amr00thello guys, my vps keeps rebooting when running a python script with 50 threads (12gb ram and 6 core) please how do I find the exact crash reason from this syslog http://termbin.com/lohvr00:02
fluiDI'm SSH'ing into my ubuntu server and my arrow keys don't work. How do I go about debugging this?00:08
fluiDsuch as if I pull up a man page, I can use enter or space to go down, but the arrow keys don't work.00:09
fluiDthe up arrow works for bash history00:09
leftyfbamr00t: contact your VPS provider00:10
leftyfbfluiD: what OS is your client running on and what ssh client are you using?00:10
fluiDleftyfb, I'm using WSL on Windows 10 with OpenSSH00:11
MrPocketswell I feel dense.  Trying to make a bootable USB drive from an ISO.  Startup Disk Creator lets me browse and select my ISO, but when I click "select" it doesn't show up in the ISO list..00:11
MrPocketsand unetbootin goes through the process, and gets to the boot menu, but then when I select the image to boot to it just flashes and goes back to the boot menu..00:12
leftyfb!wsl | fluiD00:12
ubottufluiD: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide00:12
fluiDerr, yes, sorry. Ubuntu 20.04 in WSL00:12
leftyfbfluiD: your issue is one of the WSL system, not ubuntu00:13
fluiDleftyfb, the arrow key works in bash but not in less. That's still a WSL problem?00:13
leftyfbfluiD: yes00:13
fluiDleftyfb, actually, I just fixed it. In Cmdr I had to change the command line of bash from -cur_console:p to -cur_console:p5 and now it works fine.00:15
fluiDbut thank you very much for trying to help me!!!00:15
kxslI'm trying to make some docker images based on the the official ubuntu image. i'm stuck at adding a gpg key to check the signatures for a repo i want to use. the image says gpg is not installed. how can that be? i thought gpg was used to check signatures on packages in ubuntu repos?01:00
Bashing-om!ask | roly01:08
ubotturoly: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:08
rolyIm not asking to ask a question01:08
rolyIm just saying hi01:09
rolyAlso people have told me that I shouldnt be saying hi whenever someone enters, but I prefer to do that because it lets them now that someone is ready to talk in the chat.01:10
raccoon_dogWe understand; you don't need to keep saying "hi."01:10
CroranfluiD: use pgup and pgdown or 'u' to go up in man02:12
CroranI honestly didn't even know arrows were supposed to work in man02:13
Croranalloy: can't you just put onboard in your startup items? or are you trying to use it for logging in?02:35
Croranoh he's gone.02:35
Rockwoodi am unable to add ppa for install php8 on 19.1002:40
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Rockwoodno one active tonight?02:57
Rockwoodi am facing this issue02:57
Bashing-om!eoan | Rockwood02:58
ubottuRockwood: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html02:58
Croranis there a php8 package?02:59
Croranmeans i only see php 7.4 packages available03:00
Rockwoodhow to upgrade now?03:00
Bashing-omRockwood: Means - upgrade to a current release - your install no longer has support.03:01
Bashing-om!eol | Rockwood03:01
ubottuRockwood: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:01
Crorani believe it's `sudo apt dist-upgrade`03:02
Rockwoodactually i wanna install PHP8 in 19.1003:41
starlordMHi, how do I check if TLS 1.2 is supported on my ubuntu OS? I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS04:41
starlordMHi, is TLS 1.2 not supported on ubuntu LTS 18.04? Please let me know. Thanks.04:53
Lvl4SwordstarlordM, TLS 1.2 is supported in 18.0405:38
InteloI forgot the name of snapshot tool that can also upload image to imgur website. Can anyone recommend?07:57
ThinkT510do you mean screenshot rather than snapshot?07:58
ThinkT510there's scrot for screenshots08:07
ThinkT510neofetch can also do that08:07
amr00thello guys, my vps keeps rebooting when running a python script with 50 threads (12gb ram and 6 core) please how do I find the exact crash reason from this syslog http://termbin.com/lohvr09:05
nop_how can i get rid of mesa in ubuntu 20.04 without it deinstalling ubuntu-desktop?09:46
nop_i want a nvidia-only setup09:46
nop_because vnccserver always seems to use mesa for everything instead of using the gpu09:47
nop_alternatively, seeing that it uses libgldispatch, how can i select an opengl backend in ubuntu?09:47
nop_i expect there to be a way to select between nvidia or mesa by default, seeing that there is a dispatcher library now?09:47
TimothyPHi, Ubuntu 20.10 I was trying to add a DSL connection and after some fidling and a reboot now I do not have ANY network connections anymore not even after a reboot. Even if I add a new USB ethernet adapter or thether my phone I cannot detect any interface. no wifi either10:31
TimothyPis there a way to completely reset it10:31
jeremy31TimothyP: Any chance a new kernel was installed before the reboot?10:34
TimothyPoh yes10:35
TimothyPit upgrade the kernel with software updates10:35
TimothyPmessed up my nvidia drivers (famous black screen)10:35
