OvenWerksJohn122: I am not sure what you are asking, the ports would get connected just like any other ports. Or do you mean how to do it on the commandline?00:11
OvenWerksJohn122: must be middle of the night there :) 4pm-ish here. Anyway, jack_lsp -c will show all jack ports and what they are connected to.00:12
OvenWerksJohn122: jack_connect source-port sink-port will connect two ports.00:14
OvenWerksJohn122:  remember there are two ports for stereo, so two connections. I would suggest calling zita-n2j on your master with --jname pi_name so that the portnames are always the same. Otherwise, you will end up with zita-n2j and zita-n2j_1 etc.00:19
OvenWerksJohn122: thank you for your support BTW.00:22
John122OvenWerks: ah yes, of course. As I said I was trying this yesterday and I used that command then. For some reason when I was trying it last night (and yes, it was late!) I totally forgot. My fault for trying to work in bed with the laptop rather than sleep! And my pleasure, thanks so much for the app and your help.06:43
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maxFlexGuestIs this the appropriate channel for help installing LXQt on Ubuntu Studio (if this is even compatible) or is that considered software mixing?15:06
kveremitzits feasbile, but not specific to -studio, the usual ubuntu channels should suffice. what issues are you having?15:11
sirriffsalotkveremitz: you having trouble installing it?15:12
kveremitzsirriffsalot: ^ maxFlexGuest15:12
kveremitzI use xfce a lot, but haven't popped my lxqt 'cherry' yet15:13
kveremitzI did have lxde once15:13
sirriffsalotkveremitz: I see the metapackage as available, no adding repositories needed15:14
sirriffsalotkveremitz: yeah sorry15:14
sirriffsalotI guess he figured it out lol15:14
John122OvenWerks: Morning... Really sorry, spent all day trying to get the audio from the 3 RPis to the Master one. With help from someone in #jack I managed to check zita bridge was working using a test sine wave, but it seems to be a problem getting pulseaudio from chromium to jack out to j2n that is the problem. I've put studio controls on hoping that can help me get the chromium output to j2n but really struggling :15:27
John122OvenWerks: If I'm taking the piss asking too much, just say (well, say you are busy rather than I am taking the piss maybe ;) )15:27
OvenWerksJohn122: is chromium using pulse? Does chromium show in pavucontrol?16:12
John122OvenWerks: Hi, yes it is. And yes, Chromium shows but the playback devices are the standard RPi audio interface. I've tried just about every combination I can think of and getting nowhere slowly16:12
OvenWerksJohn122: but yes, using zita-njbridge, studio-controls would be an option.16:13
OvenWerksdoes pavucontrol show a jack sink?16:13
John122OvenWerks: no16:13
OvenWerksthat would be a show stopper :)16:13
John122yes ;) It has been. I've done so many things today16:14
OvenWerksJohn122: if you have started jackd from commandline, you need to manually create pulse-jack bridge16:14
John122OvenWerks: testing with te sine wave, I had the settings in qjackctl to dummy. should I be using the inbuilt soundcard? I was having problems getting jack to start with that16:14
John122also seems pointless16:15
OvenWerksdummy is fine16:15
John122great, I thought it should be16:15
John122ok at the moment here's where i am. using studio controls alone, jack doesn't start16:15
John122OvenWerks: https://markuphero.com/share/Un8pnZrIM2C6zqM7o4SR16:17
John122OvenWerks: https://markuphero.com/share/DcWJIzYDwn5vtxtlnLg716:17
OvenWerksso you have a total of 4 R-Pi? anyway, each of them need to have pulse, and the pulse_jack module16:18
OvenWerks(as well as zita-njbridge)16:18
John122OvenWerks: yes, but at the moment just trying to get one to work. the zita bridge is working, as proven with the sine wive sample client app16:20
OvenWerksif jack is stopped the second screen has no effect. Though system:playback_1 seems wrong16:20
John122I presume I've messed something up in qjackctl. shall I just delete the config files?16:20
OvenWerksno need... controls deletes the jackdbus config files on start16:21
OvenWerks :)16:21
John122ah ok16:21
John122well i've just closed studio controls, and killed autojack and jackdbus16:21
OvenWerksSo you have the master Pi working and now we are starting to deal with the slave Pis16:21
