rook76hello anyone.13:09
rook76I need in your help13:09
rook76I install netplan and can't entered in linux via greeting window LightDM13:10
rook76it ask me password for netplan daemon user but I don't know this password13:12
rook76rook76: rook7613:20
slyonhey rook76, Netplan is not run as a daemon and should not prompt for a password either. Not sure what you're seeing there, could you give more details about what package you installed and what you base system looks like?13:43
kjetilhohe/she left13:58
slyonyeah... it will be there in the backlog for whenever he/she comes back :)13:58
kjetilhobtw, I just set up source based routing with Netplan - so simple I hardly could believe it :)14:01
slyongreat! I'm glad to hear you liked the experience14:02

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