TimothyPand came back without interfaces10:35
jeremy31in terminal check>  dpkg -l | grep linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)10:35
TimothyPhang on10:36
TimothyPno packages found matching linux-modules-extra-5.8.0-44-generic10:38
TimothyPlet's see if I can boot the old kernel10:40
jeremy31Use grub menu advanced options to boot into an older kernel then>  sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-extra-5.8.0-44-generic10:41
TimothyPah ok10:41
TimothyPthank you!10:41
TimothyPanother thing I notices is that shutting down or reboot takes ages in 20.10 , reached target "reboot" and then it just sits there for few minutes10:42
TimothyPbtw those missing extra's is that a bug or did I somehow cause it10:43
jeremy31TimothyP: I don't know why it happens as it doesn't happen a lot10:44
TimothyPdamn the old kernel does not boot10:44
TimothyPany way to use the installer disk to fix this?10:44
TimothyPshort from wiping it, because it's my main machine :D10:44
TimothyPnever mind, I got a terminal :D good to go :D10:45
TimothyPok everything is working, thnx jeremy31!10:49
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lotuspsychjeTimothyP: try F1 at shutdown to see text based shutdown to see whats lagging10:54
StupidDanboWhat opens the file browser when you open/saveas in an application? Is that controlled by the "desktop environment"?10:54
StupidDanbobecause I was trying to find info on why the file folders can't be displayed 1st, and it's already set to do that in the normal file browser of my OS Xubuntu, but it never does it when I open/saveas in an application.10:55
TimothyPapparently it's waiting for crond10:56
lotuspsychjeTimothyP: do you have some cron scripts active?10:59
TimothyPthis is basically a clean install with some software added (vscode, mono, dotnet, godot, blender, firefox, edge, gimp, etc...)11:02
TimothyPno modifications11:02
TimothyPmy desktop, laptop, all have the exact same setup11:03
TimothyPubuntu everywhere :D11:03
lotuspsychjeTimothyP: same ubuntu release too?11:03
TimothyPI recently updated them to 20.1011:03
TimothyPwell not update11:03
TimothyPclean install11:03
TimothyPhad been upgrading for a few years, decided to make clean installs11:04
lotuspsychjeTimothyP: try install stacer & preload and check your systemd-analyze blame && systemd-analyze critical-chain maybe more mysterys will show up11:04
StupidDanboI don't know what to search for. I'm using plain English searches like [Ubuntu "what opens files in programs"] and no luck.11:05
TimothyPspooky :D but will have a look11:06
TimothyPSutpidDanbo does this help11:07
TimothyPI searched for "linux list open files"11:07
TimothyPoh misread the question11:08
TimothyPActually when we request an OpenFileDialog we can specify the location (that means the app controls it)11:09
StupidDanboApparently the thing that displays the file browser in EVERY program that can "open file", is different from the normal OS file browser.11:09
TimothyPWell there are multiple ways to get an Open File dialog11:10
StupidDanboIt's infuriating that half the time I'm dealing with files {saving}, I have to have a completely unusable interface because folders are randomly distributed in the file list.11:10
StupidDanboI just want folders to display first.11:11
TimothyPthe UI framework you are using might provide its own implementation or the app might be calling the native OS API's like OpenFileDialogEx on Windows11:11
StupidDanboI already have folders displaying 1st in the normal OS file browser, but every program that saves files doesn't use that.11:11
TimothyPthe latter requires specific implementations for each platform so usually the UI framework provides it11:11
StupidDanbo"UI framework" Is that what I'm looking for?11:12
TimothyPdepends on what you are trying to do11:12
StupidDanboI want firefox to display folders 1st when I save files.11:12
TimothyPImagine I build an app and I present the user with an OpenFileDialog (instead of using the OS Api's) then it probably won't do what you want/expect...11:13
TimothyPbut given that info... what can you do11:13
StupidDanboI don't know. I'm not familiar with the terms so I don't know what to look for.11:13
TimothyPinteresting I never stopped to think about it, going to try saving a file now in firefox11:13
TimothyPhang on11:13
StupidDanbomaybe "OS API" if not "UI framework"11:13
StupidDanboI thought I could sort by file size, but apparently folders aren't sorted that way.11:14
TimothyPhmm in my firefox on ubuntu I see folders before files11:14
TimothyPand it's using the SaveFileDialog provided by ubuntu/gnome11:15
TimothyPnot a custom one11:15
TimothyPah and there is an option for what you want hang on11:15
TimothyPwhen saving a file in firefox , right click anywhere then select Sort folders before files11:17
TimothyPdoes that help you?11:17
StupidDanboI dunno. lemme see if I can find that. I'm in Xubuntu.11:17
TimothyPnot sure, ubuntu is using the GNOME desktop environment and you are using the Xfce desktop environment11:18
