maxFlexGuestThis is my first time with KDE Plasma.13:00
maxFlexGuestIs slow performance normal?13:00
maxFlexGuestWill future usage of Plasma perform better?13:00
lotuspsychjemaxFlexGuest: pastebin your systemd-analyze blame && systemd-analyze critical-chain please?13:00
maxFlexGuestHow do I compare KDE Plasma to Xfce (I am actually running Ubuntu Studio)?13:01
maxFlexGuestWhat is the KDE version of the Orage Panel Clock (not Orange)?13:01
lotuspsychjelets discuss 1 topic at time ok maxFlexGuest13:02
maxFlexGuestWere you mentioning the Terminal?13:03
maxFlexGuestFor systemd-analyze13:03
lotuspsychjeyes, run that command in your terminal please maxFlexGuest13:03
maxFlexGuestThe Terminal emulator for Plasma is not showing up in my favorites. What information is shown in the computer panel?13:13
maxFlexGuestCan I find the terminal emulator in “Applications” (scrolling may be very slow)?13:14
maxFlexGuestWhat section should “Terminal” be in?13:15
maxFlexGuestAudio Production, Graphic Design, ... Utilities?13:15
maxFlexGuestIs the Terminal in the System folder of KDE Plasma?13:15
maxFlexGuestI may need to scroll down (again). The applications are in alphabetical order, and my QEMU ... sorry, but I have found an Xfce terminal.13:17
maxFlexGuestWhat is the name of the Plasma Terminal?13:17
imrjdhi folks13:20
=== akem is now known as ChewbakaJones
imrjdhi folks again13:49
imrjdwhats up today?13:49
lotuspsychjeits sunday13:49
lotuspsychjeimrjd: playing outrun again? :p14:14
lotuspsychjeon ubuntu's magical snap system14:15
imrjdnope, valeim14:17
imrjdcome join me  :)14:17
lotuspsychjei only play tetris14:24
lotuspsychjequadrapassel from apt14:25
maxFlexGuestIs LXQt compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa" LTS?14:50
maxFlexGuestIf so, would it be any faster than Xfce?14:50
lotuspsychjelubuntu 20.04 is light and fast14:50
maxFlexGuestI am asking about this because on my QEMU guest, KDE Plasma is slow.14:51
Maikturn the effects to instant and see how fast KDE is14:53
maxFlexGuestWhy is my KDE Plasma significantly slower than my Xfce?14:53
Maikdue the effects14:53
maxFlexGuestHow do I turn the effects to instant on QEMU (KDE Plasma)?14:53
Maiksearchn in the settings14:53
maxFlexGuestThe effects may be preventing me from accessing the start menu (I am in fact on KDE Plasma).14:54
maxFlexGuestIs changing my wallpaper to 100% black possible on KDE Plasma? If so, will performance increase?14:55
Maikit won't increase performance14:55
Maikhow much CPU power and RAm did you give to the VM?14:56
maxFlexGuest4 gigabytes14:56
maxFlexGuest120 gigabytes14:57
maxFlexGuest(virtual hard disk)14:57
maxFlexGuest128 megabytes14:57
maxFlexGuest(device VGA's vgamem_mb serving)14:57
maxFlexGuestnot serving --> setting14:57
Maikplease use pasetbin the next time15:00
maxFlexGuestDid you mean "pastern" (and why)?15:00
Maiktoo many line pasted at once15:01
maxFlexGuestHow do I even use pastern?15:01
maxFlexGuestCan I install Ubuntu "Focal Fossa" packages on Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu MATE, and Ubuntu Studio ("Focal Fossa")?15:08
maxFlexGuestI am wondering about this because I have issues with performance on KDE Plasma (which I believe is similar to Budgie).15:08
maxFlexGuestIf apt does not work, should I install packages from archive.ubuntu.com?15:11
MaikmaxFlexGuest: stop running from one channel to another asking questions, 2nd, search online a bit first before asking anything. Also search the Ubuntu docs for info on how to use Ubuntu.15:12
Maikwe're here for giving support but not for handholding with everything15:13
MaikLearn to use Ubuntu first before you do anything else15:14
leftyfbMaik: think you hurt their feelings :)15:34
Maikleftyfb: looks like it :/15:36
Maiki know... reality checks can be harsh sometimes :)15:40

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