John122if I'm using dummy, shall I go back to my original setup of disabling the inbuilt audio?16:22
John122yes, master is fine16:22
John122it's working with pulse/jack etc and it's getting the sine wave over the network via zita16:22
John122it's getting pulse to jack on the slave so I connect it to zita that is the problem (as I understand it)16:22
OvenWerksOk, but because you are using features controls does not have yet, you are using a script in the Slave to get things going?16:23
John122OvenWerks: you mean zita etc? all that is stopped at the moment. just trying to get pulse into jack16:24
OvenWerksI am guessing that you are using a script started in ~/.config/autostart/16:24
John122on the main one yes (well, in the LXDE folder but yes)16:24
OvenWerksJohn122: well it depends on how you wish to start jack16:25
John122slave nothing yet. been testing by hand to get things working using multiple terminals (i should try tmux one day...)16:25
John122OvenWerks: I just want the slaves to autostart and always pipe the chromium audio to jack (and then to the master via zita njbridge)16:25
OvenWerksyou need to find out how pulse connects to the Pi audio16:25
OvenWerksif you do aplay -l16:26
OvenWerkson a slave, do you see the Pi audio device?16:26
John122sorry, just rebooted after having disabled it on the basis I was going to use dummy... just restarting16:26
OvenWerksJohn122: how would you disable it?16:27
John122ok, back up and now no sound cards found16:27
John122in /boot/config.txt16:27
OvenWerksyou may wish to use a custom script16:28
John122I gather it makes sense to disable it? not going to be using it surely? just dummy16:28
John122yes, I'll put it in a script as I have on the master once I get it working but for now... ;)16:28
John122ok, so fresh reboot. no sound cards. no jack running16:28
OvenWerksyes it makes sense. In general if pulse can't see a device it will direct the audio where it can find a device or to it's own dummy.16:29
John122pauvcontrol shows dummy16:29
OvenWerksso you want to make the jacksink the only "device"16:29
John122this machine will do one thing only16:29
OvenWerkshow are you most comfortable starting jack?16:30
John122OvenWerks: I really don't mind as long as it autostarts16:30
John122on the master I am starting autojack16:30
John122if yuo remember we had problems otherwise16:30
John122the gui wasn't working on restart16:30
OvenWerksyes :)16:30
OvenWerksIf you have the jackd command line worked out we can use that.16:31
John122I don't. That's the problem. I'm been trying qjackctl and sound controls but wasn't 100% sure on using dummy vs alsa etc.16:32
John122at the moment i have /usr/bin/jackd -v -ddummy -r48000 -p102416:32
John122the rubix is 4800016:32
OvenWerks48k is the best SR to use in my opinion16:33
John122i know zita njbridge resamples but presumably makes sense to set to the same16:33
John122my digital mixer is "only" 48k anyway so no point going higher16:33
John122(and it's speech - even music is pretty pointless higher)16:34
OvenWerksnormally I kill pulse when I restart because it respawns in a known state but because you are starting from boot that is already the case.16:34
OvenWerksany audio we listen to is pointless higher16:34
John122i believe latency can be lower at 96k ? but ...16:35
OvenWerkslatency is lower for any given buffer size but you find you have to use twice the buffer anyway so the latency ends up the same16:36
John122actually, the rubix does 192khz but ...16:36
OvenWerksanyway, what autojack does after it figures pulse is back running, it removes three pulse modules:16:38
OvenWerks/usr/bin/pactl unload-module module-jackdbus-detect16:39
OvenWerks/usr/bin/pactl unload-module module-udev-detect16:40
OvenWerks/usr/bin/pactl unload-module module-alsa-card16:40
OvenWerksIf you are using jackd to start and you have disabled any alsa device (or any audio device) tis should not be needed16:41
OvenWerksI would suggest a sleep 2 or sleep 3 to make sure pulse is fully running before starting jackd but that would be the next thing16:42
OvenWerksas your commandline works (I am guessing) just use that16:43
OvenWerks Then you want to set up you zita-j2n --jname Master-Pi 192.*.*.* 850016:46
John122OvenWerks: yes, got that set up on both ends and connected16:50