StupidDanbobut I already have my OS's file browser set to display folders 1st.11:19
TimothyPI searched for "Xfce file open dialog sort folders before files" to give you an idea of what I search for11:19
StupidDanbooh damn that is hidden! I had to right-click on a file in the file browser, not right click on an image/page to save.11:22
StupidDanboOMG IT WORKS! THANK YOU!11:23
StupidDanboI don't even know how long I've had to deal with it unsorted.11:23
StupidDanboprobably many years.11:23
TimothyPthings like this can be frustrating. I mean I love GNOME for example, was finally able to switch back to Ubuntu a few years ago when Microsoft made their stuff cross platform and been using it ever since but I still cannot get over the fact that Nautilus does not support grouping files by type11:24
StupidDanbooh, did I make the right decision in picking XFCE over Gnome?11:25
TimothyPdo you like Xfce ?11:26
StupidDanboI feel kinda weird a lot of times when I try to get info/help and most people are using Ubuntu and nothing looks the same.11:26
TimothyPif you like it, you did not make the wrong decision11:26
TimothyPEveryone has their own preference11:26
StupidDanboI don't even know how it varies. :>11:26
TimothyPUbuntu's GNOME makes me feel relaxed while working11:26
TimothyPwhereas Windows 10 stresses me out11:26
TimothyPand MacOS makes me want to pick up my mouse and throw it out the window11:27
TimothyPKDE makes me feel like I'm in a candy store11:27
TimothyPXFCE feels a bit "dry" to me11:27
lotuspsychjekeep it ontopic please guys11:27
StupidDanboI haven't used a Windows since XP, so I'd be pretty lost. I tried to fix something on a recent Windows machine and I struggled.11:27
lotuspsychjewe got a very nice #ubuntu-discuss channel you can discuss 24/711:28
* TimothyP did not know... slowly walks backward 11:28
TimothyPStupidDanbo let's go there if you want to discuss this more11:29
JeffJohnsonhello, I'm trying to debug with gdb a general protection fault that happens when I'm running ssmtp. The segfault happens in /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2. I installed libc6-dbg for the debug symbols but somehow gdb can not find the debug symbols for /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2. Anybody has an idea what might be missing/wrong? gdb is searching in /usr/lib/debug11:42
dckusrhmm, apt-key needs gpg-agent but it's not installed in ubuntu 18.04 docker images, is this a bug ?11:51
CrazyHUbuntu 20.04:> XCFE4:> When I run an app ( like Firefox ) it creates a panel linked to that instance with The FF icon and some text in it ( that shows the title of the tab that the browser is currently viewing ). How can I edit the icon and the text of that launcher manually from the command line?12:13
CrazyHAlso... not sure if I'm using the correct terminology, but hopefully I'm being clear enough to show what I mean :-/12:14
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CrazyHin this case I want to edit the launcher panel linked to my Firefox instance so that rather than showing the title of the current browser tab, it will instead display the Firefox profile name and some other custom text.12:19
CrazyHFor me this would be SUPER helpful, because I run like 6 Firefox windows at a time, all on different profiles12:20
oerhekssudo nano  /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop12:20
oerheks..wait, 6 different profiles :-D12:20
oerhekswhy commandline?12:20
CrazyHBecause if I can do it on the command line, I can automate it. For example, when Firefox gets launched, I can just also have it run a BASH script that does this job automatically12:21
oerheksone can change the launcher description, not the title of the webpage opened.12:22
CrazyHThat's fine. The launcher description is all I care about. Maybe if I could also change the launcher icon... that would be awesome too12:23
oerheksit's all in the desktop file12:24
CrazyHBut just for clarity. I'm not talking about the original launcher that launches Firefox in the first place. I'm talking about the "launcher" that appears after you run Firefox. The one that is directly linked to that instance12:24
CrazyHWell, something is odd. I have 3 instances of firefox running now, but only 1 firefox.desktop file12:27
CrazyHIt looks like it is mostly language options?12:27
lotuspsychjeone is snap?12:27
oerheksthey all using the same desktop file.12:28
oerheksso if you start firefox with different profiles, how did you do that?12:29
CrazyHI modified the default Firefox launcher to run the command `firefox -P`  <-- start it up in profile selection mode12:31
oerhekswell, make different launchers then?12:33
oerhekscopy .dekstop files to firefoxwhatever.desktop and edit that12:34
CrazyHIs there decent documentation on the .desktop files somewhere? Maybe a bit about how the process of using them works?12:35
oerheksour wiki12:37
CrazyHYeah, I think confusion is happening because I used the wrong term12:44
