OvenWerksJohn122: start jack from the "app"... which app? If you start jack with studio-controls pavucontrol _should_ show no devices. However, if it is working correctly, output devices should show one or more jacksinks00:26
OvenWerksJohn122: I would assume this means that some thing has gone wrong in autojack. So a look at the autojack.log file may help sort that out00:27
OvenWerksJohn122: cat ~/.log/autojack.log |pastebinit may give some insight00:54
John122OvenWerks: morning. I had an error about a2jmidid so I installed that. I backed up the log file, rm'd and touched it, and restarted so the minimum log is now https://pastebin.com/9HYnLuqZ07:44
John122OvenWerks: I don't know if I am best to remove all other audio devices or not? The PI has HDMI audio and Headphones audio (bcm2835) but I won't be using them. I'll only be using the Rubix24. When I first started this setup on Friday (not realising the problems I'd face) I removed them so the only device was the Rubix24 but I've now put them back so I have something to set in JACK Master Device (no usb) ?07:48
John122OvenWerks: and sorry, I'm not sure I follow the line about starting jack from the "app" ?07:49
OvenWerksThe log file shows that pulse is not able to load the pulse jack bridge. maybe it is not installed08:01
basskuroihi, i need some help about "users"08:02
OvenWerksJohn122: you need to install pulseaudio-module-jack08:04
OvenWerksbasskuroi: please ask08:04
OvenWerksusers is not a whole question08:04
basskuroii switch from ubuntustudio to mate08:05
basskuroiand when i was trying to switch back, i clicked on users, so "fpnd" and "zerotier-one" users appears08:06
basskuroii'm the only user on this pc so i freaked out08:06
basskuroiis there good reasons to freak out?08:07
OvenWerksI don't know I do not think studio would install those. My system does not have those users08:12
basskuroiok thanks08:13
John122OvenWerks: almost there! the devices are now showing up! And when I look at the Web API devices they show up, but they are all coming out of the same channel - https://pastebin.com/wnikFBgV08:23
John122OvenWerks: here's three screenshots of my settings (obviously there are others but you will get the idea) - https://markuphero.com/share/vHATPd4a0J9KnNpI3RIF , https://markuphero.com/share/PpHNdqWzLmWPnUTSYsKq , https://markuphero.com/share/xxnxFsbi99esWV3zpgLm08:28
John122OvenWerks: testing it with VLC is odd. Here's the other 3 channels setup https://markuphero.com/share/5iHeP3IRwTMjm5Ruxix1 , https://markuphero.com/share/33zQRtU2DfdZt7mOfX45 , https://markuphero.com/share/DzEHGIJjqfSoRnXGFvZR - but if I choose pulse_out-1, it seems to play mainly from output 4 on the Rubix but with a bit of bleed into output 2... if I choose pulse_out-2 I get output on Rubix ports 3 and 4, wit08:42
John122h a bit of bleed on port 2, pulse_out-3 gives me output on 3 and 4, nothing on 2, pulse_out-4 gives me output on Rubix port 4 only... ?!08:42
John122OvenWerks: Yes, I can see from the logs that the connections are 1 to 1, 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4, 2 to 2, 2 to 3, 2 to 4, 3 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 4 - but I don't see how that corresponds to what I have in the GUI setup. Should I delete all bindings and restart? Or is there a conf file I can edit by hand?09:11
John122OvenWerks: Noticed the message about how the auto connections are made starting at the port listed and continue to the port count or the last listed device, whichever is less. so now it makes sense how 1 is going to 1,2,3,4, and 2 is going to 2, 3, 4, and 3 is going to 3, 4 and 4 is going to 4, except I have 1 in the value for Bridge Channel Count - is that not the "port count" mentioned in the message?11:17
John122OvenWerks: I've now got it working but I have to use qjackctl as well. Studio Controls alone is doing this odd multiple connection thing. If I open qjackctl, I can see all the connections and remove them and reconnect correctly. But this requires both to be open. And on reboot I have to start Studio Controls (which then messes up the connections again), then qjackctl to edit them. Any ideas what is going wrong15:00
John122please? The main thing - which is simply BRILLIANT - is this now works, just not smoothly. At least I can now finish this project (at least the audio part) on the RPi now! Thanks for your help so far, hopefully we can just crack this last part!15:00
* sakrecoer[b] uploaded an image: d04455ea-a517-4023-b465-1b570cb215ab.jpg (57KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/basspistol.org/dcOoqFxTkukEpdtcIHTjABKf/d04455ea-a517-4023-b465-1b570cb215ab.jpg >15:23
sakrecoer[b]any idea why i get this when shuting off lately?15:23
sakrecoer[b]session 3 of my user...? shouldn't ibhave just one session?15:24
OvenWerksJohn122: I may be a while but there are two things I would look at: ~/.config/autojack/autojack.json (you can cat file |pastebinit) and jack_lsp -c |pastebinit16:34
OvenWerksJohn122: these would alow me to see what you have asked for and what you are getting. Please do this right after you start jack before you correct anything using a patch bay16:35
OvenWerksJohn122: also, after you correct the connections a second version of jack_lsp -c |pastebinit to show me what you do want :)16:36
OvenWerkssakrecoer[b]: which version of OS are you using these days? Have you logged out and back in?16:39
John122OvenWerks: ok, will do. thanks. sorry, just come out of a meeting16:40