OvenWerksthen you want a pulse-jack bridge: /usr/bin/pactl load-module module-jack-sink client_name=pulse-out channels=2 connect=no16:51
OvenWerksthen you want to connect them up16:51
John122in controls?16:52
OvenWerks By the way, in a script I would put at least a sleep 1 between each16:52
OvenWerksI am assuming for your slaves not using controls but using a script instead16:52
John122yes sure , but just to test16:53
OvenWerks(this may be the best in your master too)16:53
OvenWerksanyway connect your ports: /usr/bin/jack_connect pulse-out:front-left Master-Pi:playback_116:55
OvenWerksand /usr/bin/jack_connect16:56
John122OvenWerks: sorry, something not right with the master now. It's playing to the sinks (1 to 4 depending on what I set in pavucontrol for chromium) and I can see the levels. but my mixer isn't playing any sound. ffs what have I done now16:56
OvenWerks/usr/bin/jack_connect pulse-out:front-right Master-Pi:playback_216:56
John122just unplugged the rubix 24, left a min, put it back, then restared autojack. as it was starting audio blasted out of the mixer, then went silent again and autojack reported16:59
John122File "/usr/local/bin/autojack", line 597, in check_jack_status16:59
John122    new_l = phone_port16:59
John122NameError: name 'phone_port' is not defined17:00
OvenWerksmaybe change headphones to none17:04
OvenWerksI think shouldn't have to it should be set to system:playback_117:06
OvenWerksbut none should be safe17:06
John122I can't see a none option?17:06
John1220,0,0 Capture... ?17:07
John122or No Action?17:07
OvenWerksno action17:07
* OvenWerks will add a none option to HP devices next version17:08
OvenWerksbut PCH,0,0 will not work for you17:08
OvenWerks0,0,0 should be ok... but this is something I have not checked as well as should be17:09
OvenWerksI have not tested no device by default which is what you have17:10
OvenWerksthis is because you have dissabled the Pi device17:11
John122ok, rebooted. and now the sinks appear on boot17:11
John122but for some reason, sound is not going out to the rubix17:11
OvenWerksjack_lsp -c |pastebinit17:12
John122when i stop autojack, pulse is using it as the default sound card and outputting on all 4 channels (that's what happened before when I restarted autojack)17:12
OvenWerksOh you may not have pastebinit17:12
John122OvenWerks: http://paste.debian.net/1188273/17:13
John122no I do now, didn't have at first and it was throwing an error and not working, but now it throws and error but works17:13
OvenWerkshow come they are all pulse in?17:13
OvenWerksare you trying to get audio to pulse? Obs or something?17:14
John122they are coming from chromium. if i can get rid of pulse, fine17:14
OvenWerksthere are also no connections17:14
John122yes, i just spotted that. somehow they have been wiped. God knows how17:14
OvenWerksthey should be pulse-outs then17:14
OvenWerksthey should all be output bridges I think17:15
OvenWerksanyway, I need to go see my wife for a bit... maybe breakfast17:16
John122sure no worries17:16
John122sorry about this17:16
John122you have been VERY patient17:16
OvenWerksI amy write up two scripts one for remotes and one for master.17:16
John122that would be amazing. I'm losing the will to live! searched for something before and found a thread called "I could cry..." and thought, yeah, not the only one!17:18
John122OvenWerks: ok, manually connecting in qjackctl makes it work, but restarting and launching with autojack fails. It doesn't seem to persist the no switch option either, although it runs without complaint like this config but has no sound output because no connections are actually made - http://paste.debian.net/1188277/17:44
John122OvenWerks: Ok, fixed the master problem... Ugh... I had left a connection to zita in the input bridge section17:55
John122OvenWerks: gone back to trying to connect "/usr/bin/jack_connect pulse-out:front-left guest1:playback_1 " (guest1 is the jname of the master) and no apparent error but no audio either18:04
John122OvenWerks: sorry no, there is an error, guest1:playback_1 not a valid port. the master name is set to guest1 though.18:11
John122OvenWerks: and both ends are connected for sure. master is --jname guest1 and sender is --jname guest318:12