CrazyHIt's not the launches that I care about, it's the "window buttons"12:44
CrazyHI want to edit the text displayed in the window buttons in real time12:45
BluesKajHi folks12:51
CrazyHoerheks, https://pasteall.org/pic/5670854bc8d04beaa761615c696d0ed2   Follow the red arrow. Whatever those are called12:51
CrazyHThey're not launchers. I don't think window buttons is correct either12:52
CrazyHBut whatever they are, that's what I want to modify in real time12:53
CrazyHand, as you can see from that example. I have 3 separate Firefox profiles running. Telling me the title of the current browser tab is useless! I want to modify the text in those [ whatever they ] so that it has the profile name instead12:54
CrazyH*whatever they are12:55
oerheksCrazyH, that is a different question, i think you cannot change that text13:03
CrazyHoerheks, what is proper term for whatever that thing is?13:04
BluesKajyeah, looks like tabs13:06
oerheksso, any tab of firefox is a new instance, good luck automating stuff :-D13:07
multi8 /exit13:07
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CrazyHoerheks, ok. So how would I find that new instance? Is there an easier way, or do I literally have search /proc/   for it?13:49
other_rickhello, How do I add plymouth support to the ramdisk?  the update-initramfs excude the plymouth support by unknown reason13:53
clarkkI've installed vlc via snap. It cannot open files that are on a secondary partition. Apparently this is by design, because of containment. What are the actual rules for this? What is permitted, and what isn't?13:59
oerheksCrazyH, cannot help you there13:59
clarkkIt works from my desktop. So that I don't have to copy and paste it all over my filessytems to work out what should work and what shouldn't, could someone explain the rules?13:59
oerheksclarkk, check out softwarecenter > installed > vlc > permissions14:00
oerheksoh, is ee they don't give extra permissions for vlc14:00
clarkkoerheks, thanks. It allows read and write to the home folder, and to removable storage devices. My files are on another partition.  This is a really bad limitation14:02
clarkkoerheks, is there such a snap permission of, "allow read and write from other partitions"?14:02
oerhekssnap connect vlc:removable-media14:02
clarkkoerheks, it's a hard drive tho, in my computer14:02
oerhekshmm, here it does open any other harddrive from the 'open file' menu14:05
oerheksor 'folder'14:06
leftyfbclarkk: you can try installing the snap with --devmode14:09
clarkkoerheks, interestingly, I cannot see the mount point for the partition, when I go to File...14:10
oerheks+ other location > choose hdd14:11
clarkkoerheks, I can't find that option14:13
oerheksopen file.. > + other location > choose hdd14:14
oerheksreally, so simple?14:15
clarkkoerheks, there really isn't that option on mine14:16
leftyfbclarkk: you can try installing the snap with --devmode14:21
clarkkoerheks, leftyfb thanks for your help.  I'll try some of your suggestions14:26
zChris90If a software creates a user when it is installed. Why is that user not removed when i remove the software ? The software im talking about is zammad14:34
EriC^^zChris90: did you try purging it?14:35
zChris90its the same with its services14:36
zChris90they still linger around14:36
oerheksif an application creates a user, and you removed that app, did you logout/login after that?14:38
zChris90yeah i rebooted14:38
oerhekswhere does zamman come from? any guide / deinstall guide they provide?14:39
oerheksit is not in our repos14:39
oerheksoh sorry, typo, but still not in our repos14:39
zChris90Ah then i have added it from https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/install/ubuntu.html14:40
EriC^^zChris90: if you absoutely want to remove the user you could do 'sudo userdel -r <user>'14:42
zChris90yeah im doing that now14:43
ldiamondI'm trying to unlock and change the password of my "passwords" in seahorse but there's no popup when I click "unlock" or "change password". Is there something missing? The application asking for password?14:48
EriC^^ldiamond: maybe try starting seahorse in the terminal to see any relevant output it may give14:52
reithHi, what user `proxy' is for in default ubuntu installation?14:52
ldiamondEriC^^: yea I did that but there's nothing that makes any sense to me. Only warnings: gtk_icon_theme_choose_icon_for_scale: runtime check failed: ((flags & GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_GENERIC_FALLBACK) == 0)14:57
ldiamondThere's this but what I found online says it doesn't matter: seahorse-Message: 09:25:22.843: DNS-SD initialization failed: Daemon not running14:57
ldiamondAll Gnome applications take ages to load as well, as if it's waiting on something until a timeout14:59
kirk781It's waiting for you to switch to Xfce :p14:59
TheBigKlet the desktop start fight. Plasma is the way to go, hello btw :)15:02
kirk781Choosing b/w Gnome and Plasma is like stuck b/w a rock and a hard place15:02
* kirk781 loves Budgie15:02
