oshovalHello, following the question of last week, i have a fedora cloud image, how do i set the password of the default user there please? the current cloud.cfg it has https://pastebin.com/dveCYyPE10:09
oshovaltried without luck yet to set a user fedora:fedora there10:09
meenaoshoval: what's the result? what do the logs say?10:23
testcla234alternative for this :10:46
testcla234 - [ blkid  /dev/vg1/vol_data | awk '{print $2}', /home, "ext4", "defaults", 0 0]"10:46
meenatestcla234: what makes the (U)UID any better than the name?11:06
oshovalmeena: Manged to replace the user (with a mixed approach), but working on making it a root and disabling selinux, trying to do so purely with cloud-init, unless there is already an example that i can use please, so i will update11:15
meenaoshoval: did you look at our documentation?11:16
oshovalyes, i didn't manage yet, i guess i missed some stuff11:17
testcla234meena changed to name;)11:22
testcla234meena thansk !11:25
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Odd_Blokefalcojr: I'm +1 on https://github.com/canonical/pycloudlib/pull/113, I'll let you land it. :)19:33
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testcla234anyone know how to add user in docker group and enable the group  without logout23:38

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