OvenWerksJohn122: http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/master18:41
OvenWerksJohn122: this should replace autojack18:41
OvenWerksit can be named master.sh or whatever. it will need chmod +x to work18:42
John122the lines with 1 to 3 where you say not sure if right, they are the other 3 pis coming in? as master will be outputting on 1, I should change these to 2, 3, 4 ?18:44
John122OvenWerks: ok, just to let you know i've renamed all the guests 1 , 2 and 3 to 2, 3 and 4 in both places. master is called guest1 (confusing I know)18:49
John122OvenWerks: ok, on top of that you'd repeated _2 3 times instead of _2 _3 _4 but sorted now. just taking a pizza of of the oven then testing the sending. (thanks for this btw!)19:02
John122OvenWerks: ok, this is what I've got in master.sh now and it boots on reboot - http://paste.debian.net/1188306/19:11
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John122OvenWerks: ok, on the sender side (guest3) this is the output of jack_lsp -c http://paste.debian.net/1188309/  I gather I should connect something now but nothing works19:28
OvenWerksyes I repeated _1 three times on purpose19:32
OvenWerksJohn122: if you look at jack_lsp you should find the same as each bridge only has a _119:34
OvenWerksThat last paste is not jack_lps -c but rather the jackd log I think.19:35
John122this line? /usr/bin/pactl load-module module-jack-sink client_name=pulse-out2 channels=1 connect=no19:36
John122there was three of those, first was 1, then 3 x 3?19:36
OvenWerksJohn122: I was following what your autojack config was that you posted.19:37
John122http://paste.debian.net/1188310/ - i've got verbose logging on19:37
John122OvenWerks: not sure if when I posted that it was broken. think so. I've fixed it now and it is working on master19:38
John122OvenWerks: http://paste.debian.net/1188311/19:39
OvenWerkswhat am I supposed to see in this paste?19:40
OvenWerksThe file I sent should modify pulse, start jack then19:41
John122sorry, i was just showing you the last working autojack.json19:42
John122are my changes in http://paste.debian.net/1188306/ right?19:42
OvenWerkscreate three mono zita bridges waiting for the other end. create 4 mono pulse->jack bridges, create 2 mono jack->pulse bridges19:43
OvenWerksyes that looks right19:44
OvenWerksthen it should connect lots of stuff19:45
John122great. so what about the sending end? I can't get jack_connect to work there19:45
OvenWerksI have not yet got to the sending yet :)19:45
John122i need to connect the dummmy output to jack so it ....19:45
John122ah ok sorry! didn't mean to rush you!19:46
OvenWerksdoing family stuff at the same time  :)19:46
John122you have no idea how much I appreciate this!19:46
John122sort of same, except not doing and in my wife's bad books....19:46
OvenWerksJohn122: http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/slave20:03
OvenWerksthis the one for the three slaves20:03
OvenWerksthere are three lines two are commented out. This one is set up for the first slave.20:04
OvenWerksfor the second and third slaves commentout the first line and uncomment the right line :)20:04
OvenWerksJohn122: http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/master should match your now too.20:06
John122OvenWerks: hmm, something not working on guest3. just rebooting (never rebooted a linux based computer like the RPi ;) )20:13
John122I mean as much as...20:13
KrausHello! Since there's no direct upgrade path for Ubuntu Studio 20.04 to 20.10, is there any recommended way to port all customizations from XFCE to Plasma? I had to do a lot of things, including a manual change to one of JACK's config files to work with my quadrophonic speaker set.20:23
John122OvenWerks: ok, doesn't seem to be working? http://paste.debian.net/1188319/20:24
John122OvenWerks: it's not starting anything after starting after it starts jackd by the look of i t. doing it manually on the cli, all seems ok until "/usr/bin/jack_connect pulse-out1:mono master:playback_1 " . looking at the connections in master, I only have master:in_120:44
John122I've connected it to that, but still doesn't seem to send the sound20:45
John122OvenWerks: http://paste.debian.net/1188322/20:47
OvenWerksJohn122: just back, the scripts I gave have a mistake.21:08
John122OvenWerks: no worries21:08