ldiamondkirk781: I don't use Gnome. But some of the applications I have are gnome and I haven't found an alternative yet15:04
kirk781ldiamond, which ones?15:04
kirk781Isn't that a window manager and independent of Gnome?15:04
ldiamondIt's my work computer so it comes with all the gnome stuff15:05
ldiamondyes it's independent of gnome. I just start it with `startx`/xinit15:05
zChris90cant you login to gnome and change the password from there?15:05
kirk781You're lucky. Most work computers are stuck with Windows or Stallman forbid, Big Sur15:06
ldiamondzChris90: lol, yes, but that's not an acceptable solution.15:06
ldiamondI had a brand new MBP given to me first day. I returned it so they send me a 10 year old used laptop with linux.15:06
ldiamondI'm happier.15:07
kirk781I respect you. As a person who lost two friends to the environment of Apple; I know15:07
kirk781When he told me he switched from Windows; I was so happy. Sadly, my heart broke when the alternative turned to be a Macbook15:07
withered_wolfI'm on a MBP right now - but also have my trusty linux box spun up beside me, too.15:08
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:08
kirk781Linux can't be installed on new M one chips right now, right?15:08
oerhekslet get back to support only, thanks15:08
oerhekskirk781, indeed, but work is in progress.15:09
ldiamondOk, Archlinux's /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/50-systemd-user.sh got the answer for me!15:10
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tete_hi, running xubuntu 20.10, i tried to convert a .jpg to .pdf which aborts with an error: convert-im6.q16: attempt to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy `PDF' @ error/constitute.c/IsCoderAuthorized/408.15:32
tete_anyone an idea how to get rid of that message?15:32
tete_i already added   <policy domain="coder" rights="read | write" pattern="PDF" /> like described in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52998331/imagemagick-security-policy-pdf-blocking-conversion15:33
other_rickWhich package provides the plymouth-set-default-theme?15:46
leftyfbother_rick: There are no official ubuntu packages that provide that file15:55
Lopedoes Ubuntu have an AMD OpenCL driver that I can "just install" and "just works" ?15:59
HamidrezaHi guys, I want to use rsync without getting password to it using command promt and I want to pass password to rsync using a file, How can I do it?16:04
leftyfbHamidreza: use ssh keys16:05
Hamidrezaleftyfb, I dont want to use ssh, just I want to pass key to rsync using a file16:06
leftyfbHamidreza: why?16:06
Hamidrezabecause I must :)16:06
leftyfbHamidreza: why?16:07
Hamidrezaleftyfb, acctually I wanted to send file to 10 servers using scp but without password and ssh key16:07
leftyfbHamidreza: why without an ssh key? That is less secure and not as easily setup16:08
Hamidreza(I dont want let other ssh to server )16:08
Hamidrezaleftyfb, If I copy ssh key to my servers , others can ssh to my server without password16:09
HamidrezaI read that we have sshpass16:09
leftyfbHamidreza: only if they have the private key. If you don't give anyone else the private key, nobody else can login using the ssh key16:09
Hamidrezabut its not good (I dont want to install other tools to do that)16:09
leftyfbHamidreza: rsync/scp using SSH and ssh keys is your easiest and most secure method16:10
Hamidrezaleftyfb, they have my private key16:10
leftyfbHamidreza: you have yet to give a good reason to do it any other way16:10
leftyfbHamidreza: then that is a very poor security policy16:10
leftyfbHamidreza: use a different keypair16:10
Hamidrezaleftyfb, If I want another person do this for me16:13
leftyfbHamidreza: use a different keypair and don't give anyone else the private key. That defeats the purpose of "private" keys16:13
leftyfbHamidreza: then have them setup their own keypair16:13
Hamidrezafor example I want my programmer could scp to 10 servers but they shouldn't have ssh access16:14
Hamidrezaleftyfb, How can I solve this problem?16:14
leftyfbHamidreza: shouldn't have ssh access or shouldn't have login access?16:15
Hamidrezaleftyfb, is there any difference between them?16:15
leftyfbHamidreza: you can setup their local account to not have login access. I think you can also setup their ssh account to only allow scp and not login16:15
HamidrezaI can not understand it16:15
Hamidrezawhat is difference between ssh access and login access?16:16
leftyfbHamidreza: you can start by setting their user shell to "/bin/nologin". Though there are ways around that. Maybe also look at https://www.thomaslaurenson.com/blog/2018-09-07/restricting-ssh-access-using-rssh/16:17
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Hamidrezaleftyfb, How can I say to my servers that this account hasn't login permission?16:21
leftyfbHamidreza: you edit the user shell16:21
leftyfbHamidreza: https://www.tecmint.com/change-a-users-default-shell-in-linux/16:22
