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zygaogra hey15:26
zygaogra I'm looking at using nano pi neo15:26
zygaI noticed you have some images at https://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/all-snaps/daily/current/15:27
ograyeah, havent touched them in ages though15:27
zygaogra do you know if those work on nano pi neo?15:28
ograif you connect them to your PC with the microUSB they should start a serial console over that wire ...15:28
zygathose boards have a whole swarm of variants15:28
zygaI'm looking at nano pi neo v 1.3  - I think15:29
ograthast the one they are built for15:29
zygacool, let me test those quickly15:29
ograand for the air variant (wlan) of the same model15:29
zygado you know what's the situation of using device trees with gadgets today? if I need something custom do I need to make my own model?15:29
zygaI'm using nano pi neo built into tizen muxpi15:29
zygait came with some ancient image, I'm looking at modernizing it15:30
zygaand I was thinking of using ubuntu core for it15:30
ograah, that migth perhaps need tweaks for the peripherials15:30
zygalet me look at what's in the image I got from the store :P15:31
zygathe userspace bits are nice15:31
zygathe firmware for the cortex m core is also nice15:31
zygaand builds on vanilla debian/ubuntu15:31
zygathe only thing I feel totally weak about is the device tree overlay magic stuff15:31
zygathat sets up the right configuration for the pins15:31
zygaokay, let me grab my SD card reader first15:31

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