OvenWerksJohn122: I pulled command lines from the python script but there is no backgrounding of things21:09
OvenWerksJohn122: try the new http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/master and http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/slave21:12
OvenWerksbe sure to refresh21:12
OvenWerksnote the adition of the & at the end of some lines21:12
OvenWerksother wise we will never get past the jackd line21:13
OvenWerkssorry about that.21:13
John122no worries, this is the output of master run on cli manually after a fresh boot - http://paste.debian.net/1188327/21:17
John122"/usr/bin/jackd  -d alsa -d: Rubix24,0,0 & - second -d be hw: ?"21:19
OvenWerksKraus: xfce and plasma store their settings in a totally different manner. What you could do though, is to save your home directory Or at least the ~/.config/ directory and then install xubuntu, ubuntustudio-installer and run ub ubuntustudio-installer and install the rest of studio from there. Adding the .config back (or restoring youor home directory) should allow the same settings and continue21:20
OvenWerksto use xfce21:20
OvenWerksJohn122: it should just be /usr/bin/jackd  -d alsa -d: Rubix24,0,0 &21:21
OvenWerksJohn122: the last char should be & on that line21:21
OvenWerksdefault is 48000/1024/221:21
KrausNot to add to the endless workload of wonderful volunteers, but perhaps in the future it might be a good idea to offer different UI options for adopters of Studio, the way Mint does?21:22
John122yes sorry, i didn't mean for - second -d ... to be inside the quotes21:22
John122but is it not hw:Rubix24,0,0 not -d Rubix24,0,0 ?21:22
John122ignore me21:23
OvenWerksJohn122: right hw: should be there... been a while since I have used jackd to start jack21:23
John122i wasn't used to -d<space> it's normally -dhw:... so it looked very wrong to me when actually it was more right than I was wrong dropping the -d ;)21:24
OvenWerkshttp://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/pi-net/master is updated if you don't want to just edit the one you have21:25
OvenWerksKraus: I think the idea was floated at one point. but with only two of us and each of us being part of other projects as well, there is just not the manpower. That is where ubuntustudio-installer came from. Install whichever ubuntu flavour you wish and put studio on top of it.21:27
John122OvenWerks: thanks, just done it and rebooted though (seriously, never rebooted so much in my life, so lazy...) flipping between desktop with new spanish keyboard that i'm still getting used to, and macbook with spanish keyboard, and vnc'ing and ssh'ing into remote pi's and also into a virtualbox ubuntu where the keys are different again. so I am all over the place at the moment!21:27
OvenWerksJohn122: I am not on my dev machine either right now so a do a ssh -Y to the dev machine run latte-dock and use that as my menu on the dev machine21:29
OvenWerksrather than VNC21:29
KrausOvenWerks: When I was on straight Ubuntu 18.04, (then having switched to 19, then 20), when I attempted to use the ubuntustudio-installer and switched to XFCE, there were several points where things did not integrate well. That could have been due to the switch from Gnome to XFCE, but I was never able to put my finger on the causes. When I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio, all those problems went away. Everything worked out of21:30
Krausthe box wonderfully.21:30
John122OvenWerks: I'll look at that. Getting closer - http://paste.debian.net/1188330/21:30
John122timing problem ?21:30
OvenWerksthis irc is on yet another machine (web server) where I use the screen session manger to run alpine irssi etc21:31
John122OvenWerks: yes, I've been doing that (actually it's on my mac desktop and I've been connecting to that from my laptop using Chrome Remote Desktop - screen is much bigger too so hard to see. On my desktop at the moment)21:31
John122so yes, forgot about chrome remote desktop, as well as vnc, and ssh, and ssh into virtualbox VM, and new spanish keyboards and two different layouts and at least 4 keyboard mappings. no wonder I'm losing it21:32
KrausI'm currently backing everything up that I can remember. I guess in the future I'm going to keep a log of all the manual config tweaks I do, and maybe even keep a backup of the files in a backup folder.. Other than that I really don't see an easier way to port this stuff. Not your guys' fault. Just hours and hours of work to rebuild a system for a simple upgrade.21:32