HamidrezaI think there is missunderstanding, thought that we have pc1 that all programmers have login permission to it and they should have the ability of copying file to 10 servers but not login to those servers16:24
HamidrezaHow can I set this?16:24
leftyfbHamidreza: on the servers, follow the instructions I specified above16:25
Hamidrezaleftyfb, you mean rssh?16:26
leftyfbHamidreza: and/or set the shell to nologin16:26
Bozdoc84hi all16:30
Hamidrezaleftyfb, I do ssh-copy-id to servers but there is no user in /etc/passwd on 10 servers!16:30
Hamidreza(to change shell)16:30
oerheksHamidreza, sounds like 'they' have ssh access without root access configured?16:31
Hamidrezaoerheks, yes they are normall user that have access to share pc16:32
leftyfbHamidreza: create users? You were originally asking about rsync/scp access to said servers using a password. I assume that means you currently have the ability to remotely manage these servers properly. Setup user accounts, each with "/bin/noglin" as their shell and setup individual ssh keypairs for each user16:32
SteelRoseHi all! I'm trying to use lineinfile to replace a few placeholders in a Tomcat application - you can see some excerpts here https://pastebin.com/KfqEUEHc - for some reason, my regex does not seem to be working... the basic idea is to replace the placeholders after the "=" sign with the values defined in each variable... Thanks !16:49
leftyfbSteelRose: you want #ansible16:55
SteelRoseleftyfb: already tried there.. I also asked here just in case someone else knew17:00
acebrianjuanHi, I have a machine with Ubuntu 18.04 and Win10 (dual boot). I realized that I need more space for Ubuntu and I would like to take it from the Windows partition. Is is possible to readjust OS partitions?17:07
oerheksacebrianjuan, yes, let windows make the freespace itself, with diskmanagment. then boot the live iso, and you can use disks graphically to drag the partition boundy.17:12
oerheksupdate grub, as the partition UUID has changed17:12
acebrianjuanoerheks: ok, so first I have to free up space by booting onto Windows17:13
oerheksyes, that saves you a lot of headache.17:13
oerheksno windows complaining, antivirus and such.17:14
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acebrianjuanok, then I boot into a Ubuntu live usb iso and assign the free space to the Ext4 Linux Filesystem17:15
acebrianjuanoerheks: ^17:15
acebrianjuanoerheks: how do I update GRUB?17:17
lotuspsychjesudo update-grub17:17
lotuspsychje!dualboot | acebrianjuan17:18
ubottuacebrianjuan: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot17:18
acebrianjuanok, thanks guys17:19
oerheksone needs to chroot into the installation, to update boot; https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-how-to-run-update-grub-from-a-livecd/17:20
acebrianjuanoerheks: oh, so updating grub is done from the live usb as well?17:21
oerheksbut if your installation is fresh, one could consider reinstall.17:23
acebrianjuanno, my installtion is not fresh I need to keep the stuff that I have (specially on the Ubuntu partition)17:24
lotuspsychjealways make a backup17:28
acebrianjuanlotuspsychje: doing that now :)17:31
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halvorsWhy is the mainline-kernel ppa no succeding building amd64 builds for 5.11.2 and 5.11.3?17:44
rajivmarsI m using ubuntu20.04. as i m new to linux, i am reading debian-reference. that manual says that there are six switchable virtual character consoles and normally the x-window is running on the virtual console 7. following the manual when i am trying to go to tty1 by using ctrl+alt+f1 (or f2), its not working. but i can go to tty3 by using f3 instead of f1 or f2. thereafter, when i am trying to come to GUI by using alt+f7, i got nothing.17:46
rajivmarsinstead alt+f2 get the GUI back. why is it happening? is is normal or something goes wrong?17:46
leftyfbhalvors: maybe ask in #ubuntu-dev or #ubuntu-kernel17:46
halvorsleftyfb: thx17:46
lotuspsychje!tty | rajivmars17:47
ubotturajivmars: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution17:47
rajivmarsubottu: is it ok or something went wrong?17:49
ubotturajivmars: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:49
ash_worksiis the generally favored VPN client in the world of ubuntu openvpn?17:53
ldiamondash_worksi: Depends on the vpn server.17:55
ldiamondIf you control both the server and the client, my personal preference is wireguard.17:55
ldiamondNote that wireguard's security hasn't gone through as many audits as openvpn for example, but imo it's damn neat.17:56
ldiamondIt's simplicity is a good argument in favor of its security.17:57
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r21Hi everyone, I need urgently help with my pc (I need it tomorrow for school), it cannot find the wifi adapter, I tried everything, but I cannot manage to make it works, please contact me privately18:49
r21Also, sorry for the bad grammar, I'm not anglophone18:50
lotuspsychjer21: sudo lshw -C network to see if driver is loaded18:51
r21let me do it18:51
