sitterRikMills: I'm sure the policy wasn't written with the scenario in mind that one of the devs can't practically vouch for the candidate. one +1 is as good as two here. that said, to apese the red tape: be so it shall be. ninja he will be *nod*08:34
sitteras I've learned in the game ghost of tsushima the ways of the ninjas may not be entirely honroable though (as opposed to the ways of the samurai) ;)08:35
RikMillssitter: aha, thanks09:02
BluesKajHi folks12:50
Eickmeyer[m]sitter: HAHAHA! Thanks. 😁15:56
valorieEickmeyer[m]: don't let sitter tempt you to the Dark Side19:20
Eickmeyer[m]valorie: hahahaha19:20
RikMillsvalorie: but they have cookies!19:35
valoriesometimes they do!19:45
valorieand sitter's temptations are plentious19:45

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