OvenWerksJohn122: it looks like autojack is still running on that21:33
John122OvenWerks: and half of that because I wanted to not displease my wife too much by being up here, but still managed to piss her off anyway, so I may as well have made life easier for myself and stayed up here all day instead of being doing with them most of the day!21:33
OvenWerksi could be wrong21:33
John122OvenWerks: hmm. shouldn't be. let me check21:33
John122OvenWerks: no, it's commented out21:34
OvenWerksyeah my mistake21:35
John122ah ip is wrong21:37
John12266 instead of 6121:37
OvenWerksKraus: gnome screen is (insert favourite term here) in many ways. The menu is broken and the last time I looked was not fixable.21:37
OvenWerksJohn122: the ip in all cases should be the master machbine's ip21:38
KrausYeah, I hate gnome. :P21:38
OvenWerksKraus: getting studio to work on gnome has been a trial for a while now.21:39
OvenWerksmost audio applications work best on xorg rather than wayland21:40
OvenWerkswayland it seems is also broken or at least insists that the way linux apps has been doing things forever is wrong.21:41
KrausOh well. I'm still waiting for Adobe to port CS to Linux. Been 24 years. I'm a patient man.21:42
OvenWerksJohn122: are you using static or dynamic ips in your network?21:46
John122OvenWerks: static for anything that matters21:46
OvenWerksJohn122: ok, just wondering if your master ip had changed from dynamic21:47
John122OvenWerks: no. And just successfully run master.sh21:47
John122had to change capture to out as well21:47
John122OvenWerks: got it working. sound is a bit dodgy though although actually, it seems to have settled down now. was a bit robotic at first21:52
John122OvenWerks: the ports weren't working being so close to each other. I tried them 2 apart (even though only 1 channel) but ended up having to go 11 about (8902, 8913, 8924)21:53
John122OvenWerks: hmm gone robotic again21:53
John122john wick trailer on youtube and someone sounds like a dalek ;) but at least we have sound going from one to the other!21:53
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John122OvenWerks: this is the master (I added a sleep in between the n2j lines before fixing it with the ports so may not need them) - http://paste.debian.net/1188336/21:55
John122Ovenworks: and this is the slave http://paste.debian.net/1188337/21:57
OvenWerksJohn122: thank you good to know I did not see that in the zita man page but they obviously use more than one port :)21:58
John122OvenWerks: no need to thank me, thank you! I've just got to work out why it's going crackly / robotic now21:59
John122OvenWerks: just to clarify I went 11 to keep 2, 3, 4 for simplicity21:59
OvenWerksJohn122: is part of the robot-ness from them running the same program material on four machines?22:00
John122OvenWerks: no, sorry, only. testing one machine at the moment22:00
OvenWerksJohn122: I would have done 10, 20, 30 :)22:00
OvenWerkswhat is the cpu load on master?22:00
John122OvenWerks: ha, yes, that would make more sense! I just started with 02 and I was being lazy22:00
John122Master is 2 to 4%22:00
OvenWerksyou may need to upsize your udp buffer on master at least but maybe slaves too.22:01
John122Slave is around 45%22:01
John122playing youtube video at 720p22:01
John122yep ,)22:02
John122OvenWerks: want a real laugh?22:02
OvenWerkswhat is master when playing the same yt vid22:02
OvenWerkswhats that?22:03
John122OvenWerks: I got the RPI 4 on the basis that it was 4k output. I was hoping I could capture that with a 4k hdmi capture card, and then take one 4k with 4 1080p images on into Ecamm and manipulate it from there. Turns out Ecamm can't crop like that they way I needed it, so went to the idea of a 1080p per screen (they have 2 x 4k outputs...)... no go. too slow for that. 1080p on one screen is bad enough on the 4 (322:04
John122 is fine!). So at the moment going for 720, can worry about 1080 in the future. So ended up with 4 RPis doing 720p each!22:04
John122OvenWerks: so far master is 30 to 40%. master is 8gb (although not all used properly on 32 bit os), and guest 2 is 4gb, guest 3 and 4 are 2gb22:06