leftyfbr21: we do not provide private help here. All support gets done in this channel18:51
r21I'll mask my data then18:51
r21This is the output:18:51
r21Do I have to put it on pastebin (for avoid "spamming")?18:52
leftyfbr21: yes, please use pastebin18:52
r21lotuspsychje Here's the output: https://pastebin.com/jERy5r4v18:53
lotuspsychjer21: unclaimed, meaning your driver isnt loaded indeed18:54
r21So I have to use modprobe?18:54
lotuspsychjer21: wich ubuntu release and kernel version are you currently on?18:55
r21I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 Latest (just finished doing all the updates)18:55
r21Now, let me see the kernel18:55
lotuspsychjer21: did your wifi work at ubuntu setup?18:56
r21No, I'm using ethernet via USB18:57
r21Even audio wasn't working, but it fixed after doing all the updates18:57
jeremy31lotuspsychje:  I don't think that has kernel support, likely needs rtl8821ce-dkms if it's patched for 5.818:58
lotuspsychjejeremy31: he needs the git to make it work?18:59
jeremy31tomaspinho has a github for it18:59
r21I already have git installed, I used it for trying to install the drivers19:00
r21I think I installed the wrong ones19:00
Maikr21: how long do you have ubuntu installed? Since today or longer?19:02
r21Yes, a couple of hours19:02
Maikif you know you need it for school tomorrow why did you even do it...19:02
r21I have another PC, but this is my primary one (for school)19:03
r21I'm already familiar with ubuntu, my desktop pc never gave me a problem19:03
Maiklet's hope you are able to get it fixed then. :)19:04
r21Yes :)19:04
lotuspsychjer21: a few options, try the git jeremy31 adviced, install ubuntu from a 5.4 kernel iso as a test, try !mainline higher kernel(s) as a test19:06
r21How can I downgrade the kernel?19:07
lotuspsychjer21: downgrade isnt an option, only go higher or if you have previous kernels in your list, boot them at grub (as a test)19:08
r21Ok, let me connect from an another device19:08
r21Another thing, this PC doesn't have dual boot, how do I start using grub?19:09
lotuspsychjehold shift at boot r2119:09
ash_worksildiamond: thanks for the suggestion19:10
lotuspsychjer21: but if you say your install is recent, you might only have 5.8 kernel19:10
r21I think so19:10
r21So, what can I do?19:11
lotuspsychjer21: see the options i gave you above19:12
r21Ok, do I need to reinstall the system, or I can try using the wifi in live testing?19:13
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oerheksenable universe repository, and install rtl8821ce-dkms ; and reboot19:17
Maikoerheks: isn't universe enable by default after installing the system?19:19
oerheksnot sure..19:19
Maikit was at my end19:19
oerheksnot during install, AFAIK19:19
lotuspsychjer21: <oerheks> enable universe repository, and install rtl8821ce-dkms ; and reboot19:20
lotuspsychje<oerheks> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rtl8821ce19:20
r21lotuspsychje I downloaded the package, how do I build and install it?19:24
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms19:25
oerheksi just posted the url to show the package is there19:25
r21Let me reboot19:26
r21It still can't find the adapter19:29
r21Should I go for another distribution?19:32
ghaoilI install zfs-2.0.3 from the PPA but kmod zfs-kmod-0.8.3-1ubuntu12.6 is loaded. Can I unload that module and load the one built by zfs-dkms?19:41
ghaoilI can only import my pool in read-only mode.19:42
oerheksr21 what is the output now, of sudo lshw -C network19:52
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r21let me see19:56
r21oerheks https://pastebin.com/QHVb7neT19:57
oerheksno idea why the driver is not loader. is this an UEFI / secure boot machine?20:03
r2132rauldux: yes20:06
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ducasseghaoil: the module provided by dkms should take priority over the one supplied by the os20:32
ghaoilducasse, yes, but it doesn't somehow. I don't have secure boot enabled.20:33
ghaoilI've stopped zfs-zed and removed the module.20:34
ducassetry loading it with insmod20:34
ghaoilducasse: "Unknown symbol in module"20:35
ducassetry running depmod -a20:36
ducasseghaoil: did you unload spl as well?20:37
ghaoilducasse, tried that just now. Same symbol error.20:41
ducassezfs depends on other modules, you likely need to reload those as well20:42
Lopehow can I get the ubuntu keyring, so I can debootstrap it?20:51
Swift110-mobilehey all21:18
Lopeby default does ubuntu have /etc/apt/apt.conf ?21:34
leftyfbLope: no. Why?21:43
Lopeleftyfb, just asking21:43
oerheksin #debian you ask for adding the ubuntu gpg key ..21:44
oerheksmust be monday21:44
Elw3Hey, can someone point me to what to do when quemu fails to find kvm?21:45
oerheksElw3, pastebin your command and error output, could help21:48
eelstreboris there a utility for determining whether WPA2 or WPA3 is actually being used?21:49
eelstreborubuntu 20.0421:50
Elw3Well its literally Could not access KVM module: No such file or directory21:50
sarnoldElw3: paste the output of kvm-ok  ?21:52
