lotuspsychjegood morning02:58
ducassegood morning07:32
StupidDanbomaybe I should look into different desktop environments.11:30
ubot5Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours11:30
TimothyPWhat do you want to do with your computer and how old is the hardware11:31
StupidDanboI do a mix of stuff. but mostly I game in Wine, watch streaming video, and browse the internet collecting pictures.11:32
StupidDanboI dunno how old my hardware is.11:32
TimothyPThen you're probably good with Xubuntu, light on the hardware and suitable for everything you do11:33
StupidDanboI think only a few years. when did I replace most of it...11:33
lotuspsychjeinxi -F StupidDanbo11:33
TimothyPlotusspy what voodoo magic are you invoking ?11:34
lotuspsychjehardware lookup11:34
StupidDanboWAT. why did inxi -F say I have a laptop?11:34
TimothyPok I thought it was a command for irc here11:34
StupidDanboAMD Ryzen 5 1600. 16GB of RAM? GeForce GTX 106011:36
TimothyPhah ! you can run anything :D11:37
StupidDanbohaha yeah. *stuttering randomly when playing WoW in Wine while watching a video on 2nd monitor*11:38
TimothyPif you have enough desktop space you can simply apt install ubuntu-desktop plasma-desktop etc... and try multiple desktop environments11:39
StupidDanboI wonder if it's because one monitor is plugged in using the older cable with the rows of pins.11:39
TimothyPI usually stick with Steam for games (handles wine etc... in the background)11:39
TimothyP1k, 2k or 4k your screens? the 1060 can be a bit slugish with 2 4k screens and 3d + video ( have the same card)11:40
StupidDanboI'm using DVI on one monitor and uh.... DisplayPort? on the other.11:40
StupidDanbonothing that big. just 1920x1200 + 1920x108011:41
StupidDanbofor video? no, streaming video. either Twitch or YouTube11:41
TimothyPmaybe the browser and wow are both fighting for your gpu11:42
StupidDanboYeah. What's strange is that WoW reports over 60fps while I'm clearly NOT having 60fps11:42
TimothyPperhaps average?11:42
TimothyPaltough that would go up and down11:42
StupidDanbonot when it stutters for a bunch of seconds11:43
TimothyPow that's a lot11:43
StupidDanboyeah it seems to go away after a while, and it's not often but... annoying enough.11:43
TimothyPwhen it does you should check memory usage, cpu usage and gpu usage11:43
TimothyPmaybe that can tell you where the bottleneck is11:43
StupidDanboI think I've opened task manager before and not noticed anything. but I don't know how to check my GPU usage11:44
TimothyPyou should have the NVDIA X Server Settings app11:44
TimothyPthat one  can show a lot of gpu info11:45
StupidDanbooh. so I do.11:45
TimothyPand in the terminal11:46
TimothyPwatch -1 nvidia-smi11:46
TimothyPthat will show you which process is using it and how much11:47
StupidDanboinvalid option11:47
TimothyPwatch -n 1 nvidia-smi11:47
TimothyPafk for a while11:48
StupidDanboInteresting. ah now I can see more info on one page.11:49
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Bashing-omUWN: Issue 672 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue672 :D20:14
oerhekshappy monday, Bashing-om21:45

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