application we had for the openstack packageset19:12
rafaeldtinocoI asked the person to map everything they needed there19:13
rafaeldtinocoand things we should remove from the set19:13
rafaeldtinocoand we did this through an email copying dmb19:13
rafaeldtinoco(list of packages, I would reply asking my doubts, etc)19:13
rafaeldtinocowe could go down that road for lubuntu19:13
tewardprobably should19:14
tewardthey have a phab task for things that need to be added to the packageset...19:14
tewardhttps://phab.lubuntu.me/T197  (not sure if this is fully visible to nonloggedins there)19:14
rafaeldtinocoand I would ask for them to review those that could also be removed19:14
rafaeldtinocolet me see19:14
tewardthat's the NEW items19:14
tewardlxqt-archiver's on the list but i already handled that this morning ;)19:14
tewardit doesn't discuss items to drop19:14
rafaeldtinococould u ask them then, to email dmb with a formal request with the changes they would like to have ?19:15
rafaeldtinocoand pay attention for my doubts (when updating the pkgset ?)19:15
tewardi'm going to also make a core task in their Phab for it19:16
tewardso they can audit19:16
teward(that's their tracker)19:16
rafaeldtinocoif they want to compare with other existing sets19:17
rafaeldtinoco(sometimes to "let them handle instead of us" approach)19:17
tewardi was looking for that link but couldn't find it thanks.19:24
tewardi'll provide that to them,19:24
tewardand created tasks for them to review19:24
tewardrafaeldtinoco: once we have the complete audit we'll go poking.  There seems to be a lot of cruft in their packageset they don't want/need upload for so :P19:28
tewardi expect there to be a large set of tweaks coming :p19:28
ddstreetrafaeldtinoco did you have a chance to add docs around the dmb tooling?19:29
ddstreethow to use it, how it uses the source seeds to generate packagesets...what the seed<->packageset relationship is...?19:29
rafaeldtinocoddstreet: nope19:46
rafaeldtinocoddstreet: the packageset update (automatic, from the seeds) is just a makefile now... but the decisions the 2 scripts (pkgset-report/pkgset-push) do (and why) is not documented19:47
rafaeldtinocoIm updating the sets from the seeds automatically from time to time (and before freezes) for now.. but the requests (openstack / lubuntu) were for non-automatic updates19:48
ddstreetrafaeldtinoco i updated the ubuntu-dekstop packageset to add some packages, per an email to devel-permissions; i wasn't sure if ubuntu-desktop is generated from a seed, though19:51
rafaeldtinocothere are some hard coded stuff for the desktop sets.. check git.launchpad.net/~developer-membership-board/+git/packageset19:52
rafaeldtinocoso no overrides are made to the default pkgs ubuntu-desktop plays with.. but I would guess a big rework could be made in all those scripts (like previously discussed) to better find deps and associate them to the sets (And to do seed<->set decisions)19:56
rafaeldtinocoonly problem is time to justify the work :(19:56
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