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tewardrbasak: around?15:43
HamidrezaHi guys, I want to use rsync without getting password to it using command promt and I want to pass password to rsync using a file, How can I do it?16:04
samba35how to set power in linux16:32
samba35power to acpi16:32
samba35when i run cat /proc/cpuinfo : no entry so i want to use acpi (??)16:41
tewardrbasak was around, I was not xD16:43
tewardrbasak: got a question for you not sure if you saw my last set of PMs before my network went chaotic but that question still exists16:43
tewardrbasak: given that the server team (and me) are all agreeing to drop the LUa module in the nginx in the repositories given it requires resty-core now for future Lua updates, do we want to drop Lua in Hirsute or wait for I-series?16:47
oerhekssudo systemctl stop/disable/mask sleep.target suspend.target hibernate.target hybrid-sleep.target # is a bit rough, but should work16:47
teward(I'm lazy I didn't go hunting for the I-series name yet.)16:47
rbasakAm I right in thinking that the module is completely broken in Hirsute right now?16:47
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mmaxI'm trying to mount external USB drive with ecryptfs, but any normal mount -t ecryptfs does not work18:01
mmaxAny suggestions?18:01
mmaxsudo mount -t ecryptfs /dev/sdxy /mnt/zzzz18:02
mmax==>mount: /mnt/zzzz: mount(2) system call failed: Not a directory.18:03
mmaxError mounting eCryptfs: [-1] Operation not permitted18:03
mmaxCheck your system logs; visit <http://ecryptfs.org/support.html>18:03
RoyKsdxy? do you have a lot of drives? ;)18:14
tewardrbasak: until someone updates it (Community) yes.18:30
RoyKis /mnt/zzzz a directory? :)18:34
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tewardrbasak: also, still waiting for a reply on my note from 13:30 my time regarding your question23:55

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