OvenWerkssakrecoer[b]: There is no DE that logs out correctly that I know of. All of them leave a hanging logind running.16:40
OvenWerksJohn122: no problem I think we are different sides of the world (-0800 here)16:41
John122OvenWerks: 17:41 here ;)16:41
John122OvenWerks: Spain (but English)16:41
OvenWerksJohn122: your good morning last night was my about to go to bed :)16:42
John122OvenWerks: ha16:42
John122OvenWerks: These two are as the system is right now, working, with Studio Controls open, but no bindings, and qjackctl running and connections set up https://pastebin.com/Fm9ncCnD , https://pastebin.com/fUbei5f416:57
sakrecoer[b]ovenwerks: 20.10 with backports. i'm not very surprised about the logind hanging. it's the numeration of the session.. 3..?  :D but maybe it'd always been like that..?16:57
OvenWerkssakrecoer[b]: could be, there are some background daemons that run as login sessions or at least as a user17:06
OvenWerksJohn122: is it correct that you want pulse_in-1 to be connected to both system:capture_1 and 2? a mix?17:10
John122OvenWerks: I've not actually looked at properly setting up the capture yet, unless I could get the output working as I needed it wasn't worth it17:11
John122OvenWerks: just doing the other pastebins for you17:11
OvenWerksJohn122: the 4 outputs are not connected in the config yet17:11
John122OvenWerks: in that setup there, it works with qjackctr17:13
John122OvenWerks: After removing connections in qjackctl and rebooting https://pastebin.com/CNYCW1sz, and after starting studio_controls https://pastebin.com/E7Uiie1z17:13
John122OvenWerks: After adding the bindings in studio_controls https://pastebin.com/40AYmtb3 and https://pastebin.com/PWZaSg3717:13
John122OvenWerks: After launching qjackctl (having already deleted the connections here before the last reboot), this is the connections set up by studio_control https://markuphero.com/share/oim7pe8XMj5zSOAd4B0C17:14
John122OvenWerks: If I delete all those connections, and reconnect in qjackctl one to one, it works as expected17:14
OvenWerksJohn122: wow, ok, I will assume a bug in studio-controls17:16
John122OvenWerks: I didn't like to say as user error is more likely ;) but it does look like it. It seems to be ignoring the limit to 1 port instruction and going until the end of the devices. But 2, or 3 etc seems to work as a limit17:17
OvenWerksnot sure when I will be able to look at it as this is my wife's weekend and so I don't do so much dev work (I am on the wrong machine)17:18
John122OvenWerks: ok, no worries, as it suits you obviously, I know what it's like! for now I can finish this app and start testing it using a combination of both apps (I think I'm right in saying yours has set up the devices, but the other is making the bindings?) but obviously it'll be great to have it so it just works on boot and I don't have to worry about touching it again (this will be 100% dedicated to this use17:21
John122 so once setup it won't ever change)17:21
OvenWerksJohn122: till I fix it, it seems it is best to do connections outside of controls17:21
Eickmeyersakrecoer[b]: That happens to me if I login to a VT and forget to log out. Pretty much expected behavior, unfortunately.17:21
John122OvenWerks: yep17:21
John122OvenWerks: thanks so much for your help, I really thought I wasn't even going to be able to get this far!17:22
OvenWerksyou can use jack_connect in a script to make your connections17:22
John122OvenWerks: was considering dusting off an old 2011 imac to use for this instead of an RPi (at 10x the power consumption and noise!)17:22
John122OvenWerks: ah ok, I'll take a look at that17:22
John122OvenWerks: Great, got that working with jack_connect, just need to sort out starting jackd properly from the cli - not working as I'd expect17:31
OvenWerksJohn122: bug confirmed here17:34
OvenWerksEickmeyer: not sure when but there will need to be controls 2.1.317:34
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yeah, I read along.17:35
John122OvenWerks: ah great (if you know what I mean!)17:35
OvenWerksalways good to know it is not a user error... well when you are the user an yway ;)17:36
sakrecoer[b]Eickmeyer thanks! :)17:36
John122OvenWerks: ;)17:37
John122OvenWerks: I've been on both sides, so know what you mean!17:37
John122OvenWerks: sorry to bug you, do you know how I start jackd from the cli on the RPi? the command in $HOME/.jackdrc fails17:41
sirriffsalotHas anyone worked out how to get guitarixs' plugin-gui's to work in Ardour? I've googled for ages but can't find a solution19:38
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: yeah thats a problem, guitarix' author is working on that... it uses gtk.19:42
OvenWerksJohn122: what is the command line in $HOME/.jackdrc?19:45
* OvenWerks just got back from doing a mini tutorial on mixer use.19:46
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: okay, cheers!19:47
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: :) I think guitarix is moving away from gtk19:47
sirriffsalotHey as long as it works I'll be happy19:48
John122@OvenWerks  /usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p256 -n2 -i4 -o4 but my card is hw:2 but that doesn't work either19:50
OvenWerksJohn122: take out the -i4 -o219:51
OvenWerkssee if that works19:52
OvenWerksJohn122: my understanding is that setting i/o channels does not work except for the dummy backend19:52
John122OvenWerks: perfecto!19:52
John122OvenWerks: thanks!19:53
* OvenWerks tried to put that in studio-controls and failed19:53

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