John122OvenWerks: actually, don't forget sorry both are running VNC server which I'm viewing it over so unfair %22:06
OvenWerks well, I can't work around that I don't think. I do think the SRC is done at the master.22:07
OvenWerks(I think it has to be to work)22:07
OvenWerksI don't know if the dummy backend uses more cpu (I don't think so... system timer)22:08
John122OvenWerks: I won't be using VNC once set up22:14
John122OvenWerks: apart from the odd time, but not while using the system, it will be headless22:15
John122OvenWerks: hmm, changing the buffer to 20 - which should be 20ms - has caused the message "Waiting for 10.0 seconds... " to be repeated . will try other values22:16
John122OvenWerks: mono is fine btw, because it's for speech, but any reason for that?22:25
OvenWerksJohn122: I was copying what you were doing in the autojack config22:29
OvenWerksfeel free to do two channels everywhere22:30
John122OvenWerks: ah ok, yes, will be mono anyway. put the buffer up to 35ms and playing a test of high quality speech and it's PERFECT ;) just about to start the other 222:30
OvenWerksremember that you will need to connect left and right separately22:30
John122yes. won't be doing stereo for this but good to know this for other uses22:31
John122OvenWerks: ok, got 2 of the 3 remotes working. 3rd isn't coming in but it could be the cabling or mixing desk. I'll check it tomorrow. Thank you again SO much. I'd have stuck with pulse audio networking after going through this had I been on my own!22:40
OvenWerksJohn122: hope this really is better. if the load it too much to can reduce the bit depth zita sends22:43
OvenWerksJohn122: there is 32float, 24bit int (default) and 16bit int.22:44
John122OvenWerks: yes, it sounds good now. but I can experiment with depth and buffer. someone worried me before with the idea that pulse to jack may still drift ... hopefully not!22:45
OvenWerksit may be that 24bit takes as much bandwidth as 32bit in mono but shares stuff in stearo22:45
John122but even if it did, I would imagine it would be massively less than the drift using pulseaudio over the network where, as I understand it, it could buffer and pause for a bit then restart delayed etc22:46
OvenWerksjack tends to force pulse to stay in sync22:46
John122switched cables around and it's not the cable or mixing desk for guest 4! never mind, it'll be something silly. will fix it in the morning when not absolutely shattered.22:46
OvenWerksit certainly forces pulse to the same latency22:47
John122OvenWerks: oh, one funny thing I realised... this is great, and I will keep it this way because it takes more load off my mac which I am doing as much as possible with this whole podcasting/video setup. But my mac is connected to the x32 digital mixer. it is also a 32/32 sound card. now I know about zita njdbridge, I could have sent the audio directly from the RPis to the mac and then to the mixing desk and back22:48
John122;) No real benefit, I have all the hardware any way and this takes more load off, but just made me laugh when I realised!22:48
John122OvenWerks: consistent latency is the main thing22:48
John122OvenWerks: now I have one final piece of the jigsaw to do (well, actually, apart from guest 4 will I'll fix in the morning, I could use this now) but I have 4 "guest" video captures in my jitsi meeting to capture the video of up to 4 guests/co-hosts (my camera/mic is local here). And these 4 guests - written using the jitsi api - currently show up in the conference. No big deal. Not on the output, but there is a22:51
John122way to hide them so want to get that nailed and then I have a system perfectly meets what I aimed for over a month ago and thought "Oh, this will be easy with webrtc!"22:51
John122Right got to fall into bed and sleep. School run in the morning and she is going as a surgeon for "uniform" day...! Thanks again OvenWerks - you are a gem, one of the rare people who remind me what the internet was like back in the 90s! I don't use IRC massively but I will certainly keep in touch with this group when I do and I'll show you the result of this once we do our first proper video with it.22:53
John122OvenWerks: have a good rest of your sunday and have a good week ahead! night!22:54

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