Elw3waiting for apt to finish....21:54
leftyfbsarnold: cpu-checker isn't installed by default on 18.04. My 20.04 machine isn't booted yet to check21:55
sarnoldoh strange, I really expected that to be there :)21:56
Elw3Oh i was waiting for synaptic but there was a confirmation message hidden all the time.21:57
Elw3Ahaaa  KVM (svm) is disabled by your BIOS22:00
Elw3Thanks, thats straight forward22:00
sarnoldyay :D22:00
Lopeis there a meta package for linux kernel 5.4?22:09
LopeI see linux-image generic is an old kernel.22:10
oerheksLope, you are still on that debian kernel?22:10
Lopeoerheks, no, I only used debian to debootstrap an ubuntu22:11
Lopewhat meta package can I install for 5.4 on Bionic?22:11
Lopelooks like linux-image-oem is good22:12
sarnoldLope: try linux-generic linux-tools-generic22:13
leftyfbLope: I would go with thw HWE kernel22:13
sarnoldLope: the oem kernels have a bunchof oddball stuff in it -- if you don't actually need it, it might be better to skip it22:13
leftyfb!hwe | Lope22:13
ubottuLope: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:13
oerhekswhy not just updating that debootstrapped ubuntu?22:13
leftyfbLope: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0422:13
Lopeleftyfb, sarnold: I want to use AMD OpenCL stuff, what kernel would be good for that?22:15
Lopesarnold, linux-generic is the old 4.15 kernel22:17
LopeI want 5.422:17
Lopeleftyfb, thanks linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 looks good22:17
Lopesarnold, leftyfb, oerheks: in debian, you have to install various firmware-linux packages to get hardware working22:24
Lopedo I need to install any similar packages in ubuntu?22:24
leftyfbLope: are you having issues with your hardware?22:24
Lopeleftyfb, I haven't booted it yet.22:25
LopeOh, I see there's a package called firmware-linux22:25
Lopeit doesn't distinguish free/non free though.22:25
leftyfbLope: let us know if you have issues. Though it sounds like this is a very non-standard and potentially unsupported install you have going here22:25
Lopedebootstrap isn't that crazy.22:26
Lopeleftyfb, I see there's no cryptsetup-initramfs package.22:27
leftyfbLope: it's not a supported installation method22:27
LopeI guess it's part of cryptsetup22:27
Lopethat's fine22:27
LopeJust asking questions about packages.22:27
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raffaem2will X11 be available in 21.04 through the package system?23:02
sarnoldyes, I can't imagine x11 being dropped for a while23:03
raffaem2I rely on some X11 tools and softwares and don't want to lose it23:09
raffaem2I see my 20.10 is supported until July 2021. What does it mean?23:11
sarnoldwe'll stop preparing security updates for 20.10 after that point23:12
raffaem2so if I stay with 20.10 I won't get any package update whatsoever after July 2021, right?23:13
sarnoldexactly. at some point you'll get notified that 21.04 has been released, and you should make every effort to click that "upgrade" button before july 202123:13
raffaem2("we" means you work for Canonical?)23:14
raffaem2I see 20.04 LTS is supported until April 202523:16
raffaem2If I install 20.04, will I get all updates (security or new features) until April 2025? Or only security updates?23:17
jeremy31If you don't install, you will never know23:18
raffaem2that's why I want to be taught23:19
* raffaem2 is asking for a Ubuntu mentor23:20
raffaem2It took some time to configure my system and don't want it to break every 6 months ....23:21
raffaem2said otherwise, if I install 20.04 LTS and do "apt-get upgrade", will I get the same system as an updated 20.10?23:26
sarnoldraffaem2: there's also bug fixes, I have less visibility into how often those are released23:29
sarnoldraffaem2: there's mail lists that keep track of all the updates made in each release, eg https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/focal-changes/23:29
jeremy31I have been staying with LTS releases for a while23:32
sarnoldyes, sticking with LTS releases is a great idea for the average user23:33
sarnoldif you like filing bug reports and contributing to the development by testing things, the other releases are fine :) but if you really just want things to work, sticking to the LTS releases is a fine choice23:34
raffaem2I have installed 20.10 and it is my understanding that downgrading is not a good idea23:36
raffaem2didn't expect it took so much time for configuration/bug reports23:40
raffaem2I don't want things to break when upgrading to 21.0423:40
raffaem2although I should get X11 by default since I have NVIDIA (unfortunately .... will buy AMD next time), if I understood the update correctly23:41
sarnoldraffaem2: yeah, downgrading is not recommended23:42
sarnoldraffaem2: just keep moving forward every six months until you get to the next LTS release23:43
Bashing-omraffaem2: Nvidia and Wayland still have meshing issues - 21.04 will have X11 as an option at the login screen pull down.23:43

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