Unit193bluesabre: Trying to grab some last minute releases.  I've been a bit stubborn with xfce4-systemload-plugin and hoping you'd take care of it. :300:07
bluesabreUnit193: alrighty, I'll pick that up. :)00:16
Unit193Just did the two panel plugins and mousepad, likely will pick up thunar, xfdashboard (stable version), and time-out-plugin?00:17
Unit193...Did I put xfce4-time-out-plugin in git somewhere?00:19
bluesabreThat sounds familiar00:19
Unit193https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+git/thunar-shares-plugin I think it was this.00:20
jphilipsbluesabre, pleia2: approval of me joining xubuntu-users ML would be appreciated :D01:05
krytarikjphilips: I'm mildly curious what makes you think subscribing to the user mailing list would require moderator approval.01:34
jphilipsthe message that appears after subscribing to it :D01:35
krytarikWhat exactly does it say then?01:39
Unit193Kinda sounds like he sent a message to the list from the wrong address, or of something too large.01:41
krytarikYeah, I'd think only self-confirmation is required - checked your email's inbox yet?01:52
jphilipsnothing arrived, so thats why i sent the message :D02:10
jphilipsokay found it in the junk folder :D02:10
jphilipsseems i'm already subscribed, but haven't received any emails since december02:14
krytarikThen I'd check via the subscription settings whether mail delivery is disabled for some reason.02:20
jphilipsits enabled02:23
jphilipschecked my junk mail and maybe they've been landing there and being removed02:23
Unit193I didn't get any further than mousepad, xfce4-cpufreq-plugin, and xfce4-cpugraph-plugin so far this evening.04:10
jphilipsthanks for the work04:13
jphilipsbluesabre, Unit193: do we ship a tumbler.rc?11:22
jphilipswould be good if we would set a MaxFileSize - https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/-/issues/310#note_1039111:23
ubot3Issue 310 in xfce/thunar "xfce/tumblerd thumbnail limit size" [Opened]11:23
jphilipsbluesabre: what happened with your easy theming app that you were building?20:02
jphilipsthunar 4.16.4 has 'Prevent hangup if a copy task that is blocked is resumed'23:36

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