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lubot[telegram] <alamutfedaisi> hi14:47
mmaxI'll ask here too:  I'm trying to mount external USB drive with ecryptfs on ubuntu server, but any normal mount -t ecryptfs does not work18:05
mmaxsudo mount -t ecryptfs /dev/sdxy /mnt/zzzz18:05
mmaxmount: /mnt/zzzz: mount(2) system call failed: Not a directory.18:05
mmaxError mounting eCryptfs: [-1] Operation not permitted18:05
mmaxCheck your system logs; visit <http://ecryptfs.org/support.html>18:05
wxlmmax: don't cross post.18:06
mmax@wxl, sorry, bit silent and thought it might be general issue rather than server18:13
wxlmmax: cross posting is bad form, period18:14

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