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xubuntu92ii am new to this OS05:52
xubuntu92iany Guidance from anyone is appreciated05:53
help_linuxnewbieHi everyone, I need some help. I just installed Xubuntu on an old lapotp and everything worksfine, but I cant find the "Software" store, it's missing. What should I do?16:45
Maiksudo apt install gnome-software17:02
Maikhelp_linuxnewbie: ^17:03
help_linuxnewbieThanks Maik!17:10
devidHello, i am thiking about installing xubuntu, but does it support touchscreen ?17:12
diogenes_devid, boot it live and see it yourself.17:15
deviddiogenes_ all right :)17:15
Maikor simply try to google it17:17
devidMaik from what I googled, it depends on the application one is using17:21
devidEven Firefox needs tweaking, not just in xubuntu but in linux in general17:22
devidAt least that was two years ago from my experience too.. i was wondering if things have changed since then17:23
devidBut I will definitely try out from live booting too17:24

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