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smosercan someone please land https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/837 ?12:46
smoserI'm not sure how really to do it. I hit the 'squash and merge' button, but then i'm not really even sure what I'm supposed to do.  we really need a lander and commit-linter12:47
falcojrsmoser: Done...when you hit squash and merge, you get two text boxes. The first is the short description. The second is the rest...it usually comes pre-populated with all the commit messages as a list so just clear it out16:36
falcojrit's helpful to keep the PR number in the short description16:36
falcojre.g., https://imgur.com/a/sNzAoWL16:37
smoserreally need a lander. multiple humans are just going to do that inconsistently.16:47
smosersorry to be a complainer16:50
Odd_BlokeYeah, agreed, we do.16:51
falcojrhumans still need to write the commit message, so what would a lander do for us?16:53
Odd_BlokeEnsure that the written commit message ends up as the commit message on the merge commit.16:53
Odd_Blokes/merge commit/squash commit/16:53
smoserand the PR16:57
smoserPR #16:57
falcojryeah, that makes sense16:58
smoseranother thing for future linter21:03
smoserAuthor: eb3095 <45504889+eb3095@users.noreply.github.com>21:03
smoserAuthor: James Falcon <TheRealFalcon@users.noreply.github.com>21:03

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