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viewer|44hi everyone02:53
viewer|44i got a boot problem..i have kubuntu on a external usb HD.. the uefi bootloader runs but while linux starts it freezes after a while02:54
viewer|44is there a way to repair it with kust the GRUB terminal?02:55
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IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> Hello guys! I am trying to set up a vpnc tunnel to a fritzbox. I use an up to date Kubuntu 20.04. When trying to connect, it tells me that a vpn module is missing. which one could that be? I installed the vpnc module from the repos.05:14
alexminatorsomeone here05:29
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> hi alexminator!05:32
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skramer_Can anybody please tell me what's the standard monospace font in 20.04? Thanks.12:40
BluesKajHi folks12:50
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IrcsomeBot<Kamrul Islam> Hello, can I install kubuntu 20.04 on my intel n5000 processor based laptop?12:58
BluesKaj@Kamrul Islam, the shoert answer is yes, especially if you have more then 4GB Ram13:02
BluesKajerr, more than 4GB Ram is the key here13:04
skramer_Found it, it's Hack 9 pt.13:09
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IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> Hello13:18
IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> I install os kubuntu … But in setting language … I cant add language persian13:19
IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> Pls help me13:19
BluesKajtry Fars or Farsi13:20
IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> @ahangarha, سلام منم همین مشکل رو دارم تونستی حلش کنی؟13:20
IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> @BluesKaj, I cant find it13:21
IrcsomeBot<ServantOfGodAli> I install version 20.10 kubuntu13:22
BluesKaj@ServantOfGodAli, https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-add-and-switch-keyboard-layout-on-ubuntu-20-04-desktop13:23
BluesKajor this  https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/prefs-language-install.html.en13:24
IrcsomeBot<ahangarha> @ServantOfGodAli, نه. بی خیال شدم … no.14:35
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IrcsomeBot<Kamrul Islam> @BluesKaj, Ram is 4GB. Not more than 4 GB.17:00
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user|3026linux mint 20.1 didn't deliver wifi .. not sure how to turn it on either19:39
user|3026trying kubuntu now19:39
alkisguser|3026: what does that mean, that you have a wifi adapter that isn't compatible with the linux kernel, and you're looking for a module?19:42
alkisgwifi support isn't related to distributions... it's about the kernel19:42
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user|3026I see, thanks19:45
alkisguser|3026: which wifi adapter is that one? usb id?19:47
user|3026it didn't even recognize the wifi adapter19:48
user|3026I couldn't even choose WIFI ON19:48
user|3026but I tried linux mint edge19:49
alkisguser|3026: if you tell us the wifi chipset, we can tell you how to make it work19:49
alkisgThe command for that is lsusb19:49
alkisg(if it's a usb adapter)19:49
user|3026it is on a notebook19:49
user|3026I used cinnamon edge19:49
user|3026so I'm going to try cinnamon (no edge)19:49
alkisgCan you run that command now, and tell us the output?19:49
alkisgMost internal wifi adapters are in the usb bus, but some are in the pci bus19:50
alkisgSo it's either lsusb or lspci19:50
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user|67339I didn't have any support in linux mint for wifi and I didn't know how to apply the lspci info to it.20:35
user|67339Is Kubuntu shipped with a kernel that enables it to find integrated wifi?20:35
DragonslicerIt depends on the hardware. On my Dell laptop, it works fine with a standard installation.20:42
user|67339My computer is kind of new20:43
user|673392020 middle part of that year20:43
user|67339time to try it out20:43
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