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maxFlexGuestKDE Plasma is reporting a lack of write access to $HOME after I log in. Do you have any advice?02:46
IrcsomeBot<princeofclay> @maxFlexGuest, Storage Encrypted?02:47
maxFlexGuestMy Xfce is working properly, but not my KDE Plasma.02:47
maxFlexGuestDo I need to fix the system through Xfce?02:59
maxFlexGuestThe on-screen keyboard on KDE Plasma login is preventing me from typing.03:00
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> are you able to click the keyboard minimize button?03:58
IrcsomeBotSteve Marquis was added by: Steve Marquis12:41
maxFlexGuestThis is my first time using KDE Plasma. Is slow performance normal, and will future boots perform faster?12:58
maxFlexGuestHow can I compare KDE Plasma to Xfce (Ubuntu Studio)?12:59
BluesKajHi folks13:02
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @maxFlexGuest, no it may be because of your hardware13:44
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Maik@ri5h46h get on real IRC... he's gone for almost an hour now :D ;)14:11
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @Maik, 😅14:11
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Khaoticany idea why ubuntu doesnt constantly use my primary DNS server?16:08
JavaBeanhow do you have it configured? the dns server set on your computer, or is there a different dns server set on your router?16:15
Khaotici have router configured to point to my pi hole as primary, and it has the gateway/ISP as secondary16:19
Khaotici have router configured to point to my pi hole as primary, and it has the gateway/ISP as secondary and trimary16:19
Khaoticfor some reason after some time, it start to round robin them16:19
Khaoticbut using `resolvctl status` ive  veried they are setup correctly16:20
Khaoticjust not sure what causes the round robin behavior after some time16:20
Khaoticworks fine after reconnecting to the interface16:20
JavaBeanif your router is set to "force dns" to your pihole and your pihole doesn't already have the dns info for a site, that is one way they will "round robin"... my router/pihole setup does the same thing, so i had to disable the "force dns" on the router to fix the issue.  also, remove the secondary/tertiary dns servers from your config.  with those set not all of the ads pihole blocks will be blocked16:23
JavaBeanthe ideal-ish setup will only have your pihole for dns, and if the pihole doesn't already have the dns entry for a site, it will use its own dns resolving setup16:24
Khaoticyeah that's how i have it setup16:25
Khaoticforce dns?16:25
Khaoticmy router is setting my default gateway as the secondary/trimary16:26
Khaotici only have the pihole set16:26
Khaotici have a tplink AX1016:26
JavaBeanon many routers/gateways/etc there is an option to "force dns" to force your systems to use the dns server it is set to use.  gateway is not dns16:26
KhaoticArcher 10* AX150016:27
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KhaoticJavaBean, im not seeing a force dns buttom or anything16:32
JavaBeango into your pihole admin page, under settings-dns, see if you are using a dnssec upstream dns server and scroll down and under advanced dns settings see if you are "use dnssec"... if you are not, try setting both in place and then see if the problem persists16:33
Khaotic"Use DNSSEC" is disabled16:35
Khaoticwhat other thing should i do? i didnt understand you16:35
JavaBeanwhat is listed/checked under "upstream dns servers" on that same page16:36
Khaotici have google and opendns checked16:37
JavaBeanfor this test, uncheck google and only use OpenDNS (ECS, DNSSEC), then scroll down and check "use dnssec"... you might need to reboot the pihole service to fully enable, but after its all there see if the "round robin" starts happening again16:39
Khaoticok ill give it a try16:42
JavaBeanalso be advised, if you are using firefox you might need to close it and reopen it.  they try to do their own thing with dns which could give us a false response in this test... just restarting firefox should fix that16:44
Khaoticim in chromium16:44
Khaoticcould it be because i have the pi connect via wifi?16:45
Khaoticit's a pi 316:45
JavaBeani don't remember if they do... restarting said app if there is a problem might fix it though.  i hope its not about wifi, that is how i have my pi0w connected in16:45
Khaoticso change the pihole to primary and secondary seemed to do the trick16:54
Khaoticand also disabled ipv6 in my router16:54
JavaBeanso, everything is working now?16:55
Khaoticlooks like it16:55
JavaBeancongrats, may you enjoy the interwebs with few ads...16:56
Khaoticidk the youtube one i found yesterday cause youtube to stop working for me16:59
JavaBeanweird, don't know that issue.  would have to wait for someone else16:59
Khaoticwhat you mean?17:00
Khaotici mean dns never resolved bc the ads youtube use i have most the links blocked17:00
Khaoticthis list17:01
JavaBeanyeah, that happens with youtube.  they serve the ads from the same "servers" as the content.  if you try to just block the various servers of youtube ads, you will also block the content17:02
Khaoticyeah :17:03
Khaotici feel like have the pihole as primary and secondary it bad17:03
Khaoticif it does i feel like the internet will be dead for me lol17:03
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user|98994Is this the way it should be? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/442006263145037825/818209028597481472/unknown.png20:40
user|37949what version do I need to download for a power pc G521:02
vriskasah laddies22:22
vriskaah excuse me22:23
vriskaHello fellow Ku8untu users.22:24
vriskaHave you guys read Homestuck?22:27

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