tilgovirbasak: thanks for your help. I got a little bit of education and demystification of the processes here. Maybe I can find use in the future. In this case, it looks like debian has been synchronizing a control.ubuntu perodically, and has the latest without the typo. Not sure it's worth me doing anything. Maintainers seem on top of it.01:06
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JawnSmithIs any core dev available to restart the apparmor tests that are blocking a number of other packages in -proposed? The new version of apparmor 3.0.0-0ubuntu6 should fix these failed tests15:24
ginggsJawnSmith: doing...15:29
JawnSmithThanks ginggs!15:30
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halvorsWhy is the mainline-kernel ppa no succeding building amd64 builds for 5.11.2 and 5.11.3?17:50
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tewardanyone know why the seed packages aren't being updated and as such old grub, etc. make their way onto the flavor ISOs?23:01
teward(asked in #ubuntu-release with no response over several hours)23:01
rbasakteward: you mean src:ubuntu-meta? IIRC, someone has to regenerate that and upload it when required.23:54
tewardrbasak: either that or a specific flavor's 'seed' packages the main problem being that `grub` is not defined with a version string yet the ISOs are shipping -1ubuntu37 and not -1ubuntu4023:55
tewardat least, for LUbuntu, i think there's still general flavor tests going on23:55
cjwatsonVersions aren't handled by seeds anyway23:58
cjwatsonOr metapackages23:58
cjwatsonSo I sense some confusion somewhere23:58
cjwatsonOld versions on an image seem more likely to be due to image build failures somewhere in the pipeline23:58
tewardcjwatson: and when was the last failure on Grub?  because IIRC grub2 2.04-1ubuntu40's been in the repos since the 26th and the isos generated overnight are having the problems.23:59

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